Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Deepavali

Here is wishing everybody a great Deepavali. For us , the festival is on Friday. This year , we are going to spend the Deepavali with cousins , which promises to be a wonderful fun time spent together. But the idea of walking out in the streets with rockets and flowerpots bursting overhead doesn't sound too good !

This morning , I lit the earthern lamps at 5:00 am. A visit to the temple is the norm , but the heavy rains made sure that I went back to sleep after lighting the lamps.

Since childhood , we have been hearing the story of how Goddess Chamundi slayed the evil Asura(Rakshasa) Mahishasura on Deepavali day. We even have a very rythmic shlokam (vedic chant) praising and bowing to Mahishasura Mardini ( killer of Mahishasura ). I love this shlokam, and it was one among the first that we were taught by our grandmother.

Tuesday is a holiday , thanks to Ramzan. So, I'll be off for a long weekend - 4 days ( yeah ! I have to apply for leave on Monday , but still that is fine :) )

The below was done with MS Paint last evening at office.

I dont think the folks here would be able to light the crackers and celebrate. It has been raining non-stop since yesterday evening. When we got out of office yesterday , we were surprised to hear a loud sound . It was the sound of the rain falling on the sheets above our office. Our office is in a building , that is built like a qwuadrangle. The terrace is open. To avoid rain water and the sun hitting the offices hard , a beautiful , slightly transparent fibre glass dome shaped sheet covering the terrace. Even the slightest rain falling on this sheet makes a loud sound. But this time , it sounded like the sea waves. When we went out to the entrance of the building , we were stunned ... the rain had created a wall of non visibility in front of us. All that we could make of the next building ( which was just a couple of metres away from us ) was the light beams thrown off from the office rooms ... It was beautiful ...... The buildings that we were so accustomed to seeing had all disappered. The only indication of their existence were the light beams. And all of a sudden , the thunderbolts started ... They were amazing. The spark of energy and the mettalic colours. Would have definitely stayed on to watch, if it hadnt been a question of my safety. I wonder how the drivers managed to drive back. The visibility was an all time low , and the thunderbolts crashed through the sky.

It is still raining !

Hopefully, the rain would dampen my cousins' plans !

Here's wishing everybody a great Deepavali.

But, please do be careful with the crackers and fire !


Sujit said...

me First :)... HAppy deepavali :).. have a great fest and have nice time at home :D..enjoy the festival of light :)..

Sujit said...

wow!.. rains.. it must be very nice to see like that :)... Here it has been raining.. but the only problem is that.. after rains.. the temperature drops down like hell... and also you know the rain drops are very cold.. as if water has been poured out of refrigerator!.... :(.. and peaks are beautiful decorated with snow.. but some mountain which are not so high!.. they are waiting for the snow clouds to be decorated!.. like a bride waiting for her fellow friends.. to be decorated :)...

:: The Protector :: said...

how ya dear?....




AnonymousBlogger said...

Happy Deepavali. I don't know what it is, but enjoy it anyway Deepa!

You're lucky. You have this warm climate in which to enjoy the rain. Here, it rained today. But it was only 2C out, so it almost turned to snow. I envy you and your warm rains!

Anonymous said...

Have a great diwali!
Best wishes

Maverick said...

Happy Deepavali, Enjoy yourselves.

b v n said...

hey..happy diwali to you too :)

btw you put those rain images very nicely...tvm rocks for that matter when it rains :) and liked the "picturesque" way you put how jobless thou art...LOL :)))

Sreejith Kumar said...

Happy Deepavali to Deepa! So matching! :-)

Arun said...

oh i wish it rained a lil bit out here too..its gettin unbearably hot outhere
Hey..wish u a happy deepa'vali too :-)
enjoy ur weekend n hope that the radiance of this festival be always there in u
enjoy n take care


vibhor said...

happy diwali to you also dear...

take care....

Deepak Gopi said...

Hi Deepa;

Your picture is very beautiful.

>|' ; '| said...

happy deepavali deepaji! enjoy ur loong weekend!

Vivhyd said...

Happy Diwali to you too.. have a good time!!.. hopefully rains will stay off.. I love the shloka too. i remember my grandma wud be singing it every morn in the pooja room.. A pic of ur office wud help to go along with the description I guess.. somehow the interest in fireworks - the rockets n crackers vained for last few years.. used to be crazy abt them.. now its upsets me cos of sound n pollution.. Anyways.. its imp to celebrate the spirit of festival ..

alex said...

"the rain had created a wall of non visibility in front of us. All that we could make of the next building ( which was just a couple of metres away from us ) was the light beams thrown off from the office rooms ... It was beautiful ...... "

Sure it was! :)

Arti Honrao said...

Happy Deepavali to you too!!


Harish said...

Alwys rains in Diwali...donno y :-)

Jeseem said...

hopefully since ur cousin can;t burst his crackers outside 'cause of the rain, he does in house, in ur room :P
wishing u a happy deepavali

Keshi said...

Happy DEEPA-vali Deepz! :)

TC n enjoy the happy times with ur loved-ones!

mathew said...

hey..have a great diwali!!

bobby said...

happy Diwali :-)

ashok said...

have a bright and happy diwali...

Raghav said...

well happy diwali to u too.
i love each festival for, well not just the joy and cheer it brings but more so for the holiday !!

Anonymous said...

Happy Deepavali Deepa-chan!!!! ^^
oh i wish i could experience such a big festival!!
uve been working soo hard. please take a rest, enjoy holidays!!

Anonymous said...

Hello DEEPA, happy DEEPAwali...hope it was great, right?!?

Hey, yeah yeah, there is s difference in the "HOW" between animals & humans. That's why they r animals & we human.

But at the end, motive counts most not the means ...


Prashant said...

Happy diwali to 2 u 2

Sudarshan said...


Happy Diwali to you too!!!

It is indeed nice to know that you're spending your diwali with your cousins..this is an ideal time to meet all your relatives and friends!!

I know how difficult it is to draw even a single thing with MS Paint lol..considering that, your Diwali card is pretty awesome!!!

deepsat said...

belated diwali wishes!! hope you had a nice time!!

i had loads of sweets and saw some fireworks!! and in between some nut's rocket came and banged near me!! went deaf for a few mins!! LOL!!


tulipspeaks said...

awww.. nice drawing! i had fun this d'vali.


Deepak Gopi said...

Hi Deepa :)
Hope u had an excellent Diwali .

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sujit :
i had a good time ... did you ?
waah ! ennu idhu ? poetry ella ?

2 :: The Protector :: :
Am fine ... hope u had a good one too :)

2 A/B :
i replied on ur blog .. the rains are good, but they dampen a lotta plans !

2 Kulpreet :
hey ! Welcome :)
hope u had a good deepavali !

2 Maverick :
hope u had a good deepavali ! .. i did !

2 b v n :
hope u had a good one !
rain is a reliever everywhere , but it has its limits !

2 Sreejith Kumar :
heh heh !! have been hearing that since childhood !

2 Arun :
thank you ! i had a grand time ... what about u ?

2 vibhor :
thank you .. hope you had a good time !

2 Deepak :
thanx for the compliments ! hope you r having a good time !

Deepak Gopi said...

Hi Deepa :)
Posters are day dreams .
Posters are short cut to Stardom.

Arun Pillai said...

Although belated,joining other heads for the wishes !!!

Appu said...

What could i say but a lil bad luck for the maestro. he could have cleared the last race in hisown style. but then, he is the master. 15 years, and am sure they went by us at the speed of his car

Sujit said...

Thats nice.. yo uhad a nice time.... had a strange time!.. see my next post!..

Deepak Gopi said...

Hi Deepa :)
Good Day

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 >|' ; '|< :
oh yes ! i did ... did you ?

2 Vivhyd :
yeah ... this time , got really fed up with the sound of the crackers ... the noiseless ones are great ... silence is always beautiful , isnt it ?

2 Alex :
how do you know ?????;))))

2 Arti :
thanx ... hope u had a good one !

2 Harish :
'Coz the month is such !

2 Jeseem :
no re ... there was no rain where my cousins live !

2 Keshi :
thanx Keshi ... i hope you had a good time too !

2 mathew :
I did ... did u ?

2 bobby :
thanx .. hope u had a good time !

2 Ashok :
thanx. how was it for u ?

Arun said...

oh good to know
Mine was ok types...didn't burst any crackers..jus went roamed around in mumbai...Gateway of india, nariman point, some malls
thts all..:-)


Priyankari said...

Hi, Happy Diwali to u too!

RP said...

thanks & a belated wishes 2 ye too. just re-started my blog 2de. :-) hope 2 continue 4 a real long time.

alex said...

Lol....i know, because you have pictured the scene very well, and i can see through your eyes. ;)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Raghav :
Yeah .. u r right .. the holiday makes a major difference on how we percieve the festival .. huh?

2 Niki :
Thanx dear ... come down to india .. u can see the festival :)
am ok now :)

2 Roy :
yeah ! i had a good one ... did u ?

2 Prashant :
how was it ?

2 Sudarshan :
hey ! thanx for the compliments !!!
how was ur deepavali ?

2 Deepsat :
i dont like rockets and stuff of that genre ... things that are definitely dangerous to our existence

2 tulipspeaks :
Good ! With ur sis ?

2 Deepak :
:) Posters are shortcuts to stardom ... huh ? hmmmm

Saira said...

hey!!Belated Happy Diwali to u..:)

Deepak Gopi said...


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Arun Pillai :
hey ! Welcome :)
thank you , and same to you !

2 Appu :
u r talking abt Schummacher ?

2 Sujit :
yeah ! read that !

2 Deepak Gopi :

Sujit said...

back to pavillion?.. eega hegge nadita ide?.. boats enadura madra.. malle neeru nalli.. float madake?

der Bergwind said...

after the crackerz die out, in the mornin the rag pickerz aka children come to fill in the bags... dunno if they make more monies during the festival of 'lights'.. dunno if really the crackerz light up life per se... just know that sum where for a lot of folkz out there happiness has been due , over due for a long time..
the rains, the blacks of the nite n the sound of silence wen sleep steals on u n u try to just stay awake a little more... pure bliss :)

Anonymous said...

thank u sooooo much, Deepa-chan!!

bobby said...

Hey Happy Depawali and a prosperous new year, it is never too late to wish happy diwali:-)

Yes, I am a little frozen with long working and sleeping hours, don't get much time to do my stuff, but this weekend I managed to do something I like very much. Have a look at this link (copy paste it in the address bar, and that's me by the way)


R.E.B.E.L said...

hey hope you had a beautiful diwali and great long weekend :-)

Known Stranger said...

hmm only in south the reason for diwali is strange than the one adopted through out india. isnt it ? first time in life my diwali was with no crackers - i didnt even hear a small sound of crackers among the big indian community

Anonymous said...

Heloo, Madam..

Yeah, mine was cracking like fire!
Btw, it's a long time to listen from u.

Roshini ki deep jale rahe, hamesha ... Insahallah!!

Priyankari said...

New Post??

vaibhav said...

Happy diwali to u too... now that diwali is over pls come back with a new post! :)

Sreejith Kumar said...

Re: Deepa

:-) I guessed it!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Arun :
That is enjoyement too , right ?

2 Priyankari :
thank you
hope urs was good
Will update soon

2 RP :
Inshah Allah !

2 Alex :
u can see thru my eyes ? hmmmmm

2 Saira :
Hi ! Welcome :)
hope u had a good one !

2 Deepak :

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sujit :
illa ... eee malle tumba jaasti ....window hatra hoogakene aagalla

2 der Bergwind :
hi ! Welcome :)
in our case , no rag pickers ... we are forced to do it ourselves coz we light the crackers on our terrace... this time , no crackers !
after rain comes sun !
after darkness comes light !
after sorrow comes happiness !
but , i associate rain with comfort

2 Niki :
u r welcome sweety !

2 bobby :
ok ! Will have a look for sure !

2 R.E.B.E.L :
yeah , i really did ! Did u ?

2 known stranger :
thatz coz the Gods worshipped are kinda different , right ?
how was it away from the usual sights ?

2 Roy :
yeah ! Will update ASAP

2 Vaibhav :
hey !
long time !
Will do ,.. in a couple of days , or maybe today !

2 Sreejith :

Deepak Gopi said...

Hi Deepa:)
pls post a new one.

ketki said...

so belated happy diwali to you too!

Prashant said...

where are you????????

Jeseem said...

u r tagged.
so challo start scrapping.
or do i hav to lure with icecream

RP said...

update. update. update

alex said...

I cannot see through your eyes, but i can see what you saw through mine. :)

Waiting for your thought flow.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Deepak :
sure ... will

2 Ketki :
hi !
Welcome :)
hope you had a good one !

2 Prashant :
right here ;)

2 jeseem :
ok ok .. will so ASP .. wokay ?

2 rp :

2 Alex :
Is it ? and , how do u know what i saw thru urs ?
A recursive loop , huh ?

Sudeep said...

i didnt get to light crackers this time :((
n u really r paint-greetings-queen :)

Viren said...

First Happy and Prosperous Diwali to you and your family and this festival will bring happiness and new hopes for you. Really Good post on Diwali festival. I read your post and remember my childhood memories on diwali celebration. Diwali festival is really major festival of India. I have no word to describe this festival. Again Happy Diwali to you.


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