Monday, May 31, 2010

Tag - If I were ....

Tagged by Starry .....

1. If I were a month - NOVEMBER ....
my birth month, the month of rains, the month of cool winds ... the month to look forward to for vacations, the month of hope and anticipation of good things.

2. If I were a day of the week - SATURDAY ....
The start of weekend ... relax ... leave the week behind ... yet another holiday ahead (Sunday) .... a day to take things easy

If I were a time of day - 6.30 pm ....
Look forward to the good breeze, to relax, to a walk, to a good dinner, and finally to a new day. Most of all, look forward to getting back home !

If I were a season - The RAINY season ....
A relief from the sweltering heat. Get drenched in the cool showers ... Watch the animal and plant kingdom rejoice in the rain. Curl up indoors with a hot cup of tea and a good book or a movie and enjoy the smell of the rain .

If I were a planet - VENUS ....
The most beautiful object in the sky, visible to the naked eye.
Looks just like my diamond.

If I were a sea animal - DOLPHIN ....
The gentlest and cleverest of all creatures ... And doesnt look as dead as a fish.

If I were a direction - EAST ...
Waking up with the first rays of the sun is an amazing feeling !

If I were a piece of furniture - SOFA ...
Sleep or just curl up ... nothing beats its comfort .. especially when artistically designed.

If I were a liquid - WATER ...
nothing that gives as instant relief as this chemical compound.

If I were a tree - NEEM ...
air purifier, keeps away the insects, and is beautiful to look at

If I were a tool - PAINT BRUSH ....
Paint away to glory !

If I were an element - COPPER ....
Love the colour ! Rust as well as blue !

If I were a gemstone - BLUE SAPPHIRE ....
Mysterious, deadly, powerful and beautiful.

If I were a musical instrument - VIOLIN ....
Playing the Indian violin always brings me peace and comfort

15. If I were a color - PURPLE ...
Contrasts every other colour ... can be matched with most other colours.

16. If I were a emotion - RELIEF ....
Happiness comes with relief !

17. If I were a fruit - PINEAPPLE ....
Yummy flavour !

18. If I were a sound - 'OM' ....
feel the vibration ??

If I were a car - MARUTI 800...
cool, compact, good colours and easy to drive

If I were food - RICE ...
The base of most delicious items !

If I were a taste - SPICE ...
Imagine the smell of cloves, cinnamon and red chillies ?

If I were a scent - SANDAL ...
Wood and nature at its best !

If I were a pair of shoes - 'KHADIM' footwear.....
The company has amazing footwear in all colours !

If I were a bird - SPARROW....
Sweet voice, tiny and sensitive

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Anonymous said...

Khadims may actually get promotion since you are vouching for it on your blog. You should claim your share from them :D

Anonymous said...

Everybody picks their birth month!
And I like your favourite emotion! Relief... Mine too!
Beats happiness! :D

starry said...

Interesting and very thoughtful answers,enjoyed reading them.

Anonymous said...

Kuchh afsos un lafzon ke liye hai jo keh na sake
Kuchh shiqwa un lafzon se hai jo keh diye
Apni nasamjhi se hi itne gile hain humko
Kisi aur se shiqaayat ab karein kaise

Swaram said...

No streak of violence in u eh :P Paintbrush for a tool is so nice :)

Relief .... nice emotion :)

Srijith Unni said...

Nice one Deepa..!

//24. If I were a bird - SPARROW....//

That's sweet!

Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless!

With Best Regards,

Deeps said...

Everybody seems to be doing this tag..I've read about 6-7 already since morning!

Enjoyed reading your version too. I love dolphins! And I so agree with you on the point on water. Nothing quenches your thirst like H2O :)

Violin is my favorite instrument too.

Sorcerer said...

aye aye!! this tag i havent done..i will do it

Anonymous said...

/*If I were a tool - PAINT BRUSH*/

Very nice :) :) Me too love dolphins.. they are so cute :) :)

Then loved the sound.. OM... surely the vibration is so good..

nicely done tag :)

GhOst ScripT Writer said...


White Magpie said...

Interesting. Esp number 18. The vibration is original.

vimmuuu said...

You had done it very seriously !!! :D :D :D :D good to know a few about you through this tag.

Btw, Im blogrolling you ! :D

Sujit said...

nice nice.. long list :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Ajay :
Heh heh yeah .. i just hope with all the promotion, they dont increase their prices ! No more promotion from me if they do so ! U r at IIT-Kgp, rt ? have you been to the Khadims @ Calcutta ?

Niveditha :
heh heh .. yeah !
relief sure does beat happiness !

Starry :
thank you :)

Anony :
Naraaz kisse hai aap
kya shikwah, kya shiqayat
Na pehchaan hai, na parichay

Hey .... am a bit confused .... what were the lines for ? I like the rythm of the words .. but didnt get the connection between the comment and my blog :)

Swaram :
Oh yeah .. there are times when I feel like I could drop a bomb on people ... but I content myself with just painting it out :)

Srijith :
Thank you
how are you ?

Deeps :
Funny how satisfying a combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen can be :)
Do you play the violin ?

Sorcerer :
shoo shoo ... get to work ... go do the tag ...

Kanagu :
thanks Kanagu ....
Chanting 'Om' with proper breathing does wonders right ?

Hellonz !!!
Thank you :) You are not a bad artist yourself !

White Magpie :
Hello !
Thank you :)
Have you done this tag ?

Vimmuuu :
Yeah ... did it seriously .. but was instantaneous :)
I've already blog-rolled you :)

Sujit :
nimma comments previous post nali oddhe .... neevu blogging re-start maadi

White Magpie said...

Actually I tagged Starry. Infectious one isnt it?


Why yaar !!! Rice is one of our Largest crops and cant read why u suggest it just change the colour!!!!

Rakesh said...

man..this tag is evrywhere,why does evryone want to be something else??

Chandrika Shubham said...

Interesting and innovative! :)
Enjoyed each and every word of it. :)
The idea of sparrow and dolphin is sweet.

Best wishes. :)

Deeps said...

No, Deepa..I dont know how to play violin.I wish I had learnt though. But if ever I get a chance to learn an instrument it will surely be violin :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

WM :
yes indeed !

Hari :
Highlight it with your cursor .. and viola !
Actually the colour is white -- to match the rice

Rakesh :
No one wants to be anything else ... but you should have a back up if in case you have to turn into something else

Chandrika :
thank you
'Innovative' -- that's a master compliment

Deeps :
Inshah Allah!

Sudeep said...

This is one of the most difficult tags I feel.. phew!