Monday, September 25, 2006

Random updates

  • It is raining like crazy here. Till date , I have seen it rain like this only once. The atmosphere is like what romantic novels are made of ... quiet and peaceful , but it is also sinister. Sinister when you read about the number of people washed away, or the extent of destruction. But didnt we bring this on ourselves ?
  • Chickungunya is spreading in the country .. I have seen my people suffer from this disease. Though not fatal, this disease is neverthless tiring to the sufferer, mainly because there is no cure , and the symptoms include small joint pains
  • There was a report that the deaths due to Chickungunya are mainly due to an over-dosage of antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs , of which chloroquinine is one.
  • I am neck deep in work
  • The freshers have joined. I have 2 assigned to me. I have an aching head and aching eyes .. am worried about my eyes now
  • Am reading Daphne Du Maurier's "Jamaica Inn " ... a nice novel, though a bit gothic and dark.
  • There is a line in the book : " Animals and birds don't think about love. They sense a touch , or a smell , and instinctively know if their partner ".. Does it apply to humans ? I wonder !


Known Stranger said...

you are tired that is exhibited in this post. By the way - My knowledge on global music is very limited - only those i find in M TV or V channel serve me the knowledge. And for past 4 years no connection and no single idea on english music.You read and listen a lot it seems

Fleiger said...

The atmosphere is like what romantic novels are made of ... quiet and peaceful...
Just novels? Or is there anything going on?

They ask far too many questions.
Aah, freshers... the bane of seniors' lives... How I remember the freshers in my project who used to bug me. Don't worry, in a month or two they would be ready to take some of the responsibilities.

So, be happy, don't be bogged down by work and don't get sick till then...

And keep blogging.

neermathalam said...

It doesnt apply to humans.
Because all that is natural is not right...We are the species which has evolved thru that stage...
I wonder why i pick up fight with u so often...he he...
smile often n cheer up..deepzz...

Sujit said...

oh! astondu work ah!... yeah chik* is spreading like hell.. and the joint pains never leave so early!.. takes ages and its own time to flee...! there is only one things that can eleminate is time!..

Freshers are always like that.. comming with enthu.. and eat others head!.. and finally they will know that... they need to eat their own heads..hehe...

Vivhyd said...

Thats an interesting acct.. Chikungunya is indeed widespread and I guess it started off all of a sudden and many I know - mom, aunt etc got it.. so u be careful too..

Couldnt help but laugh at the last point there.. To an extent sense of smell n touch comes along with love in humans but dont particularly form the basis.. U dont see humans going arnd sniffing.. haha.. That wud be weird huh.. Men and Women sniffing . Mostly more than their own smell, its the perfume they use etc which seems to switch on the the love senses.. what do u say?

Vivhyd said...

and with the touching its even worse.. lets not even go into it..

Sudeep said...

really random updates...

lol @ They ask far too many questions

one of my relatives' whole family is suffering frm chickungunya

silverine said...

Have heard quite a bit about Chickungunya on the Internet now. And Global warming too, maybe that is why it is raining so much nowadays. Maybe it is time to build an Ark...

AnonymousBlogger said...

Ah yes, random stuff is great.

I have never ever heard of Chickungunya before.

I've never heard of chloroquinine either...

I wouldn't worry too much about your eyes. I'm sure the headache and eye ache are related and curing one will cure the other.

Does it apply to humans ? I wonder !

Hmm. I wonder. It isn't that easy for us is it?

Keshi said...

nice rains ha Deepz.

take it easy at work.

Chickungunya sounds scary tho :(

** " Animals and birds don't think about love. They sense a touch , or a smell , and instinctively know if their partner ".. Does it apply to humans ? I wonder !

thats cos animals have the 6th sense. Most humans don't. :)


Arun said...

On ur last 'Update' comments!!!
Im all numb n suffering from a catastropic cold
Thnks to ur other update on symptoms, now I know its not chicken'gunya


Sreejith Kumar said...

DEEPA DEEP into work: that is good!

Ask the freshers to belt up!

Aching eyes and reading a novel; weird!

The quote from the novel>> Better I belt up!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 known stranger :
heh heh .. how come ?
Yeah , i do read and listen to music a lot .. have even listened to some japanese songs !
Then , buck up , and catch up with what u've lost (if u feel like) !

2 Fleiger :
no re ... just novels ! :P
inshah allah ! hopefully ! but i wish they'd stick to their place
u too .. happy blogging !

2 Neermathalam :
We have evolved .. right .. but at times for the worse ! :)
And no matter how hard we try , we wont be able to go against nature and instinct .. right ?
Do you fight with me ? I didnt think so till now ....

2 Sujit :
haa haa .. yeah !
but the thing is one among the freshers alloted to me is quite arrogant , though he doesnt mean to be !

2 Vivhyd :
Come on ! Dont conjure up visions for me .... I just stated a line from the book , and you are making me imagine ... yuck yuck yuck !!
now , let us not let our imaginations run wild .. ok ?
Yeah .. i have seen how much ppl suffer , when they are affected by Chic*

2 Sudeep :
Oh oh !!!
* Deepa shakes her head *

deepsat said...

indeed random updates!! good post!!

not sure if it applies to humans!! hope not!! otherwise another unwelcome misery!!


Known Stranger said...

never a great chaser for music albums but listens anythign that i hear. now listenign more malay, indonesian songs. Nothing in specific i listen nor get the lyrics by heart. Just the music that enchants me

Prashant said...

The thing that i liked in this blog is that u amake people aware of the disease and another thing is the line of that novel..
How animals felt love and recognize their partner.
Though only 2 lines but having lot sense.

Deepak Gopi said...

Why think of Chicken Guniea,Think
Chicken Biriyani.

Fleiger said...

Hmm... are you sure? Nothing cooking anywhere?

And they will stick to their places after some time. And they are very good for "delegating" responsibilities later on (thank god I write use pen-name, my ex-juniors would kill me)

Anonymous said...

Rain is highly gloomy, sometimes I dun even wanna do anything 4 da whole day when it's raining horribly! But hey, the bright thing is is dat soon the rain will stop? =)

MuCh LuV <3

tulipspeaks said...

:) random thoughts r evidence of over worked mind.

have some rest.



vaibhav said...

I am neck deep in work.... And so am i. But i kinda like it.

And pls update more often.

mathew said...

If you are neck deep in already drowned!! hehehe..

Nice to see another of the ilk facing the same!! :)

Arm Pitt said...

the last point was interesting. Babies do feel and know their mommies' touch. Thats how they communicate with their moms.

sushant said...

nice musings... keep them coming..

Invincible said...

i saw few floating mails on chickungunya (& dismissed them as the classic chain mails). Now i think i shd take them seriously !

neck deep in work ..

freshers .. haha .. again

the last time i bled nose on a novel was on Exodus n it seems like ages ago. Need to visit the community library. *notes down in weekend-to-do-things.*

animals n birds are not monogamous. (someone told me only 4 species in the entire kingdom animalia are monogamous .. one being humans).

Jeseem said...

wonder why fragrances r so much in demand :)
but in humans, the process is more complex i guess. like all guys r looking for the girl who writes love :)

juniors working for u. so they must be calling u boss, or deepa madam.

Sujit said...

just once you yell!.. the person will settle down!.. there will always be such crank ones.. to test us!..

starry nights said...

I wonder if the rains have stopped and hope you are feeling better, less tired . I do think humans are affected by smell,a sexy perfume ? A touch of a hand?

Anonymous said...

oh yeahh i want to find that partner who has good smell and good touch for
i think it might related to body odor(?) i like certain men's odor.
heard abt chickungunya from someone in mauritius. is it spreading?! please take care of ur eyes, deepa-chan and get some rest on nice weekend!!!!!

Fleiger said...

Oh, just finished watching something... they blindfolded a girl and asked her to choose who she would go on a date with between three people: one sprayed with some harmone (supposed to make you 'hot' for girls), off-counter aftershave, and sweat (not sprayed with sweat, just that he worked out). Guess who she chose?

Fleiger said...

Oh, just finished watching something... they blindfolded a girl and asked her to choose who she would go on a date with between three people: one sprayed with some harmone (supposed to make you 'hot' for girls), off-counter aftershave, and sweat (not sprayed with sweat, just that he worked out). Guess who she chose?

Anonymous said...

grrr, Deepa where are ya =]

Anil P said...

Daphne D M's Rebecca was a lovely piece of work too. If you get the time, read that one.

Gates said...


Is this the condition where you see a nice chick across the street smilin' at you when you are with your girlfriend?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Silverine :
an ark ..... hmmm ... who would do that now ?
yeah , maybe the global warming is the cause .. i enjoy the rain , but this time , i think it is a bit too destructive !! ( same as last year ;) )

2 A/B :
Chickumgunya is a mosquito spread disease that was first identified in Africa. Quite a bad one !
Yeah .. would it really be easy for us ????

2 Keshi :
Hi KEsh !
Am back from a trip
Animals have 6th sense true , but like some1 here said , they also have multiple partners !!!!!
Chickungunya's implications are very bad !!!!

2 Arun :
You are lucky it is not Chic*
Take good care of urself.. hope you are better now !

2 Sreejith :
hi !
am better now !
belt up.... how ??? ;))

Sudarshan said...

I don't know whats up with the rain this really is raining very hard in my place as well..the rain's showing no signs of cooling off lol :-)

I thought this chickungunya was a simple illness...but it seems rather complicated!!

Like you, I'm overburdened with stuff lol..and I haven't even started working yet :-(

Keshi said...

** but like some1 here said , they also have multiple partners !!!!!

lol Deeepz! Yes even humans r made for multiple partners. Just that we try to live by moral standards set by the society :):)


Lost in trance... said...

lol @ freshers ask too many questions :)

its interesting how even gud things can irritate u @ times rite?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Deepsat :
hey !
haa haa ... why do u say so ?

2 known stranger :
yeah ! that is one way of appreciating music from the heart

2 Prashant :
hey !
well, chickungunya is a serious thing

2 Deepak :
hi ! welcome
i am a vegetarian !

2 Fleiger :
yes re !
heee hee heee ... it is better now .. i had a few words with them .. they are settling down

Known Stranger said...


Anonymous said...


So these are the things you are busy with...Hmmmm!!

Btw,Animals and birds don't think about love

I dont believe that Animals dont think abt love...I dont believe. I believe that they DO THINK ABT LOVE..they do think!!

DONT TAKE FOR GRANTED what's printed on book...

So, how r u & how abt ur dassera..

Deepak Gopi said...

Hi :-}
Thanks for the visit .

Fleiger said...

i had a few words with them ..
Sounds ominous ;)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 quz boss :
u hate the rain so much ?

2 Amutha :
hi Amu ,
am perfectly fine now ~
had a good weekend

2 Vaibhav :
case of the pot calling the kettle black .. huh ?
i hafta update , but time is very less , and laziness too much

2 Mathew :
ha ! a chance for a same pinch .. huh ?
howz the country ?

2 Arm Pitt :
yeah ... babies and moms have a world of their own !
but why did that come in here ?

Anonymous said...


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sushant :
Thank you !
Yes , i will !

2 Vinci :
what was that icon : -"- ?
Did you go to the lib ?
The Chickungunya is so real ! Kerala has so many deaths due to this virus strain

2 Jeseem :
Errr ... did you mean me by "the girl who writes love " ????
no re .. no calling me madam or anything .. they treat me like one of their college seniors !

2 Sujit :
But the yelling part is a bit difficult

2 starry nights :
hey !
yeah , am feeling so very much better
had a fantastic weekend , and all the tiredness is gone now !
a touch of the hand .. for sure ~

Ankit said...

bullet points mein blogging ...kool:)

Prashant said...

Hey Deepa...Do write if you got some time ...I TAGGED you.....

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Niki :
hey !
good luck with *that* !!!
btw , yes chickungunya is really spreading .. so many deaths are being reported here
I had a great weekend , and am refreshed now !

2 Fleiger :
Dont wanna incriminate myself .. so ,you tell me

2 quz boss :
am here itself
but how come i cant access ur blog ?

2 Anil P :
hey !
yeah ! i know .. dad tells me that , but havent been able to get that book from the library till now

2 Gates :
but you seem to be experienced in that field .. huh ?

Harashita R. R. Bajaj said...

Hi r u doing? seems a bit too loaded with work...

Fleiger said...

So, it seems you are busy hiding the body(ies?) of the one(s?) you made example of, these days, right? That should explain your absence from blogosphere ;)

mathew said...

hey you are tagged..

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sudarshan :
the rains have stopped here , for now !!!
Chickungunya is rather a bad disease !
have u started working , by now ?

2 Keshi :
are we really ? Well , what about our feelings of loyalty ? Those are not soceity created completely .. we feel for our partners .. animals dont feel the possessiveness etc ... they are possessive only during the mating season .. that is not so with us

2 Lost in trance... :
Oh yes ! So many things can be irritating !

Sujit said...

eega nimma kelasa hegide!.. tumba busy naa...!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 known stranger :

2 roy :
animals dont think abt love the way we do
dussera was good .. we had a good celeb. and u ?

2 Deepak :
u r welcome .. and the thanx should be my dialogue too, right ?

2 Fleiger :
Seriously ?

2 Niki :
hi dear :)

Sreejith Kumar said...

Knock knock..... No posts for a long time...... :-)

Deepak Gopi said...

Thanks for the visit and for the dialogue.
Please post a new one.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 ankit :
thanx :)

2 Prashant :
ok ! Will do !

2 Harashita :
yeah ! real long time !!
Yes , i do have a lot of work
What about you ? havent seen you around at all

2 Fleiger :
i didnt get what u meant

2 Mathew :
ok ! Will do

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sujit :
tumbane busy idhe .. eega , ok

2 Sreejith :
i know .. am going to update now

2 Deepak :
sure i will ... in a matter of minutes

Fleiger said...

When you said you had "a talk" with them, I thought you picked up one junior, got all of them in a conference room and told them, "Here's what happens to the person who asks too many questions..." THWAK... "Any questions?" ;)

Priyankari said...

Hey, am reading Daphne Du Maurier too. Rebecca. have u read it? it's great.
u have put down ur mind well:)