Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sketch Corner




urban butterfly said...

very nice! Is this a self portrait?

Deepa said...

UB ... no gal ... its just smthg i sketched

Sorcerer said...

lovely lovely...
The sketch looks really nice..
better to take some time off to unwind with some curved lines

Sorcerer said...

lovely lovely...pretty nice sketch

its nice to take time off and unwind with some curvy curvy lines


MTaI said...

Eyes! Eyes!
I love the eyes!!!!
Windows to the soul!!!

Anonymous said...

nice sketch hws ur bday party went belated wishes :)

kanagu said...

thats very nice Deepa :) :) neatly drawn :) :)

Royal Desperado said...



Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

wow.. lovely


Deepa said...

Sorc :
Thank you, Master !
Curvy lines are always a stress buster, aren't they ?

MtaI :
and what do they eyes say ?

Anony :
Thank you.
Bday ??? Whose bday ???

Kanagu :
Thank you :)

RD :
Eh ? Ok .. thank you

Bikram :
Thank you !

Rakesh said...

oohh wht big eyes u have granma!!

ooohh wht goofy nose u have granma :D :D :D

She is definitely the big bad wolf dressed up as granma! :D :D

Deepa said...

Rakesh :
Ahha !! And I am Red Riding Hood then !

P. Venugopal said...

Lovely expression. Must be a very pleasant girl to have this radiant expression on the eyes and corners of the lips.