Friday, May 26, 2006

Romantic Rain

The Monsoon is sure to visit us in 2 days. As for now , it is the pre monsoon ... and that itself is pretty strong.

As a child , I was totally enraptured by the rain. Of course , an umbrella was a must , but walking in the rain had a special charm . My friends and I used to play with paper boats. We used to stand in our garage and pretend that we were locked away in a cave. We used to try all possible means to get out ..... getting wet meant being sent back to the cave. So , we used to find narrow paths sheltered from the rain through which we could escape.

As a teenager , the mood that came upon me during the rains was totally awesome. I became silent , and even the wild flowers seemed beautiful to me.

We once went to a zoo while it was raining. That was probably my favourite outing , though the after effects were a drag !

There is something so romantic about the rain . It makes you want to cuddle up with a packet of potato chips , a romantic song and read your favourite "Archie" comic. It makes you want to watch the plants and flowers enjoying the showers. And it fills you with a love and warmth for the entire world.

I feel it now ... Just spent 10 minutes looking out of the window. It has suddenly made me tolerant. I just changed the song I was listening to now : Hairspray Queen (Nirvana) to the old classic - Chura Liya Hai Tumne (from the movie : Yaadon Ki Baraat). More than anything , I want to walk in the drizzle.

P.S :

Now for a serious talk. We all know about the quota issue going on. I have not yet spoken out my feelings because I feel it matters to none. Anyway, the politicians are not going to listen to what we have to say , but are two young medical students who have started a blog and a site specially to discuss the issue. They are a part of the agitation. Saying " a part " is the wrong term . They are the core members.
Please have a look at their blog and website. More than the quota issue , what matters is that some college students are finally ready to protest against the issues they think matter to them.
Going through there posts made me feel that there is no point in just writing self centered or feel good posts. You need to support those who need support.
If you feel what I have written above is true , and are interested , please check this out :



Anonymous said...

~ d e e p a ~ u know I was looking for a long time to get the honor to b d first one to comment & I got!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry again..

I liked d last post.....baap re huge u know what I's thinking?!?
How much energy u hv invested in juggling ut thoughts..baba!


mathew said...

infact we have the rains lurking near us as em..Infact we had a hailstorm recently out here...Hope it rains in full flourish when am home sometime.........

PRADEEP K. said...

Rains always do wonderful things to me. Rains have begun here in Mangalore.

Rain, window, steaming coffee, rainbow, twighlight... This is the life! I tell you, we live for nothing better!


:: The Protector :: said...

its raining here in Chennai afta continous rise in mercury

Reservation issues :|

Check the link- This interview was taken at Arjun Singh's Residence by noted television journalist Karan Thapar.


vaik said...

Rain well it always brings back good memories :)

Reservation: well I guess the Govt is resorting to cheap politics nothing more than that.

Thanks protector the link is really good.

Abhishek Upadhyay said...


I am sitting under a drousy fan sweating in May heat in Delhi.I have never in my life seen so much heat.

On that your post,which reminded of my hostel days where we used to bunk classes and go on hostel terrace and play football(yup on terrace).

I am feeling very nostalgic about my home and my college.May rain come soon in Delhi*phew*

Abhishek Upadhyay said...
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Abhishek Upadhyay said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jackal said...

wow deeeps the rain is really so romantic.....

Jackal said...

but i am jealous of u tht u will get monsoons so early..though we are getting showwwers every now n see the clouds is such a welcum site in this heat abt a rain ur green saree :)

Jackal said...

quota issue......kya kahun...smoe idiots hell bent on dividing the nation.....

AnonymousBlogger said...

I was actually walking in the rain yesterday. I always enjoy too. I don't know what it is about the rain.

Priya_Satarkar said...

Hey, I feel the same when it rains.. Its my favourite season.. I too looove to get wet in the rains..

Anonymous said...

yeah that is really romantic rain!!
did u make that picture of girl? lovelyyyy!! ^^
we are also having rainy season.
thanks for ur heart-warming post!!

Wanderer said...

damn it rained here juz for a few days and WOOSH everythng went away in a void!!
IT was so pleasent wen i bathe in the shower but now wat is left is the sun shinin brightly scorchin this land devoid of Drizzle!!!


Well u r rite!
Rains are always related to Romance and Love!
Think of it you nd ur loved ones walking along with both hands in hands! and suddenly a drop drips onto her cute face dripping like it has found a smooth surface and suddenly there is a whole shower of the same

Sudeep said...

It is drizzling here as i m going thro this post... n the first rain leaves tht awesome smell of earth n water
rains r always associated with luv n romance.. but i always luv it when it is playing on a waterlogged playgrnd soiling ur tee n shorts

n do i remember tht u luv caves too.. hmmmm

Chura liya hain tumne.. hmmmmmmmm :)

Sujit said...

yah.. its an awesome time when it rains..!! but always heard people complaining about rain rather than having fun..!! today atmosphere is too good.. pretty cool breeze.. inthe midst of summer and dark clouds threatning to rain anytime.. awesome mountain views!!.. its so romantic :D..

Harjee Kapur said...

I love the rains... being a light sleeper, if the rains wake me in the middle of the night, i come out and sit in the balcony for hours... the sound of rains is sheer music...

as for the serious issue... i really dont know what to say or feel... have done a digressed take of my own. hop over to my page for a dekko


ashok said...

I never quite understood the logic of teaching "rain rain go away" in kindergardens u?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 roy :
Congrats yaar !
and it isnt any honour .... so, relax ! :)
not too much energy ... i didnt type it all at one go.

2 mathew :
inshah allah !

2 pradeep :
yup yup ... u r putting it across beautifully !
Mangalore .... been near MAngalore once .. but not to Mangalore

2 Vishnu :
yeah .. heard abt the heat at Chennai ....
yup .. i have seen the link

2 Vaik :
oh yes ... rain does !
did u see the links that i have put up ?

2 Abhishek :
Yes .... may rain hit Delhi soon. :)
Dont worry ... it will , in a couple of days !

2 Jackal :
Dont be jealous ... u'll get ur rains soon !
Rain dance ... well , for that i need a partner .. no ?
The quota issue : i hope the truthful get their due !

2 A/B :
i guess what we should say is : "THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT RAIN "

2 Priya_Satarkar :
hello Priya ... Welcome :)
yup ... i love the season too

2 Niki :
no dear ... i just modified a picture i had ...
hope u r enjoying the rains .. by ur comments , i feel u r !

2 Wanderer :
hey !
Welcome :)
Wow ... that was so romantic : you nd ur loved ones walking along with both hands in hands! and suddenly a drop drips onto her cute face dripping like it has found a smooth surface and suddenly there is a whole shower of the same
ur loved one is real lucky !

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sudeep :
so , i bet you are enjoying the rain !
and as ur mom washes ur clothes for u , it is not fair that u dirty ur clothes ... right ?????

2 Sujit :
yes ,... i have heard ppl complaining abt the heat .. and when it rains , about the rain !
good that you are enjoying urself !

2 harjee kapur :
yeah ! i know ... i too stay up looking at the rains for a long time .. it looks all the more beautiful at night.
okie .. lemme read the post

2 ashok :
haaa haaa ... thatz a good one !
i guess that poem is taught so as to teach the kids about the sun !

Arun said...

Ummm...Oye,U forgot teh 'earthy smell' :-)..How can u!!!
Monsoon yet to hit mumbai...So I got plenty of time to pile up some Archies n few romantic songs!!! ;-)


Sudeep said...

nope.. it was just a drizzle n it went away.. but the whole atmosphere is awesome
n i wash my dirty clothes... though in washing machine .. but on my OWN
n tht continuous showing of tongue to me causes headache :D

Sujit said...

oh.. yeah.. yesteday was awesome.. although its summer.. but its pretty cold and in the afternoon i have switched on heater :).. its nice..!! yo uhave a great time!!!.. in one week moonsoon will hit you :d

Nabeel said...

ohh i love monsoon season .. rain has always been romantic to me .. i love rain .. rainy kisses are great and lovely

Srijith Unni said...

Rain..hmm.. you`re right.. potato chips.. hot bajjis, coffee.. wow! The very atmosphere gets transformed and we feel so refreshed in the process..
Nice Post.

About Reservation.. Since the UPA govt has mentioned that the number of open category seats will not be reduced, 27% reservation cannot be had without increasing the number of seats. So that`s not a bad deal. However carrying reservation to the private sector is again a cheap claim, which should be bitterly fought against.


Known Stranger said...

quota system.. shit about it and its voicing.. Sorry my dear co blogger i have no reservation to voice on that issue.

:: The Protector :: said...

hoi still in Romantic mood kya? update kro?


Keshi said...

Rain, romantic indeed! Deepz in the rain wud be even more romantic...pretty girl :)

yep I saw abt that quota issue...I hope it's not gonna be implemented at all!


vaibhav said...

Btw... Deepa ji.. that Youth $ Equality is not a registered organisation! And they're collecting money! :)

guesswho said...

thanks for adding the links!

vaibhav said...

And I already spoke on that issue... so yeah... no more talking for me!

tcr_79 said...

Very very beautiful post on rain...

I have read many posts - but your post reminds me of one of the best ads in Indian ad history - the greatness in this man was his simplicity

Borrowing from that, I would say - the greatness in your writing is your simplicity...

Just keep writing...

silverine said...

Just got back from Ooty and I did a lot of walking in the rain.I love the rains, though not in the city. I enjoy rains in the green countryside.

Vivhyd said...

monsoons finally arrived huh? now its time for waterlogged streets etc.. hopefully wht happ in Mumbai last yr wont happen again. the 1st rains are like the best.. at Hyd the temp cools down a lot after monsoon arrives - like 10 C and u can feel tht.. its always nice until u get tht damn cold etc..

Sujit said...

neevu chennGiDira?.. malle effect enaDaru banTa?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Arun :
oh yes ! i did
dont know how i missed out on that
but yes it is there.
anyway , have fun w/ ur archies

2 Sudeep :
see ... the washing machine does all the dirty work .. v v v v bad !
:P ... heeee heeee heeee

2 Sujit :
the monsoon has already started !
it is awesome !

2 nabeel :
rainy kisses ... wow !!!

2 Srijith :
abt the reservations .. well , even if the seats are increased , it doesnt help .. coz then jobs become difficult , which will lead to reservation in jobs too ... right ?

Jackal said...

hi ..plzz take a look at my new post urgently..n help to save some one..

Known Stranger said...


pradiip said...

Oh very sure. The city is almost drenched in water. I wonder how many of you have hit by the pouring rains. How does it feel like standing in the middle of open sky, facing up and feeling every raindrop ?

Harjee Kapur said...

shikha answered your question on my blog...

Sudarshan said...

Hiya deepa!! how u doing? Like you, I love the rains too:-) Rains are a bit irritating sometimes, eg while you're going to college wearing a nice outfit..but there's nothing as magical and as romantic as rains:-)I would love to stay in a hill station during the rainy season and just watch the panoramas while its raining..its a real treat:-) Mahabaleshwar is one such place!!
I have checked the Youth For Equality blog..these people rock..hats of to them!! Such goal-directed and noble efforts are needed to make this country a paradise it was earlier!!

RP said...

rain: wah! wah! ye almost transported me back in time. esp de part about teenage very true. very true.

reservation: mmm... thut abt it a lot. was plannin 2 join the protest march in b'lore on 28th but was nt able 2.

tel me truthfully, do ye think these websites matter at all?? i just want ur honest opinion. based on this i wud decide my move. i feel these websites r jst 4 our own satisfaction & has, in reality, no effect on the outcome.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 known stranger :
okie !

2 Vishnu :
too much work and too much laziness

2 Keshi :
thanx for the compliments :)
Even I hope so !

2 Vaibhav :
yup ! i know it is not a registered organisation.
And the financial donations are just optional ..right ?

2 Guesswho :
u r welcome ... and u know,

2 tcr_79 :
Ethu enna ??? so many compliments today !! Thank you :)

2 Silverine :
yes ... rains in the city actually makes it a mess .. but still , it is good to have the roads and plants look clean !

2 Vivhyd :
Actually , we are responsible for the destruction ... we are spoiling the earth. Take a look at Nabeel's blog (it is on my links) .. there is an animated film on how we are destroying the earth !

2 Sujit :
yes .. naanu channagi idhini .. malle enjoy maadthaayidhini

tcr_79 said...

Well written post deserved compliments...

So gave the rating that it deserved - Excellent :)

Sujit said...

wow.. thats nice.. illi belisu jasthi.. adare humidity 0.. so tumba dry weather.. mathe room inda uni and back.. tumba thale novvu.. and tiredness.. :((...... sari.. good night!

Known Stranger said...

will do - check my xanga for some update

Vanathi said...

Me too like rain...

weedwanderer said...

Nice post babe.Im just scared the romanticism will fade if(god forbid!) the rain just keeps on pouring.Even the most ardent of romantics get that dreamy look wiped of their face when the neighbouhood is flooded.
Here's hoping BMC is not going to short change us this time.
Weedwanderer studying at rec-trichy(so feeling some weird kinda kinship)
p.p.s.i've linked to your blog :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Jackal :
already did ! and replied too :)

2 known stranger :
what yes ?

2 Pradiip :
hi !
Welcome :)
Standing out and felling the raindrops feels great !

2 harjee :
saw that .. and i shall reply on ur blog too !

2 Sudarshan :
I agree with every single word (letter) that u've written here :)

2 rp :
am glad i did that
abt the reservation thingie , the sites dont help the movement .. but they offer a forum for decisions and actions ... and for satisfaction.
whatdya plan to do ?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 tcr_79 :
still , i dont feel i deserve so many compliments

2 Sujit :
0 humidity tumba kashtha ....
illi madyaana eega

2 known stranger :
ok !

2 Vanathi :
hi !
welcome :)
* same pinch *

2 Weedwanderer :
hi :)))
yup .. u r right .. afterall,
" Familiarity breeds Contempt "
Didnt get the bit abt BMC .. what was that ?
REC Trichy ..okie ...
what kinship ?
thanx for linking .. i will do so ASAP

Anoop said...

Cool..same feelings about the monsoons here...a good book, a soft song and a warm couch!!! My favourite season of the year....
Of course the best time to play football....;)
I remember last year, when the first rains fell and all of us, training batch mates, got out and started dancing in the rain and singing the hindi song,"baarish aathi hain......."

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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