Friday, September 04, 2015

Death of a Grandfather

Our Grandfather, so precious
Away he went, and lonely he left us.
Leaving behind a void and memories,
Which in due time will just be stories.

Hale, healthy and hearty,
Enjoyed making us happy.
Full of experience, and well-learnt wisdom, 
Enough strength to steer his private kingdom. 

Natural remedies and medicine, 
Practical sense, more than we had ever seen.
A cure for every symptom, 
Kindness, more than the mind can fathom.

First to offer help in a crisis,
Not a single detail did he miss.
Guided us through the storms in our lives,
And basked in the sunshine of our smiles.

He is at peace.
But we can never be. 
For we shall always see
The memories in which he be.

We miss you Thaatha. Loving grandfather and wonderful father. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Edakkal Caves.

This July, I went to have a look at the Edakkal caves. Located in the breathtakingly picturesque Wayanad district of Kerala,  these caves are about 1,200 m above sea level. 

There are 2 caves - the lower and the higher cave. They were formed when an earthquake split open a huge rock. The first picture below shows a gorge in the cave wall, and the second picture is that of the roof of the higher cave. 
Gorge in the cave wall.

Roof of the higher cave
To reach the caves, we walk up a long road, and climb a series of steps and intermediate boulders to reach the lower cave. From there, it's another series of boulders to the higher cave. But the climb is so totally worth it. The surrounding scenery adds to the exhilaration of the climb.

The higher caves walls have pictorial representations dating to 6000 BC, indicating the presence of Neolithic men in these caves. The mural carvings seem to have served as a journal of their day to day life. In addition, there are also writings in the ancient Sanskrit and Tamil/Malayalam script. 

Mural carvings on the higher cave wall.

Ancient Sanskrit and Tamil/Malayalam script.

The Phantom rock seen from the entrance to the higher cave.
In the above image, the "phantom rock" refers to a tiny rock structure that is jutting out behind the closest mountain range. It's a naturally constructed structure. The structure consists of a sequence of boulders one above the other. (Google "Phantom Rock Wayanad").

Friday, February 21, 2014

The games politicians play !

Recently Jayalalitha ordered the release of Rajiv Gandhi's murderers. The woman has gone completely mad ! Seems like she's trying to win over the Tamils (SriLankan) by this gesture .. But she forgets that before taking care of the SriLankan Tamil sentiments, she has to consider the sentiments of her countrymen. In the first place, she herself is very very vindictive. Then, how can she forget the feelings of revenge or the need for justice the families of the victims have ? 

Moreover, by letting the murderers free, what message is she projecting to the world ? That anyone can commit a terrorist act against us, but will be spared in the end ??!!! Chanakya, the master politician would have had a lot to tell her on this issue. By taking such brainless decisions, she is weakening the country's defences. If a CM can do this, what prevents some other country from taking liberties with our country ??? No other country in the world would commute a death to life sentence, let alone free, a terrorist who murdered the country's Prime Minister.

I was expecting Rahul Gandhi also to play safe and ask for the release of his father's murderers. But thankfully, in this aspect, he has had some sense.

The relatives of the murderers have expressed happiness over Jayalalitha's decision ... but what if they were on the other side ? Would they have been just as forgiving ? An atrocity will always remain an atrocity, no matter who forgives it. 

I feel there should be no question of human rights in this issue at all. What the murderers did was against human rights too. And by forgiving them, we are not great .. we are just plain stupid. Gandhiji might have preached about showing the other cheek when someone slaps you on one, but then, he didn't have to fight or protect the country against terrorists. Against the British regime which was already rooted in India, yes .. but that's different from fighting external forces.

I am so mad that I am unable to write straight, or type all my thoughts on the same. Stupid Jayalalitha.