Friday, August 25, 2006

Bleeding noses !!

Have you heard of noses that bleed on their own accord for no reason whatsoever ?
Well , they do ... Let me illustrate.

I was sitting in front of my PC .
There was this girl chatting animatedly. She was waving her hands and smiling at the screen.

It was very interesting to watch her . A variety of emotions flitted across her face. All of a sudden, there was an emotion not seen till now. It was an expression of shock ! She looked down at her fingers and there was blood on them. She touched the side of her nose and realised that there was blood there.

I guess she mentioned it to whoever she was chatting with , and that person asked her to go and wash. But , she refused ... (this was obvious from the way she shook her head) and some words seemed to ensue.

A couple of minutes later , I guess the bleeding got worse. This time , the person she was chatting with probably emotionally blackmailed her , because she got up and walked to the door.

As I walked to the bathroom to wash my nose , I wondered if the person I was chatting with would be online when I returned.

P.S :
I guess it was just a pimple that broke !
This is a true imaginary story !


utkarsh said...

interesting to observe the change from "the girl" to "I" / "me".
You sure it was just a pimple ??
sometimes noses do bleed all of a sudden when mind is subjected to abnormal levels of stress etc etc.

vaibhav said...

Nose bleeding, without any reason???

Hmm.. intriguing!
Suffice to say "all girls bleed" :p

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Utkarsh :
remember this is a true imaginary story ? heh heh heh !!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vaibhav :
heee heee heee ... caught ur attention , didnt i ??
errr ... did i get what u meant right ? if i did ... well , do we need to discuss anatomy ? no , not all girls bleed .. age and hormones make a difference :P

seriously_frivolous said...

Pretty intense chat....what an emotional pimple outburst!

Sreejith Kumar said...

Highly imaginative and true story!

I guess it was just a pimple that broke !

That was so welcome and relieving!!!!

The transformation from she to I was interesting!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 seriously_frivolous :
hey !
welcome :)
heh heh .. yes indeed !

2 Sreejith :
thank you

Srijith Unni said...

Interesting indeed Deepa.. with a great twist..
Yeah noses can bleed, not just if a pimple broke.. Haven`t you heard that when you go in a plane, sometimes people start bleeding from their noses, due to the pressure..
Hope you are doing fine and well.
With Best Regards,
Srijith Unni.

Invincible said...

now i m confused.
First, if it's imaginary story then why bleeding nose !! i mean i'vent read any fiction which details tales-of-a-bleeding-nose.

And then, suddenly from her to me transition.

I think u r half imagining and half dreaming :)

So how are you ? Read @ the accident. Minor?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Srijith Unni :
i am very fine , thank you !
thank you :)

2 Vinci :
hey !
welcome back :)
imaginary .. as in .. it was in my head !
accident .. well , minor it was .. but a slight mishap , it could have been major :|

Arun said... technically/literally/imaginatively who all have web-cams??
The girl at the other end or the girl at our end?? :-?
Btw is this fictious/imaginarily true own-story syndrome contagious!!!


Fleiger said...

A true imaginary story? That's confusing...

Please see this... and tell us the nosebleed was not of this kind.

silverine said...

Girl you need Vitamin C plenty of it, I had a similar problem when I was a kid. Take care and thank you for your wonderful comments :)

neermathalam said...

You too started moving to and fro ie..Real to imaginary
She to I
nose to cheeks(pimples..)

And above all was it a cryptographic post..I wonder!.
Now a days my understanding levels has gone for a royal walk.And i find it really tough to understand Tom and Jerry so do this post.

alex said...

LoL...well put..knew it was you!

Arm Pitt said...

he was sitting in front of the pc.
he was trying to understand, why he couldnt understand what the writer wants him to understand.
Finally, I decided to give up.(Did you notice the transition from to 'He' to 'I' ?)

vaik said...

A "true imaginery" story. I had to read it twice to figure the she/I change.
Wow so were u chatting on the same place behind each other :)) that ended in a fight :)

Sujit said...

hmm interesting.. nice imaginatory story.. but why blood..?.. the word itself creates some sort of sickness and some sort anxiety..alwa?.. mathe eega hegidira?

White Forest said...

sometimes it happens do to excess temp in body!

perplexed kid said...

doctor doctor!!!...there is an emergency case...gotta to do an

hmmm so its u huh...u gotta take care, atleast sometimes

Anand K said...

Attila died of a nosebleed apparently..... :0
Psst... aren't you scared a bit NOW, Deepa? NJAHAHAHAHA

PS: Remember SRK's twiching, quivering lip + hamming + nosebleed in Ashoka?
"Ka...Ka...Ka... Kaurvakiii"

AnonymousBlogger said...

Deepa, I'm really confused. LOL.

I have had the odd nosebleed where the cause was unknown. Thankfully I haven't had that happen for years.

it's always kind of scary. Seeing blood. Not knowing why you're bleeding. Wondering when it will stop.

mathew said...

uh!! :(

I thought she died in the bathroom..and a hero comes in a resuscitates her!!.

I want a bollywood ishtyle climax!! ;)

Anonymous said...

oh noooooo!
i get d/c so many times on comment page today.

Anonymous said...

it looks scary but called as 'boys nature, no worries.' in japan.
some girls have same prob.
please take care!!!!

Nabeel said...

thats sad how the person was treating her .. how come u never offered to help?

hotICE said...

hmmm... that was very "pimply" story...

tulipspeaks said...

As I walked to the bathroom to wash my nose , I wondered if the person I was chatting with would be online when I returned.



zonko said...


what happened! who happened? how happened! :P

I didn't know you chat also. Can I have your chat ID please :P

hee hee >:)

hmm hey I've just about got the seed for a story type of narration myself today, so it's an interesting coincidence. I hope I'll write it out sometime soon..

zonko said...

actually I did type out something already.

Anonymous said...

An imaginary story tht may become true later.. is it?

Sudarshan said...

Hey how are you???:-)

Actually I've been out of blogworld for quite some time now...I'm sorry if I haven't been visiting your blog..

I'm majorly confused lol..:-) However, all I can make out is that the person chatting with the girl was mistreating her!!!

$1L>erB@Ck said...

Quote from Chief Wiggum from the Simpsons to his son Ralphy "Son,the reason you're nose is bleeding coz you pick it too little..or probably too much"..yea doesnt make sense but your post made me think of this.

Keshi said...

My nose sometimes bleeds in Winter due to extreme cold weather.

TC Deepz!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Arun :
webcam ???
sure as hell it is .. i loved the line in ur post

2 Fleiger :
heee heee heee ... no its neither type .. i liked the 2nd one esp

2 silverine :
hey !
Vit C huh ? well, what do u do abt a pimple then ????

2 neermathalam :
why ? what has happ to ur brain ?

2 alex :
congrats !
that was good then !

2 Arm Pitt :
hah ! copy cat !

2 vaik :
u were puzzled ?

2 Sujit :
well , just like that .. thot of it and it came naturally.
am fine .. ennu probs illa

2 White Forest :
hey !
okie ... but this was diff , i guess

2 perplexed kid :
hey doc !
watcha doing watching me ?

Anoop said...

Thought it was gonna be a horror story in the beginning....
hmmmm...true imaginary story....feel pity for the person on the other side of the screen.....hope he did not have a major shock.....

:: the protector :: said...

sometimes it happens due to change in body temp... me had exp....

hope you doin fine now...



~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Anand :
Me no Attila ... so, me is safe from nose bleeds :P
yewwww @ Asoka comparison

2 A/B :
Confused ??? Why ?

2 MAthew :
come on ! U have enough bollywood stories there w/out me adding to it

2 Niki :
am fine dear ... abs no prob w/ me

2 Nabeel :
the emotional blackmail bit ? maybe she was happy with the concern behind the emotional blackmail

2 hotice :

2 Amutha :
yeah !

2 Zonko :
whatz with the who-what-how ???
ha ! urs is also a "true imaginary" story .. huh ?

2 Anon :
hmmm ... that is not the sequence actually

2 Sudarshan :
welcome back
i am perfectly fine
mistreating ?? why ?

Sudeep said...

Am i working so much since last week tht i got confused while reading the story?
I.. she.. I .. was the gal u?

Noses do bleed.. esp in extreme weather conditions.. i had to take care of mine a lot in summers.. smell an onion to stop the bleeding

Fleiger said...

Did the treatment in the first link work? And about the second link, if you like it... does that bode ill for me for next time? :o

Jeseem said...

really hot blooded chat

yeah, sometimes chatting can be intense. so strange that one can get such intense on chats, but not when having a face-to-face talk.

time smone invented the truly mobile chat pc/machine. :))

Arm Pitt said...

what hmmm?

Anonymous said...

CRAZY, I wonda why she did'nt wanna wipe it off...? lol well seems crazy but i guess things happen like this when u crazy mood or wateva =P

Invincible said...

take care gurl !

Sudhakar said...

he was sitting in front of the pc.
he was trying to understand, why he couldnt understand what the writer wants him to understand.
Finally, I decided to give up.(Did you notice the transition from to 'He' to 'I' ?)

Armpitt: LOL!!! I tried very had to not put your words here ,but I lost..

Deepa: You can write (copycat)*2 or (copycat +i copycat).. (i for imaginary)

Sujit said...

good.. :).. tumba santosha :)

Nabeel said...

ohh so tears of happiness? hmmm

Arun said...

:-) thanks u
But which line??

Mayur said...

Deepa i hope Ekta kapoor reads this...I'm sure she'll pick you up for her upccoming thing for her "K-series" :) lol

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 $1L>erB@Ck :

2 Keshi :
u too !

2 Anoop :
i bet the person on the other end was just surprised at the change of topic !

2 Vishnu :
oh ! is it ?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sudeep :
heeee heeee
i love confusing you
smelling onions instead of smelling salts ?

2 Fleiger :
Arrey , i am perfectly fine !

2 Jeseem :
but u know , sometimes too much of chatting makes u lose the enthu to chat ! etc

2 Arm Pitt :

2 Quz Boss :
just a story .. thatz all ! :)

2 Vinci :
sure ... u too !

2 Sudhakar :
hah !

2 Sujit :

2 Nabeel :
tears ?

2 Arun :
the truly imaginary story line !

2 Mayur :
hey !
yewww ~~ Ekta k .. no way !

Twisted DNA said...

Do you watch Frasier? In that show Niles automatically bleeds from nose whenever he lies. There are some very funny moments on that :)

Spontaneous nose bleeds are actually a symptom of high blood pressure.

Twisted "playing doctor" DNA

Raghav said...

oh man, i was waiting for something dramatic.
pimple !

Keshi said...

yep me too, I sometimes have a bloody nose :)

ok now when r we gonna see u Deepz? :(


Sujit said...

aa mahashaya... shockgalu mele shockgalu todta idane!.. evaTu avaNnu bisakTivi.. ellara Tale KetoiTu..

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOO, it was a poem i read and dun kno who wrote it cuz he/she didnt leave the name =0
Anyhow... DEffy not by me! But i thought dat poem was straight n deep.

MuCh LuV <3

Arun said...

Oic :-)


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Twisted DNA :
no ! i dont watch Fraser.
And the bleeding nose reminds me of the song : " jooth bole , kauva kaate " ... only thing here , instead of bleeding nose , it is a crow !

2 Raghav :
Expected the unexpected ! :P

2 Keshi :
errrrr ... am not really sure when :P

2 Sujit :
waleedhu .. hange baadubeku !

2 Quz boss :
but somethings dont seem to ring true

2 Arun :

Sudeep said...

thnx for inserting the word confusion or a/b would have jumped again.. lol
but still i didnt get the story..

~Lord Anshul said...

lol..nicely written..
was just passing by

Delaleuverses said...

Wow, very interesting to read this...great post, first time here on your blog and I will definitely come back for more

tcr_79 said...

Nothing much...

Not able to blog from work and dont have access at home...

Yeah the name (rather short form) is Krish...

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha, i guess ya didnt get the poem... The girl in da mirror is the author of the poem! Iz alsoa the person dat she says is soooo horrible. Read it ova n you'll get it???? lol MuCh LuV <3

Keshi said...



Known Stranger said...

true imaginary story - ha ah aha ha

vaibhav said...

Update time, I think!

AnonymousBlogger said...

Deepa, we need an update!

Anonymous said...


Kabhi kabhi kalpana vastav se bhi jyada sach hota hain, kabhi kabhi..


sushant said...

was it u on d pc?

Fleiger said...

Good... so you will be updating the blog soon. And you are tagged, remember?

Known Stranger said...

you do good comedy

bobby said...

Good imagination...:-)

My gf also blogs, she once participated in some story competion where the total no. of words had to be 55, nothing more...nothing less.

You can read them, lemme know what u think:

He looked at her standing behind the counter. She had curly blonde hair and deep blue eyes. It was such a rare combination, as if her face had been painted by a famous painter to perfection. He had never seen such a beauty in his lifetime. Then she moved away in her wheelchair. Life is a bitch....

another one...

Jackson, the renowned sky diver was making an attempt to dive from the highest peak in Europe, in the memory of his late wife.."Here i come sweetheart" he whispered and closed his eyes. Soon in the air, free falling from the sky like a rocket, a beautiful sight, but this time without a parachute.



Sujit said...

inna bleeding aa?.. athava tumba busy naa?

Vivek said...

Even my nose used 2 bleed durin childhood..dunno how it started but it stopped all of a din bother abt it...

neermathalam said...

:)dum dum dum

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sudeep :
heh heh heh :P

2 ~Lord Anshul :
hey ! Welcome :)
thank you

2 Delaleuverses :
Thank you
and u r always welcome here :)

2 tcr_79 :
oh ! u r back in india .. right ?

2 Quz Boss :
got it dear :)
i replied to the comment on ur blog :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Keshi :

2 known stranger :
what was so funny ?
commedy huh ? thank you :)

2 Vaibhav :
hmmmm ... ok

2 A/B :
okie .. in a couple of days ! ;)

2 Roy :
hi !

Known Stranger said...


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sushant :
whatdya think ?

2 Fleiger :
yeah .. had almost forgotten abt the tag thingie .. will do

2 Bobby :
i had done the 5 5word tag too.
The stories are good and written really well ... but the second one was predictable .. the moment u see the " late wife " , u have an idea what is to come

2 Sujit :
busy + travelling

2 Vivek :
and , it no longer does ?

2 neermathalam :
dum dum deeka deeka

2 known stranger :
what yes ?

fleiger said...

Good... updates are awaited.

And thankfully, you don't have "Blogger account needed for commenting" enabled on your blog.

Anonymous said...

YES, mad sad! And true, da parents werent even drunk.

MuCh LuV <3

Sujit said...

wow.. elli elli hogidira?..

Keshi said...



Known Stranger said...


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Fleiger :
yeah !
realised that was pretty bad .. having the blogger accnt thing enabled

2 quz boss :
yeah !

2 Sujit :
manege hoogidhe !

2 Keshi :
thanx dear !

2 known stranger :

Noushad said...

hai deepa,

Rainy days is the symbol of mans life.because some times its hard and soft.

good post.Nice pic toooo.