Thursday, October 06, 2011

In Search

Searching for the strength
To face what is to come
To be able to take an easy breath
And shake off an impending sense of doom

Searching for a justification
To explain the turn of event
And find an explanation
For what is torn and bent

Searching for some calm
To convince one of one's own self worth
To find a soothing balm
To try diminish the pain and hurt

Searching for a reason
for the way things are
Trying to stop self blame for treason
And to try to love and care

Searching for forgiveness
Having betrayed and caused grief
For gifting someone immense unhappiness
And near destroying another life


Anonymous said...

Hello - this is such a wise and
spiritually uplifting poem.


up↑take said...

wielding words like a knife.. what happened, sweetie?

Deepa said...

Paige :
Hey !

Uptake :
Hey !
Nothing much .. how have you been ?

Sorcerer said...

what climate change can do to people!!
*Shakes head

Get well soon Deepa

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Sorc ... I am well !

Kidty said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Little what ?

Kidty said...

You called Sorcy a little devil and then LITTLE.

Deepa said...

Kidty, you actually wrote a poem after reading my comments ?? WOW !!!

Kidty said...

And Sorcy deleting all my comments on his post where I commented about the big woman he painted in the driver's seat of a car.
He sure likes 'em big that dude,oh boy.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Can we NOT discuss Sorcy here ?

Kidty said...

Why you always discussed him before?And anyway he didn't mind you cslling him LITTLE after he insulted me publicly.

Deepa said...


No .. my discussing Sorcy was always with him or his closest friends. I have never discussed him with you or random people.
My calling him LITTLE is not an insult to him.
Am not aware of his insulting you ... ITs better you talk to him directly.

Kidty said...

Boy you sure don't pay close attention then,maybe you have ADD like me,that might explain it.

Deepa said...

Kidty ...

I pay attention only where it is due ... not to all people. And you are not on the list of people I pay attention to. That might explain things.

Kidty said...

You don't pay attention to Sorcy neither since he's the one who insulted me in front of everybody.

Kidty said...

I understand that thoroughly,but some friends drop their friends in a heart beat if someone better comes along,I have discovered.

urban butterfly said...

Deepa, your words are packed with such deep, and powerful emotion. I can feel every word. Is it about yourself?

Deepa said...

UB ..

In a way, you can say it's about me ... :)