Thursday, July 20, 2006


The ban on blogger has been lifted. I am glad.

But , I am digressing. This is not what I wanted to post about.

What I wanted to post about was an article I read in the newspaper recently. A woman won a huge lottery ( worth 1,00,000 U.S $ or more ) … and when asked what she wanted to do with the money, she said she wanted to buy a plot of land on the moon.

Crazy stupid senseless woman !

Is there no limit to greed ? We have succeeded in destroying the earth. Do we really need to look at the moon next ?

This is aptly shown in an awesome animated video here :

I seriously wish that woman goes to hell before she can get her plot of land on the moon. First the moon, then what ? the entire solar system ?????

By the way , the destruction of our earth is much closer than I thought. There’s a plot of land opposite my office which was abundant in trees. The area is actually a marsh land , and is covered with trees. A company is planning to erect 4 buildings there. This is bad in itself. But what is worse is that they are burying the trees alive (i.e. they are leveling the land with truck loads of earth and sand , without cutting down the trees ) . One reason why this could be so is because by just submerging, the company saves a lot on labour. Moreover, there is a rule that wood when cut should be disposed off carefully (this piece of info is courtesy my colleague )

I know the company responsible for this , but am really ashamed to reveal the name of the company.

Am putting up some photos ( taken by my colleague) of the destruction :

I have resampled and reduced the size of the photo. Hence , the actual extent of the destruction is lost. The pic on the left shows a tree being covered by earth. It is lying horizontally on the surface.

The photo below shows the levelling. A tree has been flattened , and the mud piled on the tree is being levelled.


Sujit said...

How could lady think of being in moon! earth is far better and beautiful than moon!.. no nuts!...

Its really horrible, that they are burying trees alive!.. like why do these contractors and business people cannot think of eco system!.. like can;t the govt think too!! all of them are just interested in filling their pockets..

Many of the times we are just mock spectators to the things happening!.. but can;t we do something.. is still a question that haunts! alwa?..

akki roti maDe, superagiTu.. neevu super cook.. thanks for receipe!!

b v n said...

pretty angry huh :-) good one!
But if all these ppl move into moon,it wudnt be a bad idea at aaall....then we can maybe NUKE the moon or something :-)

first time visitor,nice posts.

silverine said...

It is almost as if someone is burying the trees alive :( Heartbreaking, why are we hell bent of destroying our lifelines? If it is marshy land then it will be recharging wells and acquifers besides supporting life forms and water birds. This is a huge tragedy!

Sudeep said...

I would luv to buy a plot on moon too n tell my g/f on a full moon day tht see there is our plot for our home.. lol.. enuf of imagination.
The trees arnd ur office were so nice.. shame tht they are cutting it .. green patches of trees n hills are also going away frm Pune

neermathalam said...

I really dont understand the word
sustainable development...Please
someone explain me that term...
Then someone tell me Does there exist an alternative to market economy ?
Upto the point these two questions of mine are left unanswered...I dont have any opinion..I m afraid to take sides.
But I do appreciate your journalistic approach.

Anonymous said...


Hei..u know, saying anything abt any woman infront of women isnt the act of no I'm claiming myself as an inteligent but still:):)

what would i say abt thse pictures.... maybe that man is right who said:

when the last fish will be dead
when the last river will be poisoned
when the last tree will be cut
we'll all find that we cant eat MONEY!!

:: The Protector :: said...

tats so disgusting.....

Srijith Unni said...

Every Single day, they keep cutting trees, somewhere. The only thing, left for us to do is to plant a tree at least once in a week or once in a month, at a place we know, it will grow.!

I`ve been trying to do that, but in this present scenario of living in a flat, it is becoming fairly impossible to do so.

With Best Regards,
Srijith Unni..

mathew said...

Sad story..But we humans are selfish enough to procrastinate any steps to replinish our earth!!..
Companies run after spaces to build glass blocks..we run after land to build houses/flats...we are all to blame for it!!!

Well this senseless woman defintely deserves 6 feet of land in some wasteland we have back home!!!

thoughtful post!!!!!!

White Forest said...

Crazy stupid senseless woman !

ha ha you bet!!
she is crazy!!

starry nights said...

I hope one day people dont go and destroy the moon, I love the moon and just like looking up on it and want no part of living there. she should give some of the money to the poor who dont even have homes to live in on this earth. Global warming is a really serious matter and only now people are being made aware.

Vivhyd said...

slowly but steadily Earth is being destroyed and the mindless deforestation is a testimony to that.. Lots of cities in India r concrete jungles now.. eventually we will pay for that

Ajay said...

dat is bad, trees r so imp . crazy ppl who cut dem.
mm d ban on blogs has not been removed completely . too bad

AnonymousBlogger said...

"A fool and their money are soon parted". My Nana taught me that.

As for the trees, it's a shame, but that's the way things are now. Your example, unfortunately, is one of many around the world.

By losing a little bit here, and a little bit there, we will soon find ourselves out of of space, and we will be left with a world void of all the things that make it unique to all the other planets in the solar system (unless that lady gets her plot of Moon land and plants some trees) ;)

Anonymous said...

that is really heart-breaking photo!!(>_<)
who the hell are doing that??
i think that woman is juz joking, isnt she?
coz my net fren says her fav song is 'Fly Me to the Moon', by Frank Sinatra.
i hope she will donate all money to Lebanon!!

zonko said...

why are you worrying about some woman said to the paparazzi? she may have been tired by 10327 questions from friends, relatives and press saying "what will you do?" and might have just decided to say something really silly so that they would get off her back, kind of.

Stop judging people with such little background info about them!

zonko said...

I don't know of any such rule about disposing of wood. One definite rule is that the forest or pwd deptt. (as applicable) permission is needed to cut any trees. Across India.

Then again, it's stupidity to bury the trees to level the ground 'cos it makes the ground liable to collapse.

And as Srijith says, feel good by planting trees..

Raghav said...

stupid senseless woman !!
plot on the moon !
what a dumbass !
there are like a million better ways to spend that money rt here on earth man !
sad about the trees, but there is just no turning away from this now is there ?
houses and offices, and malls will be built and trees, well they are just not a part of man's plans for himself.

Arm Pitt said...

Buying a plot on Moon doesnt sound stupid to me, the lady was jus having a crack, probably. But if we keep cutting trees, we all might have to go to moon, someday soon!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sujit :
that lady was prob just mad !
we should be able to do smthg .. but what ?
good that the akki roti came out well :)))

2 b v n :
hey !
welcome :)
was just irritated .. thatz all
thanx for the compliment

2 Silverine :
it is !
and the worst is that we are unable to do anything abt it

2 Sudeep :
i think the moment u do that , ur gf will stop being ur gf .. hmmmm
yeah ! i read ur article

2 neermathalam :
i didnt get ur point .. what was that ?

Sujit said...

you know we that energy and ehtu to do!.... but we all wait and watch na.. may be we lcak some sort of leadershipness..or that we ourself not fully confident of what we want to do!.. alwa?

Sujit said...

neevu 29/7-166/8 yavagadaru barTa idira?..

tulipspeaks said...

wonder what her reason would be..



neermathalam said...

i will write about my view point in clearer fashion..but later may be as a post.. ;-)

Anand said...

In this maddening race of money, and fame..we'r all losing touch with reality..with what our real wealth is!

Keshi said...

that woman is plain greedy and prolly has no values in life.


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Roy :
well, criticising one woman doesnt mean criticising all women .. right ?
and yes , we cant eat money !

2 Vishnu :
which one is ?

2 Srijith :
you are absolutely right .. and ur idea is a very nice one.
i have lots of plants at home .. but if i try to grow a tree, my landlord cuts it down

2 Mathew :
yes .. we have a house , but still want another one .
i dont think it is so much of a wasteland as a bareland (damn ! i cant believe i'm calling it a bareland ) !

2 white forest :
do u by chance know her ?

Arun said...

Hey...How can u say tht the woman is crazy stupid senseless n greedy??
Jus coz she said she wanted to buy a plot of land on the moon!!!... She jus pursuing her dream...or maybe she has promised her children a house on the moon :-)

Regarding the plot near ur office...These builders r hell bend on makin jungles out of concrete.Try informing some concerned officials about this act n c if this can be stalled,if its not too late.
There shud be some act where in such deforestation procedures are ensuring the least a minimum no: of trees shud the left out..or plantin n takin care of those news trees.Somthg...but jus cutting trees n building huge structures is jus not the right way


:: The Protector :: said...

both the stuff.....

Abhishek said...

i wonder.....some day i'll see this woman waving from the moon....when i see it from the window sill late nite.

iamyuva said...

just FYI - govt hvnt blocked all website just specific 17url (not their domains like but ISPs made mistake of blocking domain instead of those specific URLs.

in the place where human life are values nothing cannot expect gentleness towards trees..

as much as we like to do more but its reality.. and prorities are different.


Sudeep said...

dont scare me with her going away.. lol

neermathalam said...

Sustainable development is a process of developing land, cities, business, communities, and so on that "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs" according to the Brundtland Report, a 1987 report from the United Nations. One of the factors which it must overcome is environmental degradation, but it must do so without forgoing the needs of economic development, social equality and justice.

A market economy (aka free market economy and free enterprise economy) is an economic system in which the production and distribution of goods and services takes place through the mechanism of free markets guided by a free price system rather than by the state in a planned economy.
A market economy has no central coordinator guiding its operation, yet theoretically self-organization emerges amidst the complex interplay of supply and demand and price regarding a multitude of goods and services. Supporters of a market economy generally hold that the pursuit of self-interest is actually in the best interest of society.

These two are the definitions which I got for sustainable development and market economy from Wikipedia.Now you say... Can you blame that company ?? As they have clients to address and schedules to meet such trivial issues of creamting live trees comes doesnt feature in thier priority list. As pursuit of self-interest is actually in the best interest of society they have to increase stake holders wealth.How can you expect them to be concerned about sustainable development ?.So things are like that...What we can all do is to crib.. ?? Say as someone said complain to government...Ok...Who has time.. ?? You have a job to take care..You have a family to feed...
So we outsource that job to social workers..We they stall something on the basis of environment we all say foul play...they will be branded eco terrorists...Developmental cynics..Dont we blame political activism of kerala..Dont we all complain about the closing of Coca cola factory in kerala..see this is vicious chain..a beautiful paradox...many things in thw world dont have clear cut solutions..
May be when society evolves when each one of us become more responsible to mother earth or When economics of environment start affecting the soaring profit margins...that is market forces..coming to picture...then corporates will take notice of..environmental concerns...upto that point we are helpless..or else we need to rise or 'fall' to the staure of Medha Patkar or Arunthathi Roy... Can u or can I
I can't... :-(.

This was my point....:-) is my point clear now...??..

Fleiger said...

Finished your blog, will start commenting once I get over my jetlag. (Woke at 6.30pm yesterday.)

sushant said...

burrying the trees alive...its disgusting indeed....thought provoking post..must say

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 starry nights :
yeah .. me too
tho ppl do know abt global warming , they dont think it is as close home as what it really is . it is closer what we think.

2 Vivhyd :
but there is such an easy way out .. still people refuse to consider that option.

2 Ajay :
well , the ban is almost off now !

2 A/B :
haaa haaa ...i can visualize that lady planting trees on the moon ! it is even more unfortunate here coz this place has so many trees .. but ...

2 Niki :
well , that lady wont give a penny away in charity , i bet !
howz ur friend now ?
" fly me to the moon " is fine .. but there should be a " fly me back " too !

vaik said...

very sad. Some people think global warming is a joke. For every tree cut 4 trees should be planted. well garden city bengaloru is becoming more of an oxymoron.

>|' ; '| said...

looks like lotsa stuff are going to be changed by the time i come back to tvm...i heard tht soemthing similar was taking place near where i live to erect an airtel will go bust one day. its just a matter of time. about the property on the moon..she does have a long term vision,no? she knws tht the moon is the next place where the real estate boom is gona hit??!!

>|' ; '| said...

btw tvm is way better than the place i am at.. :(

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Zonko :
well , what if that woman actually meant what she said ? well ,the fact that she did think of something like that shows the greed .. whether intentional or not
well , abt the disposal of food , this is the info i got ... if u say there is no such rule , well , will have to check the statement I heard, and see what is the actual rule.

2 Raghav :
well, trees are apparently not on man's agenda , but he is gonna be very sorry about that !

2 Arm Pitt :
well, then why not Venus or Mars ?

2 Sujit :
hmmm .. i also think a lot of it is laziness and a " kuch bhi chalega " attitude !
btw, yes 28th ge BLR hoogthaayidhini

2 Amutha :
hey ! long time !
whatever her reason is , i just wish she doesn't mean it !

Sujit said...

howdu.. good..nanu 27 ge bidTaidini.. 29th beLge serTini.. siktira?...hagidre mail madi!..

Anoop said...

Hey there...bacause of the ban and now due to no net access in office, blogging restricted !!
u know in Pune, if wee note some tree being cut illegally(or legally) we can stop it by sending a petitioned mail to a state govt. forest dept..not exactly sure of the details..but its a small step at least!!

The Brown eyed one said...

Those pictures of the trees being buried alive made me very sad!!! You were right when you said that the destruction of this planet is very close :-(

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 neermathalam :
yeah ur point is clear .. but the fact is that in the pursuit of material wealth , we are causing destruction to the base that is supporting us - earth. if the earth is destroyed , where are we going to live ? in space ?
there is always a work around .... buy land in a deserted place and develop. if it is necessary to fell trees , make sure that the trees lost is compensated ... but nobody cares ... trees are cut for a selfish gain. and no , a company profiting doesnt really help the entire society .. it just makes the rich richer and the poor poorer., and the entire humanity bereft of natural cover.
well , if we really push ourselves , we can do something .. but we dont bother !

2 Anand :
yes !
and it doesnt help that we are not doing anything !

2 Keshi :
the woman is crazy .. yes .. but what is more frightening is the fact that someone could try to make it a reality

2 Arun :
well .. whatever the woman says , the fact that we could actually start destroying our solar system is frighteningly close
and none of that will help as they have been given the green signal .

2 Vishnu :
yes !

Keshi said...

plz tell me no one is trying to make it a reality??


Arun said...

U r right...humans are always looking for short terms gains


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Abhishek :
yeah !
that would be a sight !

2 Yuva :
i know .... i read abt the ban and the ISP's mistake
well , if we dont value nature , we are in for a big shock

2 Sudeep :
wait and watch !

2 Fleiger :
ok ji !
was wondering what happ to you !

2 Sushant :
hey !
welcome :)
it is worse than just disgusting .. it is cruel

bobby said...

You seem to be very popular among bloggers....and because u are a good friend of Vaibhav and I am as well, there is a connection...I am not a regular blogger, neither is my blog attractive or interesting....but maybe you can still visit:-)


PS: By the way, the ban was a stupid and unwanted thing to do....I don't understand what purpose it served...but I am sure they must have spent a few lacs to pass this it involved administrative expenses, bills, etc...foolish govt...burns public money....sorry for the long PS :-)

burf said...

u don't have to crucify the woman for anything yaar, maybe she wants to make a b'ful patch on moon or maybe she wants to keep atleast that patch of land from abuse. also she didnt want a grand mansion to be build for her on earth means a few less trees fall...

about abuse of everything by man, i have to say just one thing:-

---the end is near---

Sudarshan said...

I'm glad too that the ban on blogger was lifted was an utterly foolish and senseless move!!!

That woman sure is crazy haha:-)I could have done sooooo many things with soooooo much money:-)

We're being fools by allowing nature, particularly trees to be cut down like this..its like we're digging our own graves!!!When will humans ever learn??

Maya Cassis said...

that's so sad.i totally agree with you.greed has no boundaries these days!

:: The Protector :: said...

knock! knock!

its time to put a new post.........

neermathalam said...

I was like this may be a year or or two ago..May be growing in this world for 25 years has mellowed my spirit..Now a days I speak about market forces and thier power in readjusting the society...May be I am trying to be in sync with Capatalism..trying to justify my subconsious mind that these all will one day..give us a brighter future
May be I am right or may be your

Pity still We are living in the present closing our eyes to future and turning our back to past..A sure shot reciepe to catasrophe..But I stopped whining ,cribing and voicing my opinion because..cynisim in me has grown like cancer.

Keep it up..52 comments on a post on destruction of trees is cool...I respect your optimisim

manish said...

Why moon ?? She should have opted for venus,or Mars :-)I think she wanted to change the saying to 'Men are from Mars,women are from Moon' !!

Fleiger said...

Can she even use that plot on moon? Terraforming moon for human use is so far in the future that she might be part of the soil used for that purpose by the time.

Fleiger said...

As for the "land development", I remember the big h-and-c caused when they were planning to cut down the famous tree to widen the Fergusson college road (Pune). They had to transplant the tree somewhere else.

Anil The Great said...

this is the price of industrialiation we have to pay. I dont know if felling trees or burying them alive is any different.

The plot on land, it was hillarious first, then stupidty , then absurdness and then ,move on, gimee a break.

Ppl really are crazy.


Nabeel said...

hmmm .. if I win the lottery (i need to start playing first I guess) .. i would put the money for the betterment of this world .. like supply clean water in Pakistan, India and Africa .. and then ofcourse i will put some money on myself too .. buy a house and all :)

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thank you for the link .. yes Earth video is one of my favourites ..

trees are living things .. if we cut them (for whatever reason) .. we should plant them too ..

thanks for raising awareness..

Hiren said...

Vested interests continue with thier dirty games no matter how much one talks about loving and preserving nature.

Sudeep said...

wht to watch? the moon? :D

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vaik :
yeah ... u r right .. for every tree cut , 4 should be planted. nut nobody takes the trouble. atleast , we can plant them in our garden
BLR .. well , the corporation is trying a lot to give BLR its old name - the garden city !

2 Poison :
yeah ??? i didnt know that .. abt the airtel tower !
i know how u must be feeling ..i felt it too when i was there
tc .. ok ?
i am concerned abt .......

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sujit :
i was there on 28 , but thumba tight schedule ithu

2 Anoop :
i think the ban is totally off now ... right ?
thatz a good step in pune .. i really hope the folks utilize it to nature's max advantage

2 The Brown eyed one :
hi brown eyes !
welcome :)
the scene is worse than what it looks like on the pics

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Keshi :
well ,... maybe not as yet .. but u never know when it'll be

2 Arun :
at a bad cost

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Bobby :
hey !
Welcome :)
i have seen u on Vaibhav's blog :)
will sure visit ur blog !
i agree abt the ban ... no wonder indian govt never has money when they need it !

2 Burf :
hmmm .... thatz one way of looking at it .. but still it shows her greed.
and no , i aint crucifying her .. but cant tolerate us humans meddling with nature.
yeah ... u r right abt less no. of trees being cut that way

2 Sudarshan :
well , the ban is lifted .. so good !
i too could have done so many things w/ the money !
well , if we plant more trees , it helps .. no point in just talking abt it .. right ?

2 Maya :
hellllooooooooo ... long time !
yeah .. there really doesnt seem to be any limit

2 Vishnu :
okie ji !
lemme finish replying to the comments first

vaibhav said...

Me is back. For good, I hope!

Keshi said...

well ppl shouldnt be that dumb to fulfil her dumb wish.

We have an Earth to look after and rescue from the abuse that ppl have done upon her, and now someone wants to own a piece of the moon? How f##kin greedy!


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 neermathalam :
hmmm .... well u sound pretty fed up and dull for a 25 year old ... i really think u need more optimism .. huh ?
and 52 comments ... well, a lot are my replies too , na ?

2 Manish :
i dont know why .. maybe she didnt want to get burnt on Venus !

2 Fleiger :
hey !
that woman is crazy !
well ... here too , they wanted to cut down an old mango tree .... i remember the h-and-c then !
know what , i really didnt get what h and c was .. then , when i started writing the above sentence, it suddenly struck !

2 ATG :
well , it makes a hell lotta diff .. think of the plant as a living thing .. then , it makes sense
what plot ? didnt get that

2 Nabeel :
the video and ur post was just too good ... i should be saying thanx

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Hiren :
yes they do .. but we can be a powerful force to reckon with too

2 Sudeep :
no .. not the moon !

2 Vaibhav :
Inshah allah !

2 Keshi :
exactly my sentiments !

neermathalam said...

deepz.. i dont like to wear the hat of optimism for the heck of doing it...
I geniuenly feel that from the bottom of the heart that there is no real solution for this social issues until and unless the soaring bottom lines..of corporates are affected by pollutions.
Because with around years of corporate experience I can vouch for companies going for short term fixes rather than long term solutions.
The long term vision and priority of any company in a market society is about increasing stake holder wealth and not sustaibale development.And why I bowed down from saying
that it may be due to my cynicism because I didnt want to carry forward the argument.Because you believe optimism as a ready made answer for every solutions,I was just being politically correct.
Have you ever noticed the disparity between the widening gap between technological advancement and social advancement.Have you ever thought why technological innovations are happening day by day while social innovations never happen at all.Because the amount of money corporates are investing in R&D is quite high and the lack of research or lack of quality research or absence of social scientists is behind the problem.An anology can be drawn to the infrastructure problem of India,Now lot of power projects are coming to india,it is because industry need it not because that people cribbed about long power cuts.when you go to the roots of a problem u find the vicious cycle of materialistic downfall prevaling in our society. And bringing this discusiion to psycology or you may call adding another dimension to it,have you ever noticed certain things about activists, may it be medha may it be menaka
They are highly opinionated and are steadfastly attached to thier egos rather than a solution.
As long this society(which includes me also) is pursuing a problem/ego based and materialistic approach to issues, I dont find any reason to be optimistic.We are more concerned in driving home our points(me included) and I have seen few people approach problems with an unbiased facts based pragmatic approach.
And yes I will definitely try to be more optimistic...but atleast in social issues...I am finding it very difficult.It is those questions which haunt me..without any answers made me like this
But deepzz.. I m not sad..due to lack of optimism I find happiness in many other things..When it come to social issues or idealistic view point about life.
I will call spade a spade only even if it makes me extremely dull.I really feel I can do more things than what I am pursuing now,That urge to change and when that doesnt happen at the pace which I want to happen makes me pessimistic, and I have a posted a poem in reshmi's blog

Btb have you read Mckinsey way nice book it is it will offer u some insights about the problem solving approach...a
And thanks a lot 4 frank comments n assements...i jus luv them.especially the one that i am creating an imaginary world...around me..hw the hell did u guess that..
amazing deepz..
I dont know whether I m dull or not I mask my dullness and disappointments with a 100W smile.. but not at all fed up... :-)..deepz I will make a difference.take my word
I am not able to judge whether it can be posted as a comment or not .

Sumitha said...

Oh I dont think she seriously meant that she wants a land up there in the moon,take it as plain humour!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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