Friday, October 07, 2011


Soulful music in the middle of the night
Incense sticks burning bright
Fire in clay lamps throwing far their glare
The smell of sandal and exotic flowers in the air

The soul stirring music of the flutes
Coming from afar in the night dark like soot
I shiver as the wind caresses me
As I stop for a minute and let myself free

At one and in peace with nature
I inhale its beauty, sense its every feature
As the clouds open and let loose a shower
I let my inherent femininity surface and take over

Swaying to the rhythm of the wind
I sing and dance in my mind
Cavort with an unseen presence
Feeling and treasuring its essence

Swaying to the beat of the far music
Stunning, almost paradisic
A feeling and passion from deep within
Soulful and immensely heart warming


Sorcerer said...

At times life is about listening to the music in you..keep the heart and soul tuned into it to cutt off the background static..


Awesome poem Deepa

Deepa said...

Yo Sorcy,

Thanks Your HighMess ... sorry HighNess ...

at the cost of sounding like an infinite loop, compliments from creative geni-asses like you always makes my day !

Ahha .. I get the drift about the static

Thanks Thanks :)

Srijith Unni said...

Pretty Intense and romantic, Deepa. Great Writing.

Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless!
With Best Regards,

Kidty said...

That's a beautiful poem Deepa.

Deepa said...

Srijith :
Thank you !
Long time ... how and where have you been ?
Take care of yourself.

Kidty :
Thank you Kiddy ...

Kidty said...

Sorcerer would you pray for me to have peace please,sir.

MTaI said...

Beautiful poem Dee!
Very, very evocative!!!!

MTaI said...

I said a prayer for you....
Peace be to you!

Deepa said...
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Bikramjit said...


music night fire friends NOW that is a beautiful combination ..

beautiful poem loved it


MTaI said...

Dee, Humme patha hai uski mun mein kya khayal thi!

Lekin phir bhi, hum madat ki pukar pehchan sakte hai! Isliye humne uske liye dua ki!


Kidty said...

Thank you MTal,I could feel the power surge coming from them,it was a huge battle last night in the Spirit.

MTaI said...

You're welcome Kiddy.

Eon Heath said...

beautiful....fresh as a dew...n serene....

Kidty said...

MTal I'd like to e-mail you,I'm so appreciative of how you shot down the enemy last night,I am much impressed,I'dlike to publicly acknowledge you as a very powerful prayer warrior if you don't mind.God is using you in a mighty way.I am a very delicate woman and sensitive to the Holy Spirit as a prophetic singer,thank you for all your work.

urban butterfly said...

this is a beautiful poem! the words fit together so well. you should definitely keep writing poetry, you are a natural, an artistic person by nature. :)

MTaI said...

Thank you! The Lord, in His divine wisdom has a purpose for each one of us. I submit to His Will willingly and completely, in full faith that His plan for me is for my good.

Enemy? I don't have any enemies Kiddy. So none to shoot down!

Feel free to correspond with me here. I am in the company of very dear friends at this blog.

I have but one humble request. I pray that you will comply. Please don't take pot-shots at my friends. They are truly lovely people who go out of their way to help and it hurts me to hear them spoken of in a derogatory manner.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

God Bless you.

Kidty said...

MTal OK.Speaking of POT,what do you think of it?After all who doesn't like getting high and parties?

MTaI said...

As you well know, I wasn't referring to POT! Lol!

What do I think of pot? Well, I know it's not something I would care to use. Don't need to indulge in substance abuse to have a good time!

Deepa said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MTaI said...

Didn't realize my comment could be construed as a 'religious discussion'.

Very well. Will abstain from posting comments henceforth. Feel free to delete my comment!


Deepa said...

MtaI ... This is a free blog .. you can chat and use it to talk to anyone you wish ... but not for a private discussion on one person. Aur hum sabko pata hai ki yeh discussion kahan jaati hain ..

MTaI said...

....not for a private discussion on one person.

Wasn't aware I was discussing ANY person!

...Aur hum sabko pata hai ki yeh discussion kahan jaati hain ..

Aur badi dukh ki baath yeh hai ki aap, ab tak, humme teek sai pehchan nahi paayi!



Kidty said...

MTal if you e-mail me I'll tell you about this one person and she turing into the devil trying to trap a man.

MTaI said...

Life is so very short, Kiddy!

There's so much joy and laughter around; why waste the time we have speaking ill of others!

Live and let live.

I wish you much joy, love and peace Kiddy.

Be well. Be happy.


Kidty said...

No it's BORING.

Bikramjit said...

I am doing good :) thank you


ashok said...

hey! thats awesome writing!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Bikram :

Ashok :
Thank you

Vivek said...

Which song were you listening to?

Deepa said...

Vivek :
Just some instrumental .... actually, the instrumental from the movie 'FIRE'

Kidty said...

Oh is it like John BELT Instrumental?It's always nice in bed with BELT *hint hint.