Monday, August 07, 2006

Taken for granted

This is just one of those phases in life , I guess , when you no longer want to be taken for granted.

These days , the feeling that I am being taken for granted is suffocating me. So much more because I don't have solutions for this.

And the solutions that my close ones give me dont appeal to me . So, here I am feeling lousy and lost

Well , I did consider giving the people concerned a piece of my mind .. and I did too ... it made things better for a couple of weeks .. but now , it is back to the same rut. And the more you give your "piece of mind " , the more it diminishes your value , though it greatly enhances your self respect ....

Why am I typing this here ? Does it make any difference ... ? I guess not .. but miracles do happen ....

Another thing .. as a kid , I enjoyed sketching ... when I was really upset / bugged over something , I would take a small scrap of paper and try to fill every inch possible with sketches meaning vastly different things ... Tried it on the PC with various pics I had collected over the years ...
must say it looks fine now .. but I'll hate it in a couple of hours .

P.S : There is even a donkey down there !


Srijith Unni said...

Relax..! At times, it`s better to have a laid back approach. Those who are taking you for granted will learn in the long run.

P.S: The pic is dman good.! If you do this whenever you feel down. I guess you`ll become one great artist some day.. :-)

With Best Regards,

sushant said...

when u gave ur "piece of mind " , i'm sure u got some "peace of mind"
how bt tryin dat again ?

btw, sketchin is a good option too,what say you ?

Dew Drops said...

"piece of mind" is sometimes directly propotional to "peace of mind" ;)))

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Even I had this'taken for granted' feeling....therefore I had secluded myself from everyone.

The pic is great......saw the donket too :)

anuj said...

this is quite true ... somtimes u give urself, ur suggestions to someone u kind of care abt .. nd thy really dnt consider its worth ....

thts wht i have realised .. NEVR WASTE UR CONCERN .. save it fr those who really deserve it ...

nd NICE collage there ..

life is jst like tht .. a mix of a hell lot of things ..

manish said...

It have a lesson from your own collage itself--the sun continues to smile and shine even when the world around it is all disarrayed.(viewing the glass half full :-) )

neermathalam said...

with no preaching tone...
with no consoling tint
with care and concern
shall i tell you about
a method which I follow,
try to pretend happiness
and soon it will be a habit,
darkness will recede storms
will wane off and you will
be smiling..But it is matter
of choice and choice only..

Cheer up deepz..:)

neermathalam said...

its a cool collage..any way

:: The Protector :: said...

Count no day lost in which you waited your turn, took only your share and sought advantage over no one. -Robert Brault

Ummm....God save Deepa :P

btw...collage is good....



Arun said...

Hey Deepa...after reading this, wat I can tell u is...lay low for a while...n when dust have settled down...try to see the clearer pic.
see wat/who went wrong, maybe it tht the piece of mind u gave was at wrong time at wrong place.:-)... or maybe the other party wil understand ur stand
Think abt it...
See for ur self...ur collage has the 'Key' for ur troubles, the Ray of hope...2 loving hearts.
the weeping eye n depressed soul is pushed to back grnd..n u urself are runnin chasing dreams
Cheer up girl...Must say, Art is a good form to relieve the stress


Sudeep said...

there will be many events in life when u dont have a solution for it.. but it does not mean u cant come out of it

feeling such a way is just an indication tht u r normal.. so take a few deep breaths n relax.. u will overcome it

regarding the painting.. it reflects mixed emotions
n whts with the donkey? lol

Known Stranger said...

you just cant avoid that... some you take for granted and some take you for granted. thatz the cycle. and thnaks will sure take care. i am into engineering - mechanical related to oil and gas and process industires - project handling

>|' ; '| said...

take it easy :)

Fleiger said...

Sometimes writing about stuff just lets off the steam... and then we can get back to whatever we were doing.

And btw, nice picture. I am sure some future arts class is going to be devoted to finding the "meaning" of the potrait (and that is not False impression)

The Brown eyed one said...

hmmm i know how it feels to be taken for granted. Even I do the same.. Give them a piece of my mind. Infact, at times I feel like I spit venom ;-)

BTW great collage!!!

Anoop said...

That pic was a nice compilation..i liked the one where the gal was running with the net!!!....
About self respect increasing after giving ur piece of mind.... temporarily it will be nice, but believe me it doesn't last for long....
best thing would be to talk it out with some good friend or relative of urs..:)

bobby said...

Probably these few lines might help you...from one of my fav songs.....

###Hold up... hold on... don't be scared

You'll never change what's been and gone

May your smile... Shine on... Don't be scared

Your destiny may keep you warm.

Cos all of the stars are fading away

Just try not to worry you'll see them some day

Take what you need and be on your way

And stop crying your heart out###

If that doesn't help, get back to the paper with a pencil in your hand:-).....and if you still have issues......shoot the dog...:-)

Sujit said...

hey, enaitu eega?.. astondu bejaru?.. eega hegidera??.. just try to take things off.. and keep cool.... malle nalli swalpa nendu!... tampagiri :)...

mathew said...

abstract expressionism at its best!!

Interested in auctioning the work at the Sotheby's?? ;)

silverine said...

Whatever the stage of life, never let yourself be taken for granted.

Arun Pillai said...

As someone smarter than me said,painting is the best way to show off one's mind set and flows :)

alex said...

Well, i must say that you can draw your heart and your feeling out, which is a great feat.
And about feeling being taken for granted-it is a phase of life.There is more to it, it reflects your selflessness whcih tend to get forgotten by the people around you.
It enhances your innerself.

AnonymousBlogger said...

Well Deepa, I'm sure things will work themselves out. They always do.

If you decide to go into more detail about the situation, there are plenty of people here ready and willing to help you out (or at least try).

vaik said...

well it happens with everyone :) maybe those people don't realize maybe you can say point blank instead of giving few pieces every time :)

the pic is good btw but I never found the donkey

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Srijith :
Thank you .. but there is not point in just relaxing .. have to think of smthg soon
thanx for the compliment

2 Sushant :
it won't work again .. it'll just lessen my worth
yeah .. sketching is a good option

2 Dewdy :
yeah .. but thatz only for a short while .. right ?

2 Abhishek :
there isnt any point in secluding .. i have tried that too

2 Anuj :
hey Anuj !
welcome :)
yeah .. but how do u figure out if someone is worth giving the concern to ?
and it is not just "someone" , at times it is beyond all that

2 Manish :
that is optimism ! and i'm generally optimistic .. but u need to figure out a plan .. huh ?

2 Neermathalam :
i know ur method .. u know that !
but somethings are necessary , arent they ?

2 Vishnu :
that is a good quote.
thank you dear

2 Arun :
yeah ... but the last "piece of mind" session did do its own good !
anyway , am going to chart out a plan / take some action soon

2 Sudeep :
yeah .. u r right abt the solutions bit .... but we cant just leave things aside , right ?
i like the donkey .. dont u ?

Keshi said...

taken for granted Deepz? I so know the feeling.

And right now too.

Nothing u can do abt such ppl except making sure that YOU dun allow them to take u for granted next time.

Nice sketch.


Lost in trance... said...

its all too easy -and sad- to take someone for granted. we all do it, albeit inadvertently at times...dont we?

tulipspeaks said...

this is what i call an outburst when u reach the threshold :)

perfectly normal.hugsss..


utkarsh said...

giving people a "piece of your mind" in not always the best solution .. As you have mentioned yourself .. but letting them go is no good either .. just let them know that it's not nice to take you for granted. And still if it does'nt work out, then you can go for the "piece of mind" approach.

utkarsh said...

giving people a "piece of your mind" in not always the best solution .. As you have mentioned yourself .. but letting them go is no good either .. just let them know that it's not nice to take you for granted. And still if it does'nt work out, then you can go for the "piece of mind" approach.

utkarsh said...

ouch .. sorry for two comments .. please delete one of them and this one :D

zonko said...

shall i tell you about
a method which I follow,
try to pretend happiness
and soon it will be a habit,
darkness will recede storms
will wane off and you will
be smiling.

what friggin' stupidity! That's the worst kind of thing to do. Ack!! Sorry, Neeramathalan Ungle, but that's like the worst kind of ersatz living. Now sue me.

Best line in post: "Why am I typing this here? Does it even matter... "

Self-awareness, DeepaChan! You're ever closer to it! heh heh..

RP said...

it hppns. nd un4tunately, i repeats of10 too. me too at similar cross-roads nd things r nt bcoming ne better either.

nice 2 b back reading blogs.

Parag said...

When I am really bugged I go to the gym.. Physical exertion tends to make you forget your worries..
Or better still go shopping.. Don;t you want to buy some shoes ? Dresses ?
Just distract yourself !

Arun said...

wil the action involve tht donkey??
Must say he looks like a naughty creature :-)


Sudeep said...

only in the pic :D

Sreejith Kumar said...

Yup, do not let yourself be taken for granted....

Nitika said...

nice sketch out there....

taken for granted its all everyone of us has to heal at sometime or the other coz even we take things for granted knowingly or unknowingly

how's u doing dear!!

take care

Arti Honrao said...

Feeling better now?


starry nights said...

That is a beautiful pic.sometimes when I am down I write and that relaxes me.

Nabeel said...

not just people .. but we also take things for granted .. and not just material things .. but we take facts and realities for granted too .. very bad .. and one should always be thankful for all the things around :)

Maya Cassis said...

can I say this is so creative!!!
Don't worry.I know what you are going through.People just keep trying to stress you out.I am going through the same so you know what I did...I just keep dropping the though process that keeps running in my head.I order myself stop.And today I even went for a massage and it felt great.It total picked me up,my first time.
Do something completely different!
PS- Deepa I had read in your sept 18th or so post in 2005 that you had attended a wedding in kannur.Is it possible to let me know any good beautician or parlour there that drapes saree well cos I am going for my sis wedding and everyone has forgotten about me having to tie a saree and I need to find someone who can do it for me pronto!!!Please HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALp!...oh that was a scream alrite hee hee...tried looking for a mailing addresss but didnt get one.If possible revert back to me at girl

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 known stranger :
oh ok !
mechanical .. huh ?
well, tc

2 Poison :
u too dear !
r u coming 2 weeks hence ?

2 Fleiger :
yeah .. it does help let off steam !

2 The Brown eyed one :
looks like we think alike !
spit venom .. yeah .. i know !

2 Anoop :
but talking n consultation is not helping much .. coz finally everything is upto me !

2 Bobby :
thanx !
shoot the dog .. huh ? very bad thing to do !

2 Sujit :
sheeta edhe .. so , malle nalli odhe aagake aagalla

2 Mathew :
heh heh !!
will u buy it ?

2 Silverine :
yeah !
but it seems to be a bit difficult

2 Arun :
i agree !

Fleiger said...

Friends are like that, now and again. Blowing off steam helps. And then you can get back to life and friends...
Oh and by the way, if you keep giving everybody a piece of your mind, what remains? ;)

neermathalam said...

@ deepz...
hw r u...buddy..hope a lil sunshine is around..
n sorry deepz..for responding to a post by zonko on ur space..

the line bwn insanity,stupidity,sensibility and sensitivity etc are so thin..
and regarding the faking of happiness..that stupidity have made me go thru many traumatic phase very successfully..without unnecessary whining and never tried to force my way..n see bacha
Your right is your right and my right is my right even when we walk together twine shall nver meet..;)and we both have rights to have our rights... right ???

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Alex :
hey !
i dont want to be known for selflessness ... coz i really am not !

2 A/B :
i know A/B .. i know .... but ....

2 Vaik :
saying it point blank is definitely gonna prove a bit costly .. the first time was ok ... coz i caught them unawares :P

Anand said...

Hey lovely sketch and grt way to let it out!
But no matter what...dont let anyone take u for granted..i hate it when people do it and I hate myself when I realise I am doing it to someone else

alex said...

Deepa, your modesty will pay off too!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Keshi :
oh !
what happened ?
i mean how come u feel that way ?
but it is difficult to ensure that they dont !

2 Lost in trance... :
yeah we do .. but when we are at the recieving end , it is a different story

2 Amutha :
heh heh ... :))))
seen a lot of that , havent we ?

2 utkarsh :
hello !
welcome :)
hmmm ...smthg has to be done
and , it doesnt matter .. the 2 comments , i mean

2 Zonko :
thanx boss ... am getting there ...
u want some "guru dakshina" , guru ???

Known Stranger said...

i do what i like

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 rp :
hey !
well , the ban is off now !
i thot it was blocked in ur office ?

2 Parag :
hey !
welcome :)
ufff ... i have had enough of shopping ... too much of stuff at home now !
gym sounds good tho

2 Arun :
oh he is ! hez also a saviour !

2 Sudeep :
heh heh .. scared to get into more trouble .. huh ?

2 Sreejith Kumar :
hi !
welcome ..
yeah !

Keshi said...

hey na dun worry...Im ok today. All sunny n nice :)


Arun said...

is he??..Aaa i shud have guessed it, his tail is missing...seems he lost it in the ordeal :-)
So how did he turn into a saviour??


alex said...

When did you start drawing to relieve youself of emotions?

Sudarshan said...

hehe the painting's cool :-) I liked it!!!!

Well I guess you should always take things with a pinch of salt. All of us do feel offended when we're taken for we can't have it like that all the time.But we certainly can't go on giving a piece of our mind to everyone everytime lol..that tactic should be employed only when things get out of hand!!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

anuj said...

hmm .. interesting ques ... its tough i knw .. bt thn isnt it hard luck if u think some1 to be worth enuf nd he/she doesnt trun out to be one ..

thts wht this diff game is all abt :((

newyz .. life is like this variable time line .. ups & downs .. u gotta drive steadily ;)

be coool .. & jst enjy dear :)

ishy said...

chill!!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

yeahhh it happens to everyone! sorry to hear that..^^
u are really artistic!! i think u can sell ur pictures, Deepa-chan!
have a very happy weekend!!

Rose said...

I hv been thru that phase.. I ralised soon that you cant force it on people.. So i just ket things be.. And with time I didnt mind at all..


Sujit said...

nannu illi alli odadutha idde.. enondu.. mane nalli net illa.. mathondu :)... nanage yaaru mail madalla.... neenu tumba busy.. nange mail madalla.. enu maduvudu helli?.. mane nalli.. bore.. net center hogake ista illa.. :(..

zonko said...


Well said Fred! Have fun your way.

@Deepa -- I haven't given you guru-mantar yet. For that you've to come closer. [shakti kapoor drawl] aao, paas aao. daro nahi. [/shakti kapoor drawl]

Jeseem said...

few online drawing material. chk it out

Anonymous said...

Hi! i'm divya's classmate - Daniel. I came to ur house not so long ago, remember? Jus wanted to ask u how u know Amit (jottingsfromhell).. He was 2 yrs senior to me at stcs.. frnd..
[mail me at (get my id from Divya)]

Sudeep said...

wht trouble?
*raises eyebrows*

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Nitika :
am ok dear
h r u ?

2 Arti :
yes , thank you ~

2 starry nights :
thank you
writing ... thatz a great option !

2 Nabeel :
true ..... we really should be grateful for small mercies !
if we knew what tomm would bring , we'd be so diff today :D

2 Maya :
hi dear ....
a massage ???
thatz great
must try that sometime

Arm Pitt said...

i liked the donkey in your sketch..Maybe you should try sketching a caricature of people whom you want to blast off!

shruti said...

thats the problem very faces dear...
either its from ur family or ur beloved who always take u for granted at times...
n we have to make ourself avaliable for them..

its just a part of our life..
take it from another angle,u will feel nice ...
take care..

Known Stranger said...


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Fleiger :
that is true too : )

2 neermathalam :
thatz ok .. u uys go ahead !

2 Anand :
thank you :)
i feel it too , at times !

2 Alex :
Inshah allah !

2 known stranger :
good :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Keshi :
continue being that way ! :)
Herez Cheer ur way !

2 Arun :
heee heeee
well , one day , what happened was .....

2 Alex :
from a long time ago ... why ?

2 Sudarshan :
hmmm ... sane advice !
hope u had a good weekend

2 Anuj :
yeah !

Known Stranger said...

thathuvam da. sami..

by the way - dont get illusioned what i write is of my life. it is written after knowing that one of my frieds (lover ) family stopping tehir marriage on the terms of horoscope matching.

Arun said...

yea :-)?
Im listening...

Fleiger said...

So get on... Update??? ;)

Anyways, any offers on pic?

Nabeel said...

hmmm .. u need to make it clear to the people that u cannot be taken for granted .. i think that's what u are doing through this post :)

Sujit said...

hey, hegidira?... ivvaTu.. bande.. tumba Tale nove journey.. module security check blr, aamEle flight delay, aamEle nannu 2 bags missing, aamele flight missed!... so totally flopped flight :(... eega jet lag.. 2-3 dina aaaTe sare hoggake!.. have a nice weeek end... flight nalli nimma baGe yochanemaaduTide..

sushant said...

long time no post, waz up..

Vivek said...

Hey deepa,
This is Vivek a.k.a Viive..on a comeback trail :D..

reg ur post, i guess all u hve to do is stay calm n lay low for some time...sometimes,u feel as if the pressure on u is so much tat u lose track of wat u want to do...everything shd b alrite soon...:)

i hve changed my blog address..its note it.
take care..

ishita said...

hi..1st time here...1st time in the commentz section that is:P!...ummm...i think...!

interesting pic:)

@ bein taken for granted...tell me abt it??! *rolls my eyes* ... i do kick up a ruckus once in a while but then come to think of it, even i end up takin so much and so many arnd me for granted...hmmmm!

hopin alls well wid u now?:)

even i luvd to doodle/sketch in my note books...still do it wen m noting out daily expenses in my diary:)..

okk..enuff fr

neermathalam said...

dum dum dum...
long time no post...
:) droppped in 2 say a hai...

Jeseem said...

so many emotions in the drawing. there is the tear and then the sunshine. the flower and the donkey, the heart ahd the key to brain.
and the girl jumping around for to catch more more ideas :)

too good.

Anonymous said...


I'm somebody. I'm me. I like being myself. I need nody to become somebody!!!


vibhor said...

when somebody cares for you n love you..some expectations do grow dear..
n its natural phenomenon for taken granted..
accept it whole hearted..u will really enjoy it..

Keshi said...

Huggggggz Deepz! Hows u?


mathew said...

hey u gone hiding or somethin!! ;)

Raghav said...

hmm.. had a eventful week.. huh..? cheer up.. remember, every cloud has a silver lining !

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...






Raghav said...

yes, its me in that pic on my blog.. why ?

Keshi said...

ok we want pics of Deepz in saree....not fair, we gotta see u atleast now!


Anonymous said...

o0o0o0o0o When I feel like im being used basically i feel down too! But dun stop shinin even if some1 really is usin ya...

MuCh LuV <3

Known Stranger said...

this is also the one i said

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

They must hunger in winter that will not work in summer.

Kiddy said...

How true.I'm guilty of it myself and it hurts me the most when I do.