Monday, April 10, 2006

Sketched !

Just something I did over the weekend :

Had so much of fun doing this ... this is on pink cardboard.

And after doing this , traced the pic on a transparency sheet and did the colouring with glass and 3D colours ... cant scan it as the glass paint is gonna flow due to heat produced while scanning.

This morn , as I was relatively free, my colleague wanted me to draw something for her .. the result is what follows :

I must admit that I found these 2 pics lacking in a lot of things .. but somehow , felt good doing them

Weekend Bliss :

Btw , as i was going thru my past posts searching for a post in which i wrote abt a Wodehouse novel , I realised that I had written a post titled "Yesterday Once More" long ago.

Read the book : "Stiff Upper Lip , Jeeves " over the weekend ... awesome !!! It is so hilarious ... P.G.W 's English is perfect and the way he paraphrases sentences just makes you go crazy with laughter


vaibhav said...

Me first.. how cool!

vaibhav said...

Now that I've read the post (or rahter seen the pics).... it reminds me of my school days!

Is that your school teacher? :p

Known Stranger said...

ha ha ha ha

check this page.

:: The Protector :: said...

tats Kewl...
new post up...

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vaibhav :
Congrats !
School days ? how come ?
No way .. how can she be my school teacher ?

2 known stranger :
checked it out ... whoz she ?
and why the laugh ?

2 Vishnu :
Whatz cool ? that therez a new post ?
Thanx :)

Known Stranger said...

she is chatianya - a blogger .

your is :)
mine is ha ha ha

Shriedhar said...

is that deepa in a desert?? and her house in a oasis?? ;)

btw, thnx for the review.'l try reading it.

can u plz lend me th book??? :)

vaibhav said...

Arre Wrigley aunty,

My 'that' post was random expression of my thoughts. I typed out anything as it popped in my head. It was a bit depressing but well...

Sujit said...

nice paintings.... i think they lack that the feel?.. the painting of women is good.. but does the face protray?.. doesn't some feeling onto it!! makes things look different!! isn't so?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Known stranger :
oh ! ok : )
didnt understand the bit abt the smiles

2 Shreidhar :
the face cut is somewhat like mine ... but not very much
nopes .. it is not me !

2 Vaibhav :
aunty ? kaun aunty ?

Vivhyd said...

het deepa.. those are nice sketches.. seems like closer to home for u - the 2nd sketch - a coconut tree huh?? the 1st one - the women's face looks scary though haha

ashok said...

these pics have brought out the little gal in u...

tcr_79 said...

Very nice :)

you remind me of my nephew who draws like this - and yeah he is 5 years old - lol... :D

rebel_on_loose said...

Hmmmm talented hun!
Nice skecthes there...
And hey i totally agree Wodehouse is the REAL author for classic humour!
"Stiff Upper Lip Jeeves" .... wud read tht soon!

Pooja said...

How long did you spend on the first one?

Michelle said...

pretty sketches~~!!

Arun said...

Wow... Simple n elegant


Fleiger said...

On a lot of afternoons I have laughed with Bertie and Jeeves (well, Jeeves just twitches his lip a bit). It was chief import I had from British Library (BCL) in Pune, along with Agatha Christie books. Aah, the memories of carefree college days in Pune...

Why don't you photograph the painting and scan it or use digicam?

AnonymousBlogger said...

Great drawings Deepa! Those are awesome!

You definately have some skills.

Arz000n said...

Awesome sketches....kya baat hai Ms. MF Hussain jaag gaya kya andar se :)

Btw, I purchased 2 novels last weekend too...while I was idling time around to watch Taxi no 9211...

Zaheer and "Why men lie and women cry" reading the later one..and will try to experiment on you, by making u cry on emails..

*wicked laugh*

Keshi said...

Wonderful work Deepz! WOW!


Ram said...

Nice drawings [ I call them drawings or sketches or..:)] - curious to know how long it took you...

Landed up here for the first time!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

~ d e e p a ~

from now the task grown up for me more as from I hv to give complimets on ur drawing. No no its not formality, they deserve so as they r painted from d heart....

so, u like the *yesterday once more*...yah its best part is sha-la-la...
these songs r also nice "Back In My Life Again, (Want You) "..."Close To You, (They Long To Be) "

My best.."I Need To Be In Love "..

keep ur chldhood always young..

Known Stranger said...

good.. smiles also can be mysterious. i always believed ladies are the mysterious smile source. hmm thank you.. i am feeling proud.

no update now.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sujit :
nope .... therez supposed to be no feeling on the lady's face .. it is supposed to be blank

2 Vivhyd :
Actually , itz closer home for my collegue .. she wanted it
scary ? how ? why ?

2 Ashok :
Why do u say that ?

2 tcr_79 :
Not bad ..u changed my age from 3yrs to 5 .. great !!!

2 rebel_on_loose :
yup ... u should read it
c u

2 Pooja :
hmmm .. abt 15 min

2 ♪ Mί¢ђεĻLē ♪ :
Hi !
Welcome :)
thank you

2 Arun :
Hello !
Welcome :)
thank you

2 Fleiger :
i had actually taken pics w/ my webcam , but the lighting wasnt good
Jeeves rocks ! as does Lord Emmsworth and his Pig

2 A/B :
Thank you :)
just thot of smthg .. ur name could be displayed as : A/B/C too

2 Z000nie :
no MFH
U wanna make me cry ? no way !!! challenge ....

2 Keshi :
Thanx dear

2 Ram :
Hi !
Welcome :)
these are called sketches.
it didnt take me that long
1st one : 15 min
2nd : 20 min

2 Roy :
Thank you very much :)
yes .. they are painted from the heart
Even i like the song "Close to you"
Her voice is awesome :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 known stranger :
proud ? why ?
and y no update ?

Anand K said...

Nice sketch, Deepa. Especially the first one.... BTW, her sari's worn left to right instead of the usual right to left. This mean the babe's Gujju?

Usne bola Kem Che, Kem Che, Kem Che,
Meine bola Kem Che, Kem Che....

Known Stranger said...

working on a scribbling for my friend who is undergoing the pain of sepration. need to write something that he can use it in a greeting card to express his heart to his gf. So working on it. draft yet not formed.

RP said...

Ye is a mixture of how many talents? Ye draw, sketch, paint, write & blog. Boy! Itz a gr8 mixture. Gr8 goin buddy.
Thou a avid reader, yet to read a PGWHouse! :-(

PS: r ye stil in TVM?

Anonymous said...

nice pics, i remember sketching Hrithik's pic back once wen i was in school, which looked like that of Laden's... I stopped messing around since then. ;)

Anonymous said...

aww, they are beautiful. really.
You scanned up your pics on the pc?
cool site. The template's been worked upon.

rocksea said...

the first one must have been good on the glass, with colors. maybe you can take a photo and post? the 2nd one is good on paper. cheers,,

burf said...

i can see that u love the curves ;)


Vivhyd said...

how and y scary means? she looks scary.. i hope u didnt draw urself there :P

Sudeep said...

:( :(

cant see anything...

read over weekend? gud speed or book is small?
i take ages to go thro' a small book

Anonymous said...

I called u aunty... LOL

vaibhav said...

Err... btw the above comment was mine!

Fleiger said...

Bad luck! Try again...

I think Psmith is even funnier than Emsworth or Empress of Blandings. But that's making nothing over detail. The golf omnibus is too good, too.

AnonymousBlogger said...

just thot of smthg .. ur name could be displayed as : A/B/C too

Hahaha. I never thought of that.

Maya Cassis said...

wow!wish I could see the glass are really creative.
and yes,p.g. is great....I love his kind of humor.

tcr_79 said...

:) haha - smart comment...

No offense meant btw

Sujit said...

The lady is blank and she is standing to take a snap..!! isn't so?.. otherwise there might have some action either in legs or hands?

The hut with cocunut tree.. missing is the back groud?.. horizon? or a stream? or a person in the screen?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Anand K :
Arrey ... actually , u know what happ ? That was not meant to be part of the saree ... just a covering cloth .. then , halfway thru , i twisted it around like that ...initially , it wasnt meant to be so .. but yes ... maybe shez a Gujju .. thanx for the idea !

2 known stranger :
that is so bad .. ur friend should create smthg on his own .. otherwise , what is the point ?

2 rp :
Thank you
try a PG.W ... u'll never regret it ..
P.S. - Yes !

2 ViŘűS© :
Oh ! Come on .....
dont discredit ur talents ....
pls do keep sketching.

2 aragorn :
Hi !
Welcome :)
yes .. i got the pics scanned ...
yup yup ... the template has been worked on

2 rocksea :
yes .. i did take a snap .. but it doesnt capture the effect that is present in the actual painting on glass .. hence , thought of leaving it alone.
Cheers !

2 burf :
Heee heee heee ... so do u , i bet !

2 vivhyd :
What if i was trying to draw myself ? ;P ?????

2 Sudeep :
Why ? Cant u see the pics ....
The book is not small
how long do u take to go thru a "tinkle" comic ?

2 Vaibhav :
i guessed as much ... but why ?

2 Fleiger :
Huh ??? What was this all avout ?
i understood the ref to Emmsworth and Empress ... but beyond that ... ????

2 A/B :
A/B of C ....

2 maya cassis :
lemme see ... i'll try putting it up in my next post ...
yes p.g. is great !!!
therez a writer in kannada who goes by the name : " BeeChee" .. hez awesome too !

2 tcr_79 :
haaa haaaa haaa ... okie

2 Sujit :
the second was actually supposed to be focussed on the tree

Known Stranger said...

hmm.. i love to live the pain of others. I feel comfortable in that.

living in the pain of others shoe.

Vivhyd said...

then.. I must say "You are scary!!" :D

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 known stranger :
why ?

2 vivhyd :
heee heee .. u n tcr already said that !

Sudeep said...

company has blocked pics... :(

ha ha.. who said i read tinkle?

tulipspeaks said...

:) one day...deeepa will draw my pic...

one day..




Sujit said...

:) focuss on tree should.. then you should make the tree sketch to be darker than the hut naa.. may be in scan I might have lost the constrast and everything looked same :(

Pooja said...

15 min, neat! A colleague of mine used to do this in school and I loved watching her do it.

You should probably take a video or something of you doing it and then I could actually time you ;)

Alexis Leon said...

Nice paintings. Yes there are a lot of things lacking, but still good ones. I am sure that painting is looking great on glass.

What a coincidence, I too was reading PGW this weekend. I must have read more times than I care to remember. But every time, it makes me feel good. You are right about his writing style—inimitable, hilarious and rocking.

Maya Cassis said...

looking foward to the glass painting on the post...and beechee hee hee ok i can't read kannada else i would have taken up on that author since u have really good taste

:: The Protector :: said...


Sudarshan said...

Hey deepa whatsup?? Me been a little busy really. That sketch is real nice...Electronics engineers and sketches..I find it funny lol...PG Wodehouse is great I guess..his Jeeves series is awesome!! Have a nice weekend, and keep posting :-)

silverine said...

somehow , felt good doing them and that's what matters gurl. You are ceative..keep up the good work :)

Vivhyd said...

Happy Vishu Deepa.. Hope u r enjoying all the good food and sweets etc.. please parcel a few to me..

Fleiger said...

This and this was what I was talking about.

tcr_79 said...

Di... Happy Vishu to you :)


Invincible said...

i liked those sketches. I used to sketch when i was a kid. I left it with growing age.

Not a PG fan :(

Invincible said...

and why Win98 ??

vaibhav said...

Oye... update yaar!

Sudeep said...

wht happened to my systems today???

i can see all pics on every blog.... woohhhooo

nice sketches... shading looks gud :))

silverine said...

Bought back childhood memories Deepa. And the sketch looks really good. You must fill it up.

>|' ; '| said...

i totally dig the 2nd pic...a carefree feel about it..

Vivek said...

hiii deepa,
my comp got konked out lotsa times so not able 2 blog as regularly as i used 2 do...newayz here i am :D
u too started painting?i had done a sketch for my 50th check it out..but mine doesnt stand a chance in front of urs..ur paintings r so gud...thot u vr a gud writer but u also seem 2 b a gud painter..multifaceted eh??keep up the gud job!!

Anonymous said...

glass paint 3D? wat is that???
look veery cool!!!!!
i wonder if u look like this girl of the painting ^^

Jackal said...

deepssss nice job......we do have something in commom after all..tht's bit of art.....i have put out paintng of mine too ......hope u have nice sunday....tcc byee

Nabeel said...

ohh very nice .. I love the first sketch .. she's getting water? and then her dress .. very cultural .. great

Anil The Great said...

my my.... you have a hand of an artist.

oh plz i am nt bluffing, read the comments of the bloggers :)

and abt PG Wodehouse, oh i love him. his british humour, soft smooth and delicate well poised humour. The butler and his habits ....

Last I read was "Much Obliged ,Jeeves"

Nice post :)

praveen said...

hey..that sketch on the pink paper was kewl...didnt know you could sketch so well

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sudeep :
But , i thot only flickr was blocked .. this is directly from my pc ... so, u dont read even tinkle .. very bad :||

2 Amutha :
Sure .. why not ?
but , i cant draw profiles .

2 Sujit :
Maybe itz b/c of the scan .. but , i dont think so ...
anyway , i'll take care next time.

2 Pooja :
hey !
ur classmate is ur colleague too ? thatz great :)
yeah ..itz nice watching some1 do the sketching etc live ..

2 Leon :
Yes !
PGW is great :)
but now , i dont like the glass painting. my colleague calls it "'creativity conflict'".

2 Maya Cassis :
thanx for the compliment ... the translations are no good tho (BeeChee's I mean )

2 Vishnu :
yes ... sure

2 Sudarshan :
Why do u find it funny ? the engineers and sketching bit , i mean ...
yes , Jeeves is awesome ...

2 Silverine :
Thanx m'am

2 Vivhyd :
Arrey .. no re .. we dont celeb Vishu , na .... itz a custom here , but we dont have it

2 Fleiger :
Okie ! Got it :)

2 Vinci :
why dont u start again ?
ok ..
Win98 coz i find it easy .. plus am lazy

2 Vaibhav :
Sure :)

2 Sudeep :
thank you .. was waiting for that

2 Silverine :
Seriously ?
what memories ?

2 Poison :
somehow , expected u to say that :)

2 ..::Viive::.. :
I used to do a lot in my school / coll days ...
lemme have a look at urs ..
good that u r back

2 niki :
glass paint is the paint u use on glass ... 3D paint is a kind of paint , which when dry gives u the 3D feel .. u can use it on cloth instead of embroidery and all that.

2 Jackal :
Okkkk .. lemme have a look at it ...
hope u had a great weekend :)

2 Nabeel :
Yes ... shez going to get water ..
thanx ...
this is how the villagers of ancient times used to dress

2 ATG :
Thanx :)
Yes .. i've read that book too .. got it from the library.

2 Praveen :
Hey !
thank you :)

Leon said...

Great....i suck at sketching and i admire ppl who know how to sketch well

Harjee Kapur said...

i would mess up a straight line with a the initial reaction is envy.
but like a bad voice never has stopped a bathroom singer...i too scribble. but nothing as clear and understandable. these are real nice...
and yes, as some people have does tend to remind one about their school days...
it reminded me of a post of mine. nothing great. just some random ramblings about some random occurances...past and present...check it out...

by the way, i like the way you write too...


Abhishek said...

i just hate this drawing stuff...but i enjoy the pics sketched by others...
nice stuff...waiting for some more.
have any?

Sudeep said...

arre all pics, icons, emoticons, display pics, chat applets... list is endless
sab blocked hain... dont know how come pics can be seen on blogs since last 2-3 days

i luv tinkle... Kaalia the crow, Shikari Shambhu r my fav :D

Fleiger said...

You are tagged... again. So get ready to write a "Tagain" post. See details on my blog.

Known Stranger said...

got my new one on board

Sujit said...

update madalva?

Sudarshan said...

Deepaaaaaa.....time for a new post;-) I'm waiting to comment!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 leon :
Thanx for the compliment ...
but u know , anybody can sketch .. seriously ...

2 Harjee Kapur :
hello :)
Welcome :)
Shall definitely check out the link
and thanx for the compliments
many a time , no1 can make out the essence of what i sketch .. so , u rn't alone
cheers !

2 abhishek :
why do u dislike drawing ?
more stuff ... yes .. but only on paper :))

2 Sudeep :
u mean everything is visible now ?
then , itz purely my 'kamaal' .. dont u think so ???
even i like tinkle .. but not as much as archies .... and archies not as much as panchatanthra / ibh comics

2 fleiger :
saw that .. will take it up soon

2 known stranger :
ok ... lemme check

2 sujit :
maadake horthe

2 Sudarshan :
okie dear

~*Floetry*~ said...

datz so kool gurl!
do ya thing aiight....

~*Floetry*~ said...

how is india?
I bet it's kool.
I'm in boring americax
Holla @ ya gurl.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hi ~*Floetry*~

Ur blog name looks a lot like mine ...

Thank for stopping by !

America boring ? how come ????

neermathalam said...

sketch more paint more and post more....