Friday, June 02, 2006


Happiness. 2 years . A phone call . Angry words. Sorrow . Grief. Self hurt and self pity. Hurt in the voice of a loved one . More angry words

November Rain

Perfect love. Steady. Sacrifice.

Larger than Life

Disenchantment. means of escape. loss of self respect. irritation. grumbling. disinterested. work lag. new prospects. risk ??? Awesome hair

Bad medicine ..... really ?

Animation ...... dreams ... risks .... Pizza .... carrots

Abandon . pointing fingers. bookish escape ... walls ... more walls ... broken walls. A new face. a smile ... cheer

quotas ... fights ... disenchantment ... a new rose bud ... hope ? withering flower .. a contrast

tears in my eyes .... harsh words .. curl up - curl up into oblivion


blacked out ! And reborn !


Here I am , writing a cryptic post


p¡£®®£(X000nie) said...

Me here for de first time....
*Peter lookz at de recent blog puzzled*

Cryptic indeed

:: The Protector :: said...



~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Peter :
Hi Peter ... Welcome :)
Am sorry abt the post .. just had to get rid off some steam !

2 Vishnu :
thank you :)

Srijith Unni said...

A bit too cryptic. My mind`s sort of in a tangle now.. !! :-(

rebel_on_loose said...

Whoa.....tht felt like cracking DaVinci's Code!
"Blacked Out...and Reborn!"

Welcome to ur new incarnation.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Srijith :
Dont worry too much abt it .. it aint so important at all

2 rebel_on_loose :
Which one ?
thank you :)

Known Stranger said...

Puspha said...

Just stumbled upon ur blog. Great blog u have here.

vaibhav said...

Wonder where I've read this kinda stuff before? :)

Alexis Leon said...

Weird post... Hope things are fine...Take care...

silverine said...

It is always good to let off steam. That's what blogging is all about :) Hope you are at peace now :)

Lost in trance... said...

talkin abt pizza...kno wat its not a gud bfast thing...bleah! im just too lazy :-(|)

>|' ; '| said...


Sudeep said...

Vaibhav ishtyle...

some bad emotions u have been thro.. hope all is ok
n i know it is ok after tht reborn word

have a gud time.. huggzzz

>|' ; '| said...


u were pals with this person years ago. or may have been pals with this person for say 2 years.

a fone call came..or u called. misunderstandings and misgivings. u felt sad and hurt. withdrew to the comfort of a music machine, probably a pc.

guns and roses...axl rose n his bride n slash make an impression. might have been a music video. u relate to the lyrics/video.

the bs boys had the next shift..ur still the issue rolls on in ur affects ur work as well? u become moody.

bon jovi gives ye some bad meds..
Your love is like bad madicine
Bad medicine is what I need
Shake it up, just like bad madicine
There ain't no doctor that can
Cure my disease
..hmm..note to self: never fall in love?!

shifts over..heading over to a pizzeria..animation..hmm?..foodings...

home...blanked out read a book.. fountainhead again?
walls....hmmm? a new face and smile is a welcome sight to a heavy heart(possible)..

helplessness. pent up emotions gradually come out..gardening..a bud n a withering flower on the same shrub? and death.more hurt...unnecessary verbal exchanges. possibly misunderstood as well.

morpheus beckoned. the world disappeared. took all the worries with day. new beginnings. new perspectives.

tcr_79 said...

Dont worry - just chill...

Got the gist of being in a bad frame of mind - its ok - happens to everyone...

vaik said...

Well ups and downs are part of life. A monotonous life would be boring as hell.
Cheer up :)

Sujit said...

escape ... walls ... more walls ... broken walls| tears in my eyes .... harsh words..

enaiTu?.. tumba irritation yarMele?.. eega hegidera?.. paragillava.. swalpa hoTu.. neevu malle nalli nenedubede!!.. rains drops will cool your head.. !! :).. chennagiratThala?

AnonymousBlogger said...

Interesting post Deepa. Vaibhav will be proud ;)

Amit said...

Wow..pretty cryptic alright.. :) btw, this one's concerning the last post...Did we actually stand in the garage during rain and play that game? Funny, this might be early sign of alzheimer's or something, but the only thing i remember from those days is two or three of us swinging on the gate at a time, until in broke...but i wouldn't be surprised if i'd forgotten..i'd forget my own name if it wasn't for this handy card that i always...oh damn, where'd i keep that card?

Nabeel said...

thinking of november rain in july?

vaibhav said...

LOL @ Sudeep & Sean. Yeah.

If imitation is the best form of flattery, then I'm truly flattered. :))

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

~d e e p a~

It's raining, na it’s not november
Maybe that’s why porno burns d eyes
Hey, wipe away the tears
‘coz nothing is larger than life

Reach out for that bad medicine
Blacked out all the paining emotions

Smile, ya it take only a while
to get Reborn


mathew said...

hehehe..blacked out and reborn..guess u should take a break from work!!!

Anoop said...

Curl up into oblivion..yeah, sometimes I too feel the same thing!!

Sudarshan said...

To be frank...I'm totally puzzled didn't make no sense to me at all!! I'll come back and check to see if you've put up what it means!!:-)

weedwanderer said...

The engineer in me felt like trying to crack it just for the fun of it.Then i realised you were'n gonna provide the solution :).Mum's the word babe.

Anonymous said...

sounds beautifuuuuuul!!!!
is this Da Vinci Code?? (^o^)??

Jackal said...

deeps.....u kind of foxed lot of ppl in here.....btw the rains have come sooner than expected. :)))

Arz000n said...

Can I call it DA DEEPA code??

Now I need to hunt some DA VINCI to decode it for me....

LEmme come back real soon...

$1L>erB@Ck said... this something random?rest of the blog is cool....and popular too

Vivhyd said...

u ok?? i didnt understand this post at all

Keshi said...

Deepz I guess ur facing a similar situation as I am? well guess wut...u told me these words:

"why do u care for others' opinions ? u say that others' opinions dont hurt u , then why are u so hurt now ?..."

"go away if you will , but let know running away from harsh words / criticisms be the reason ..."

I say the same to u now...plz dun hurtful words get u down...move on and smile....huggggggggggz!


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 known stranger :
ok .. will check it out soon

2 Pushpa :
hello !
thanx for the compliments !

2 Vaibhav :
i wonder too ;P

2 leon :
yup ... things are fine
thank you :)

2 Silverine :
oh yes ! it is ...
am perfectly normal now ... thanx !

Known Stranger said...



Wanderer said...

did u happ to see da vinci?
Why r u writing in cryptic lingo :P

now am kanfused

PRADEEP K. said...

Nice way of not only emptying you heart and your mind, but also provoking creative thoughts. Something that Edward de Bono would have recommended.

Hope you are doing fine, dear.


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 lost in trance :
haaa haaa ... pizza for breakfast .. have had that once

2 Poison :
Waah !!!! deciphering ???? but kinda off track this time ... the 2 yrs had a diff meaning .. related to work .. guess what ?
it was interesting reading ur comment .. thanx a lot
was trying to see how well i can make myself understood ... apparently not so much !

2 Sudeep :
Vaibhav is smiling ... can see that
yup .. am fine now ... thanx !

2 tcr_79 :
am "purr"-fectly fine now !

2 Vaik :
u r right .. but , i am fine now !
thanx !

2 Sujit :
yesss. ... eega serreehidhini !
mallellu nende !
how are u ?

2 A/B :
Vaibhav is grinning away to glory !

:: The Protector :: said...

dropped in to say ya doing?


Sujit said...

nanu chennagidini!.. kelsa jaste, next week minneapolis hogtini, conference ge!! :) enadaru nimage kodabahuda?

>|' ; '| said...


Arz000n said...

Woh code break huan nahi abhi tak??

Sudeep said...

gud.. n come back soon coz i too want to irritate u now :D

tcr_79 said...

Since you are purring and mewing now :) I take it that - all is well...

Keep writing

Art said...

Did u watch "Da Vinci Code" recently... and hence this post??

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Amit :
yup yup .. we did play that game .. swinging on the gate ... when was that ?

2 Nabeel :
sorry , it is June !

2 Vaibhav :

2 Roy :
hi !
that was a good paragraph as well

2 Mathew :
and from a lotta other things too

2 Anoop :
i guess we all do ... right ?

2 Sudarshan :
nothing much re .... just venting out emotions

2 weedwanderer :
haaa haaa ... okie
we engineers try to view life as a puzzle .. which is where things go wrong !

Rose said...

Hmmm... Lot going on in ur head dear..

U ok now?



~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Niki :
what do u think ;) ?

2 Jackal :
foxed !
nice word
good for u .. enjoying in the rains ... huh ?

2 Z000nie :
call it what u will ....
did u find Da Vinci ?

2 $1L>erB@Ck :
Hi !
not really random
thanx for the compliments ...
popular ? well , not really , i guess !

2 Vivhyd :
Am ok !
U sure u didnt understand ?

2 Keshi :
yeah .. u r right .. but what if the words are mine ?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 known stranger :
yes ji ???

2 wanderer :
just ... thoughts !
hope u r no longer confused

2 pradeep :
am not so fine .... hmmm
thanks for asking !
Bono ? of the criminal fame ?

2 Vishnu :
bad !

2 Sujit :
all the best for the conference
ennu tarthiraa ?

Keshi said...

if those words were ur's then go upto that person and say SORRY and try to make up for it. I know that u cant take back the words spoken but surely there must be ways to ease the hurt caused by those words...

tc n hugggggggz!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Poison :

2 z000nie :
kaun sa ?

2 Sudeep :
am back !

2 tcr :
thanx :)

2 art :
no dear ... not planning to watch it either !

2 rose :
am comfortably numb now ! :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Keshi :
but thatz the sad part .. itz too late now

zonko said...

hmm the problem with puzzles is that one may encode too much info in them.

but but but lots of work in the font colors... and maybe there's some chance of you singing Hallowed Be Thy Name yet.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Zonko ,

haaa haaa ... that was smthg !

Hallowed Be Thy Name .. no chance at the moment !

Anonymous said...

locomotive breath maybe?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

huh ?

Anonymous said...

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