Friday, October 13, 2006

Vacant mind

This is how my mind has been feeling since yesterday ... totally vacant and boreed. Had a couple of interesting things happening a few days back. Once those incidents got over, time has come to a stand still. Maybe , it is not time's fault , but my attitude's I have no idea why I drew this .... but just did .. have no idea what it means either ...

Just drew a cartoon girl upside down on my whiteboard.
There is a newly constructed bridge near my office. Am going to take a walk over the bridge now ...
Had a grand time yesterday , inspite of this lethargy ... Had an awesome party ... As party of the formalities , I had to give a guy a red artificial rose ... His expression of total shock was worth watching !~~~!


Ankit said...

wud like to knw more abt the rose incident ....ur blog title says writing love ..

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Ankit :
Writing love => Well, not anyway related to the rose .. the rose thing happened only yesterday ~~~

Ankit said...

Yes ...joined this year will graduate in 2008 :) hopefully

shruti said...

sometimes we fel lethargy..
but then it just fo sometimes and again we all are captured in our mundane life..

neermathalam said...

ur tagged dear...

Sujit said...

yaake, ennaitu eega?.. astondu beejaru?

Fleiger said...

Aah, your muse is loafing...
And now that you are dreaming about that guy and his expressions, I believe we won't be getting any posts for any time soon? ;)

Sudarshan said...


Everyone has these boring phases in between..however,certain events may trigger much more exciting times!! Look out for them!

AnonymousBlogger said...

Oh we need a story about the whole party and rose. You're leaving us hanging, Deepa!!!!!

Jeseem said...

the lul after the storm.
n why u drew. hey u r a deepa after alll :)

Deepak Gopi said...

Nice post.
May I add a caption to the picture.
"Lead kindly light"

utkarsh said...

"His expression of total shock was worth watching !"
any guy's would be .. :D
who expects a rose in their day to day life .. :)

Sudeep said...

hey u have just one post up till now... hmmmm

upside down? lol..
i guess u shld write a post on the rose thing to get rid of the vacancy in ur mind :D

How do we know said...

yes Deepa write more about that rose incident to spice up our lives also!! :-)

tulipspeaks said...

u know..i've been feeling something similar for past weeks *sigghh..

anyway, its Deepavali time! My warm wishes to you honey.

have fun.


Anonymous said...

awww deepa-chan is in love???? :D
yeah its been a while! wish u can write more abt LOVE. hehe..
happy sunday!!!!

Sreejith Kumar said...

Life is like that, na? A good picture even if you do not know what it implies....

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Ankit :
inshah allah !

2 Shruti :
hi ! Welcome
yes , u r right ... and that is again so mundane , right ?

2 Neermathalam :
okies ... will do

2 Sujit :
eenu illa ... mainly bored , i guess !

2 Fleiger :
eh ? what muse ?
dreaming abt him ? no.... i just mentioned the incident ... but no, am not dreaming abt him ...

2 Sudarshan :
yeah ~ u r right .... there will definitely be intersting phases and incidents

2 A/B :
oh !
Will do so soon then ;P

2 Jeseem :
hey ! Didnt get the reference to my name .. what was that ? was it w.r.t what looks like a candle ?

2 Deepak :
thank you :)
Lead kindly light .. huh ... hmmm

2 utkarsh :
and more so in this case as i'm his senior , i guess !

Ankit said...

wsat abt u ..wat do u do??

Sujit said...

eega hegidira?.. weekend eligadaru hogidira?..

Fleiger said...

Refusing it twice? That's suspicious ;)

And I meant that you are not getting enough inspiration currently?

silverine said...

When my mind went vacant, I changed jobs :p
I take a walk when I feel lethargic, a really long walk, gets me back on my feet in no time :)

deepsat said...

its just a passing moment! everyone goes thru it!!


Prashant said...

Hey it seems you need a break from work now!!!!!!!!!!1

Go and enjoy the dayzzzzzzzzzz..

Deepak Gopi said...

:)Hi Deepa.
I have not gone there.Those photos were given by my friend.
good day

Appu said...

take that walk to the bridge. better still, take a day off and chill out

alex said...

The candle shines! :)

mathew said...

SHOCK..Just like that happens after watching gruesome pics?? ;)

Please express my deep "shock" and respect for this dear friend!! :)

Keshi said...

aha so Deepz has been busy giving roses to guys ha? LOL cute :):)

Sometimes my mind feels vacant too. I just let it pass on its own. Walks r always nice.


Arun said...

Umm...if the bg color was black, i would have said somthg like... u flame of hope, a source of energy in the unexplored space.
But..the green background color, beats me...Umm I guess, ur mind is evergreen n u r knowingly throwing urself into this standstill mode. ur office on an island??
n yea tell us abt the rose incident..wasn't the guy expecting such an act??


Priyankari said...

nice post:)u draw well man!

sometimes our minds do become so blank that incidents become only actions.but this phase wud pass on and u'd be back to ur mundane world soon.
so cheer up!

Arm Pitt said...

A rose is a rose is a rose. Artificial or natural, it doesnt matter!

I know the comment doesnt make any sense, but jus wanted to let you know I read the post and wanted to say something.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sudeep :
yes dear ...
Was so damn busy
The rose thing .. well, nothing great abt it ;)))

2 How do we know :
Hey ~
Welcome :)
Hmmm .... lemme see

2 Ammu :
Hi dear !
How are you ?
Happy Deepavali to you too !

2 Niki :
no dear ... What made u say that ?

2 Sreejith :
:)) haaa haaa

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Ankit :
I strive to get thru a day without getting into problems ;))))

2 Sujit :
hello !
weekend theatrege hoogidhe ;))

2 Fleiger :
Oh oh !!!!
Yeah , u r right .. no inspiration at all !

2 Silverine :
I think I'll try that out now .. but changing jobs is a bit risky at the moment :(

2 Deepsat :
Inshah Allah !

2 Prashant :
maybe , i need to do something different :| ......

Ankit said...

haan will update soon ...but i m damn busy these days :((

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Deepak :
hey ~
oh .. ok .. have been there twice .. once last year

2 Appu :
hi !
Welcome :)
well , taking a day off is not always possible , as i ' ve taken many such days off

2 Alex :

2 Mathew :
Wait till I see you !!!
* hmmmft *

2 Keshi :
haa haaa no
it was just for the juniors

2 Arun :
ahha ! u r putting on the Freud cap ,.. huh ?
no , the guy didnt expect it ;)

R.E.B.E.L said...

Well, u know the best remedy for a vacant and bored mind??? Ice cream!

Deepak Gopi said...

HiDeepa :)
I am planning to go there in the near future it self.

Deepak Gopi said...

HiDeepa :)
I am planning to go there in the near future it self.

Harish said...

Gave a guy a rose? Did he die out of shock or is he alive :-)

Arun said...

naa, i never wear a cap...yea tried hat once or twice, but don't know y, I feel very awkward wen somthg covers my head :-D

Abt the rose, baat kuch aage badi ki nahin?? ;-)


Sujit said...

sooper!.. hegitu!.. eega neevu chennagidiri.. no doubt about it :)

Keshi said...

awww :)


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Priyankari :
thanx !
but , the mundane world can also get boring :(((

2 Arm Pitt :
heh heh heh .. point noted !

2 Ankit :
oh ok !
then , do so when u get time :)

2 R.E.B.E.L :
hey !
welcome :)
but , icecream is not a recipe for an ideal figure ;))))

2 Deepak :
sure do .. it is an awesome place !

2 Harish :
hi !
Welcome :)
he is still alive ,... in fact , we just had a bickering session a few min ago

2 Arun :
thank God you are not a girl then ... if u were , imagine the amt of hair that would cover ur head ,,... errr .... PJ , i know !
arrey .. the rose session was just aise hi .. nothing serious

2 Sujit :
am completely first class ;))))

2 Keshi :

Fleiger said...

Tagged, you are... Check my blog, you should...

Happy Diwali, have an "enlightning" time ;)

Known Stranger said...

if you know a intepreter who does the painting ask him - he will say exactly whatz down in your unconsious mind. i enjoy reading through painting.