Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Accident + happenings

Why is it that I get a feeling that Blogspot is blocked ?
I am unable to check any of the blogs .. and neither are my friends ...
Is this for real ?

Met with a small accident this weekend ... well, it has been quite sometime since I have had an accident while riding .. and this time I did ... Stupid me ! Common sense should have told me that not all vehicles have the same power ...

Had a very hectic weekend ... Spent 34 hours travelling ... was a great experience though ... travelling alone is something I really enjoy.

Saw a couple of sick movies in the bus .. totally sick !

Want to take a day off and stay at home and paint .. but apparently , this is not the time to do so.


Dew Drops said...

i too feel it is blocked again ;(

i hate to travel alone. i always want someone by me. buy ya, wud like them to keep quite and let me enjoy ;)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Dewdy :
i know !
and that really saps ur enthu .. right ?
then , why do u want someone to travel with u ? btw , do u travel by bus or train generally ?

neermathalam said...

answer 2 ur ques in my blog...
why emptiness...???
I also dont knw...
And blogspot is blocked.I m nw accesing thru pkblogs..
u paint.. that is a news...
post some paintings..deepzz..

Anoop said...

R U ok...not anything serious I hope???
yeah... even me in the mood to travel......may escape to some place this weekend....:)

:: The Protector :: said...

r u ok?
34hrs of travel! OMG!... tat to in bus.. u gr8 :)


Keshi said...

aww Deepz TC will ya...Im so sorry u met with an accident. It's a bummer when that happens - I know the feeling cos I've been in many :)

Blogger is still blocked? huh cant be. Must be just ur ISP?

I love to travel alone too...devoid of distractions, I can observe and enjoy alot.


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 neermathalam :
i did put up some of my sketches ...
[ have given u the link thru pkblogs .. makes it simpler for u ]

2 Anoop :
nothing much .. but toes hurt

2 Vishnu :
heh heh .. i had no choice ... had to travel

2 Keshi :
u were riding / driving when u met w/ the accidents ?
blogspot is blocked ... see the above comments ... all of them seem to have the same prob
yeah .. i enjoy too !

Keshi said...

I was was 3yrs ago when I first got my car. Silly me crashed just once but it wasnt major. But I was shaken to bits :(

damnn blogger is blocked again??


:: The Protector :: said...

deeps, blogspot not blocked, must be the isp, check with ths isp


Sudeep said...

I also cant access blogspot .. :((

Save the wounds frm rain..

i have travelled alone a few times but i luv travelling more if it is with someone rather than alone..

I remembered a song frm Forrest Gump
A time to be born, a time to die
A time to plant, a time to reap
A time to kill, a time to heal
A time to laugh, a time to weep
There is a season - turn, turn, turn
And a time for every purpose under heaven

right now the purpose is work it seems

neermathalam said...

What prompted u to say that i will go crazy...
I think i m already crazy enough.. ;-)
and emptiness and mood swings...
was always part and parcel of my character...

tulipspeaks said...

accident?? are u okie honey? :(

and why on earth they wanna block blogspot again? i'm worried M'sian gov might do the same. bloggers made headlines in M'sian dailies today.. for the wrong reason :( *sigghhh


mathew said...

no trouble yet for me with blogspot..

hey did a bike hitch to wayanad..that place rocks!!!'

regarding accidents..i always had close brushes..but lady luck helped me out always!!..thankin my stars!!!

Fleiger said...

After 34 hours travelling, why doesn't the accident sound surprising? Anyways, how are you? Get well soon...
Blogspot blocked again?? And, what were the movies

silverine said...

Maybe it is your ISP, because mine is opening fine. Hope you are alright, take rest, paint a lot of pictures so we can see them :) A hobby is so relaxing!!!

Vivhyd said...

good tht u r back and the accdnt wasnt serious..

-: :Abhi: :- said...

34 hrs of travel!! Gosh!!.:)..Hope u doing gud now!...Nice passing by...Keep bloggin!!:)

manish said...

Sorry to hear that you met with an accident.Hope it wasn't any serious.Anyways get well soon :-)

Even I had a bad time ,saw omkara :((

And that was so nice of you,to suggest for the blogroll,thanks :-)

Yes,blogspot is blocked.My friends were also not able to access my blogs.Anyways,you guys can still access it through pk-blogs(I know you already knew that) and also through

vaik said...

34hrs travelling alone looks more like a penance :)

After that incident I didn't hear that blogger is blocked, surprising.

Hope you are not hurt.

starry nights said...

Hope you are doing fine after the accident. I think blogger takes a long time for some reason.very hard to get through.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Keshi :
oh ! thatz bad ...
did anything happen to the car ? what make was it ?
am still unable to access blogspot

2 Vishnu :
no re ...
even the others who have commented are unable to access blogspot

2 Sudeep :
thanx ji ! thanx for the concern :)
i wish the work would get over soon so that i can get a rest .. but for that , i hafta get over the laziness .. right ?

2 neermathalam :
see ... if u keep thinking , gradually u'll invent a world around u .. an imaginary one .. and pretty soon , reality will be miles away !

2 Amutha :
hi dear :)
am pretty ok ...
what happ ? why does the M'asian govt want to block it ?

AnonymousBlogger said...


This was like a preview post where you tease us with a bunch of stories, but don't go into any details about any of them!

An accident? Sick movies? Painting? Not the time to do so?


Arun said...

Common sense should have told me that not all vehicles have the same power..
I sense a small humour in this, u tried to overtake a ferrari wit ur scooty??...jus kidding
Hope u r doin fine
34 hrs of journey....thts the exact time tht i loose wen i think of goin home on a train
thanks to low cost airlines...I wil be in Tvm this weekend:-)

btw a ques on painting, u think tht today i wil paint somethg abt this/tht topic...or its a random topic/subject which pops up in ur mind??


Keshi said...

**did anything happen to the car ? what make was it ? was my brand new baby...just few bad scratches to the bumper but was fixed immeditaley with $300 :) It's a Toyota Echo - 4dr sedan...metallic silver.

That was my one and only silly accident...hopefully no more.


Keshi said...

btw wut kinda ccident happened with ya? Car?


neermathalam said...

my imaginary world is really pretty idealistic..
and awesome..and as u said real world is miles away frm me..
I will try to stop thinking.
But is this real world worth the pain of leaving my wonderland..
where i find joy and joy only..
Is this what you people call crazy ?
kudos to u 4 reading me...inside out..
hats off...

:: The Protector :: said...

choo chad...

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Mathew :
oh ! is it ?
am unable to access it even now ..
u went alone kya ?

2 Fleiger :
well ... the 34 hours were divided into 2 ... the accident was just before the last 15 hours :(((
the movies were a couple of old tamil movies

2 Silverine :
dont know ... a lotta bloggers seem to have the problem
yeah .. will hafta get some time to paint

2 Vivhyd :
hi !
was very lucky ... the people who saw it said so .. that i was lucky that i didnt hit my head , or damage my internal organs

2 Abhi :
hi !
welcome :)
but the 34 hrs were fun too !

PRADEEP K. said...

Some ISPs are playing games with some sites. Deeps, you can still use pkblogs. :)


Sudhakar said...

It seems blogspot is blocked again, here is the alternative link

Travelling alone is fun ,If you have a nice book to read along with your favorite music..

Sudeep said...

only the laziness part, right? :D

mathew said...

Are u still accessing blogs in the sly..??

It was an "all roommates" bike day stoppover at Sultan Bathery!!..

It cant get greener than wayanad..isnt?

Fleiger said...

Tamil mytho flics? I have heard a lot about those, where heroes compete with villains (rakshasas) in looks :) Are these the ones you are talking about?

And, how are you now? Got any leave?

Fancy Laces said...

above all, I love this font, it's clear and it's big! And the blogger's blocked? Hmm, don't know about that, but travelling sounds nice.

Good site. Visit back sometime!

Chirikudukka said...

Hi just came across ur blog randomly....take care and cheer up!!

The Brown eyed one said...

Hey hope you are feeling well alright after the accident!!!

I like travelling alone but dunno if would enjoy travelling for 34 hrs like u;-)

Maya Cassis said...

hope you are feeling better and I know what you mean by sick movies in the bus...they totally make me so sick too ;P

Jeseem said...

blogspot was kind of slow past almost down,few days. seemed like lot of google services were. now it has recovered. don;t think it was blocked in india, since i too hit it.
hey miss Van Ghoush, upload ur paintings.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Manish :
hey !
lemme see the post on omkara
yeah .. am still using pkblogs.
am pretty ok now !

2 Vaik :
but the 34 was split into 2 .. so , it was ok !
but i enjoy travelling .. so , it is fine for me :)

2 starry nights :
not only is it taking a long time , it is even giving the time out message ... i think therez something really wrong

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 A/B :
more like a riddle .. huh ?
oh well .. the basic problem was laziness ! thatz why i stopped with a "preview"
what was the "AH!" for ?

2 Arun :
hey !
no re ... the difference between 2 2 wheelers !
abt painting .. itz like i get this urge to paint .. whatever it be .. and till i do it , things dont seem so good .. once i paint , then i feel relaxed ... painting includes sketching or glass work too

2 Keshi :
oh well ! now that it is fixed and fine , good !
i was riding a 2 wheeler .. a honda activa

2 neermathalam :
what i meant by crazy was something else ... will reply in detail on ur blog.
reading u ? well ....

2 Vishnu :

Keshi said...

awww TC next time. Accidents always teach us one be safer next time.


Arun said...

Activa...hey thts wat Im goin to ride too wen Im at home:-)
So u mean, u do have somethg in ur mind to draw. Wat is it?
One more ques for the day...Wats the funda behind replying to atmost 5 comments at a time???


Ekta said...

hey what kinda accident?
hope ur ok?
and i agree travelling alone has a completely different meaning!

Raghav said...

hey.. hope uve recovered from the accident.. I saw Omkara recently, brilliant movie.. loved it.. Even the music is good. Must watch !

Known Stranger said...

when i was in india i found it blockd. use this sight to get your blog veiwd."user id"

this helped while i was in india o access others and comment. but you cant linked directly to the corresponding page by double clikcing so what find the user id and use it in


any way i moved myself to Brunie

Anonymous said...

oh im sooo sorry to hear that u couldnt see the blogspot!
nothing is worse than that! ^o^
and travelling sooo much time? geee.....
Delhi-Tokyo is abt 10 hours(very very long time and boring)
u must be really patient, Deepa-chan! and sorry abt the accident too.
please get some rest, have a happy weekend!!!!

AnonymousBlogger said...

what was the "AH!" for ?

It was a "where's the rest of the post?" ah. ;)

Nitika said...

awwww accident??
hope u didn't get any bad injury

i do come accross with many accident while riding bike so many scratches in ma leg....also in ma forehead if i count from school days while practicing cycle thnakfully i'm safe till now..hehe

Nabeel said...

yaa blogspot gets blocked from time to time .. and then they open it and block it back .. it's stupid ..

ohh @ accident .. what happened? was it a fender bender? hope you are fine .. well u sound fine ..

what kinda sick movies did u see and which bus?

sushant said...

for the accident, i hope u're okay now.
even i enjoy travelling alone.
by the way, mine is comment no. 50. guess this is pretty okay considering blogger seems to be blocked.:-)

$1L>erB@Ck said...

back here after a long time,and your blog is as cool as

Sudarshan said...

I had a similar feeling too..I was unable to access any blog for a day or so..I thought the earlier episode was being repeated..but anyway its over now.

Travelling alone can be boring sometimes,but it certainly is unpleasant to have a companion who irritates you lol..:-)

I haven't travelled alone earlier..I'd love to try that out!!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Pradeep :
was using pkblogs till now .. hopefully , it is unblocked now :)

2 Sudhakar :
hello !
welcome :)
was using pkblogs as of now ..
thanx for the link
i dont read while travelling .. i get a headache if i read in a moving vehicle

2 Sudeep :
what re ?
didnt get u

2 Mathew :
yeah .. still accessing blogs on the sly ;)
roommates only .. huh ? good good ... btw , my friends went last week !

2 Fleiger :
no re ... not that kind ...
this was an 80s movie ...
abt lovers who finally die in the end .. hopeless looking actors , and hopeless dialogues !
didnt take any leave :)

2 flora pang :
hey !
welcome :)
thank you
will sure as hell come by ... tc

2 Chirikudukka :
hi :)
randomly as in clicking on the " next blog " button ?
am pretty ok now ...

2 the brown eyed one :
well ... it was not 34 hrs continuous
am pretty ok now :) thanx for asking :)

2 maya :
hey !
hopeless arent they ?

2 Jeseem :
hey !
i hope it is ok now ... am able to access it from home
had put up a few pics in an earlier post !
lemme see if i can get some scanned this week

Fleiger said...

Do tell me it wasn't the original of "Ek duje ke liye"... or is there a lot of movies like that (god forbid)? Now you know why I needed to correct the bard :D

bobby said...

You just gave another reason to me to drive at a safe distance when a woman is on the wheels..... lol...just kidding.

Yes I do write but songs (not poems) and also compose music for them on my guitar....just a hobby, cause I am Mr Bobby (my other name)....heehee...yes it kidding.


PS: Take care and please travel by bus...heehee

Arun Pillai said...

Yep. After the 7/11 attacks in Mumbai,DOT asked all ISP's to block couple of sites,in thich blogger in one.I read this in TOI,B'lore edition.But the angry author has given some proxy by-passers through which you still can access.But luks like those are gone days.Blogger is back again with vengeance. Btw 33 hours of journey, i envy you :(

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Keshi :
yeah .. and also that
pride goes before a fall !

2 Arun :
i like KHs more
generally , i dont think abt what i want to draw .. when i start , it automatically comes out onto the paper / cloth
laziness is the answer !

2 Ekta :
yes dear ,.. .am pretty ok now !

2 Raghav :
am fine now .. u like omkara ? none of my friends did !

2 Known stranger :
what r u doing in Brunei ?
i was using pkblogs too .. now , it is ok

Known Stranger said...

ya some time i was not here in terms of blog world. was keeping in touch through mails. unfortunate there was no much communication links between you and me hence the gap was long.

employment what else at brunei..what do you think i would be serving the richest king at his heiheeiheiehi just kidding.

new adventure - new challenges i long for.. was checkign up for past 5 months since new year which country to land up - kept options for singapore, malaysia brunie and last the gulf . as i cant jump into european or west with my expertise and the feild experience i am into. so bruniw was on the priority due to peaceful life and safe to start towards teh global tour.

b v n said...

i heard google is blocking india,kinda you were riding in a bus,met with a small accident and realized all vehicles dont have same power.m a bit confused,but wish you well :)

Keshi said...

**and also that
pride goes before a fall

haha yes :)


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Niki :
hi dear !
am pretty ok now ...
and blogger is back in action.
and enthu is returning too :)

2 A/B :
oh !
i'll put up another post soon .. lost the enthu to write on this post

2 Nitika :
hey !
but u should take care ... dont try ur luck too much ... u never know when an accident gets too bad
so, take care :)

2 Nabeel :
am pretty fine :)
the pain was actually in my toes .. morover, i had to travel 17 kms with a bleeding foot .. thatz what drove me nuts .. i was riding a 2 wheeler
am ok now .. except for a slight pain
for now , blogger is back in action
the bus - it was an interstate bus

2 Sushant :
hi !
yeah .. blogger is pretty ok now !
am ok now ... :) and all set for the next bout of travelling

2 $1L>erB@Ck :
thank you

2 Sudarshan :
yeah .. it is fine now ..
try travelling alone .. i think u'll like it !

2 Fleiger :
Ek duje ke liye ? what is that ? i dont think i've seen it

2 Bobby :
what was the first reason to stay away when a woman is at the wheel ???
oh is it ? will check ur poems / songs again , Mr Bobby !

2 Arun Pillai :
hi Arun !
Welcome :)
After the blasts , the ISPs did block blogger .. but that was revoked.
and again blogger was blocked by some ISPs ... dont know why !
anyway it is fine now :)

2 known stranger :
oh ! have a nice time
btw , whatz ur field ?

2 b v n :
hey .. tit for tat .. whaaaaat ?
no re ... the bus had nothing what-so-ever to do w/ the accident

2 Keshi :

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » » »