Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Private World !!!

The other day , while having a bath , I was sudddenly reminded of my bathing days as a kid ...
We had this huge blue tub which mom would fill with water and I'd bathe in it for hours together.
This was when I was about 6yrs old .. the tub was actually one meant for putting away used clothes .. but i used it for this purpose.
The tub was sky blue .. and I started feeling a dolphin in a pond / water body.

The tub and the water gradually became a very cherished item ....

As I grew older, I no longer fit in the tub.

Well, my point was about this strange unexplainable world we create in our head .. which is an escape route most of the time ....

My friend has a private world in which the main characters are 2 eskimos and a leaf ... the leaf isjust as human as us.
Another friend has a world that resembles Ooty with loads of grass ... and she has some make believe brothers in them.

The more I think about this , the more convinced I am about these worlds playing an essential part in our psyche. The second friend I mentioned is very insecure .. her parents are never around .. they are too busy with their careers .. hence a world of security with brothers.

I too have a private world ... When things get too hard , I transport myself to my private world ... It isnt running away .. After all, I have to face my problems , but the world in our head just makes it easier .....

Am I crazy ? I guess not ... am sure you too have one in your head


Abdulla syed said...

i am jealouse of you.
but i tell you meFirst.

guesswho said...

lady, as things stand today, u would need a swimming pool to take a bath, bath tubs and all that wouldnty fit u! :-)

Shikha said...

I used to have a world with imaginary friends when i was a kid..but cant even remember their names now!

:: The Protector :: said...

hahaha y dont u get a bath tub tat fit u! ;) ofcourse you are not crazy.. everyone has their own imaginary world.....


Ash said...

just like the book i'm reading now....the woman goes into a cake, her fav hobby when she feels the need to escape into something ....

u aren't crazy at all ..for all u know u are very normal as every normal creature a little crazy .....

and take care...

Anoop said... private imaginary world was one where me and my 2 friends(actual ones) used to play stuff together(I used to play for them too). W all were in different schools but u know what, we landed up in the same class, same school, for our Plus 2.Cool huh???

vaibhav said...

U sure are crazy... like everyone else!

Abhishek said...

have many things in ma mind asa far as this "private world" stuff is concerned...
but dont reall knw whether they'll turn to reality...really afraid abt this.

RP said...

while having a bath
wow! gud news. ;-) No wonder it rained in salem. ;-p

Am I crazy ? I guess not ... am sure you too have one in your head
Ye is rite. v too hve some interesting private world. But that apart, ye is still crazy ;-)

Sujit said...

chennagide nimma imagination, private world enables to come back to normaly from cells being heated up too much. The world that create are just opposite to the situation we are facing!! notice it?.. so neevu normalagidira... enu crazines allaa!!

Alexis Leon said...

We all have our own private worlds where we take comfort. It is kind of defense mechanism. Our mind creates a place so that we can go there and think things over. It is not escapism. It is just a mind technique like self-hypnosis to get your inner mind to help you do and be what you want.

Lost in trance... said...

aint no imaginary world for me, but there sure is a twin tub in the b'room :O) i guess thaz much more fun! ;O)

AnonymousBlogger said...

No Deepa you're not crazy. I think everyone does that to an extent.

If one creates a private world to get themselves through tough times, I don't see anything wrong with that at all.

tcr_79 said...

My dream world is a place where I am surrounded by the three W's - wine, women and wealth :)

Keshi said...

Deepz this is a great brings out the truths abt us and how we cope our day to day stresses...

**As I grew older, I no longer fit in the tub.

lol cute!

yes we all have private worlds that we escape into...I have an imaginary 'happy' world that I go to when Im so down n that world I have perfect friends who love me unconditionally and I have a perfect hunk too ;-) One who does not love me for my looks but love me for who I really am and walks everywhere with me without a complain :):)

My private universe...


Ajay said...

Coincidence i too had a small blue tub when i was a baby. n i loved splashing water too. never thought of myself as a dolphin thought. More like a baby elephant haha.
alternative Reality is what I would call it. Try readin the book "ONE" by Richard Bach

Anonymous said...

~d e e e p a~

tragedy!!!! Naah naah it's not anyone's ... for d ppl of mumbai.
look, in mumbai all around is water water water, but but we dont get water when its abt to drink..water crisis, everywhere... so forget abt that kind of bathing dost...bad luck!!

rebel_on_loose said...

Well i've always imagined high mountains as the perfect escape route...and thts wht i did recently wen i escaped 2 Kerala !
Hehe...maybe u shud get urslf a bigger bathtub now!

Maya Cassis said...

hey ,I can relate to the tub you are talking about.even i had one like it which three of us was fun dipping our rubber duckies and motor boats in there.let's say as we grew up,it just got a lil crowded
great post by the way

PRADEEP K. said...

You are not crazy. You are imaginative. :)

You are right, most of us have our private world, and we create them for our own reasons. Some go there to escape, some for inspiration.

There are also a few who go there in seach of happiness - they find in their private world all that they do not find in the real world. Are they fooling themselves? What does it matter, as long as they are happy!

I do not seek happiness in a private world, because I have plenty of reasons to be happy in the real world. My private world exists solely for the purpose of inspiring me. :)

Great post!

Fleiger said...

Private world? Make it worlds. I have at least 2 to 3 private worlds, perfected over the time. By now I can almost give all the people's names in each.

Each of us has, or should have a private world, where we can relax.

Sudeep said...

As I grew older, I no longer fit in the tub
lol... gud one

everybody has... but i cant remember mine :o
m i already living in an imaginary world?
*pinch*.. ouch.. nope

Sudeep said...

btw, 2 eskimos n a leaf is a gr8 thought

burf said...

no, i don't

Shriedhar said...

yeah, every one has a private world.It's all in our hands to make it colorful.


btw, i like 2 watch dolphins in apond ;))))))

jus kiddin...

Jackal said...

i dont know y every one talking abt bathing.....god it was torture :) for us in winters without warm waters n warden standing there to make sure no one escaped .......

Sujit said...

neevu hegidera, tumba kelasa naa, athava worn out?

Anonymous said...

Well,I am in my private world all the time...savin the world from disaster..lolzz...

Vivek said...

Tat anonymous was me...:D..sorry...take care..cya..

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 abdullah syed :
whyyyy ?????
yup ... u r first !~!

2 guesswho :
Grrrr Grrrr ~~~~

2 shikha :
and now ?

2 vishnu :
somehow , i no longer like bath tubs
cheers !

2 ash :
what book is that ?
ur last sentence is like :
every sane man is insane

vaibhav said...

Private world...???

Please see a pshychiatrist for that :)

Arun said...

Wow!!!..came here by chance
I neevr knew everybody had this imaginary childhood hideout...
made me reflect back on my haven... It was filled with fairies mostly..u know those ones which played a major roles in all famous fairy tales..with tht shining Magic wands.


Sudarshan said...

Hehe you're right lol..I too used to have fun in the bath tub..or buckets when I was a kiddo. But now that ain't possible. But I still have hour-long baths on sundays lol..the tradition continues!!And you're right again..each one of us has a private world, and in that world we're really happy and comfortable!!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 anoop :
yes ... that was good
do u still keep in touch ?

2 vaibhav :
thank u ... that was a compliment .. coming from the master of craziness

2 abhishek :
do u want them to turn real ?
i get a feeling u dont ... but why ?

2 rp :
Salem ? what was that ?
where did that come from ?
what makes u say i am crazy ? i am not .. not .. not :)))

2 sujit :
athu seri ne ...
but yavaaglu opposite aagi iralla
sometimes yes , they are opposite to our real lives .. but not always , na ?

2 leon :
thatz a new way of looking at it .. never thot of it as anything but escapism
thanx a lot :)

Sujit said...

howdu yavagalu opposite agi irralla..

Just A Human said...

Yes, Me too!

I will never forget those days when I used to visit my native (Mangalore, Karnataka).

I used to walk in the lush green fields encircled by coconut trees. Munching puffed rice. Nice breeze guiding my body to jump from one pathway between the fields to another. Dark rain clouds assembled on the sky and white seagulls flying across creating an amazing contrast. I would lie under a huge tree smelling the earth and playing with the water flowing by me. Endless pure enjoyment far better than PS2, Cable television and all the virtual happiness that we gain today that too after paying huge amount to the service provider…

I still visit those places in my dreams and in my thoughts during times when I sit alone by the creek…

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA, I used 2 play in da shower w/ my toys when I was lil... Now iz jus sitting back n relaxin lol ;-) PEACE

harry said...

hey! ...reminded me of my old days....aaah that tub!

why did i grow up?!!!! :P

Anonymous said...

beautiful post, deepa-chan!!!
we had a small blue tub in the house too. ^^
used to put shellfish in it and play with it. haha~
i dont remember such world after growing up.
maybe becoz u have been sooo busy and stressed out??
pls take a rest and have a chilaxing weekend!!!!! xxx

Anand K said...

I always kept to myself as a kid.... even now I ain't much of an extrovert. Don't remember having imaginary friends though..... used to be always rooted in "reality", somehwhat agnostic, didn't believe in fairy tales and stuff. One of those weird kids that later turn out to be serial killers, eh? ;)

My bro had a vivid imagination though.... Till he was 10, he had a whole imaginary country as his personal fief, he used to be the Prime Minister-Chief Justice-CinC all rolled into one, but the people elected him dhemokraktically, he insisted! :)

vaik said...

Imaginery world is sometimes needed to get away from the tensions of the world but not actually getting away from the real world too. But need to be careful that it does not eat ur mind :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 lost in trance :
twin tub ? meaning ?

2 A/B :
and i think i can guess urs ... or is that the past ?

2 tcr_79 :
wish ur mom would hear this ;)))

2 Keshi :
hmmmmmm ...
so , u want ur guy to listen to u w/out complaining .. is it ?

2 ajay :
elephant ????
yes .. shall try to get my hands on that book

2 roy :
haa haaa haaa
water water everywhere .. not a drop to brink ....
thatz the case in mumbai .. huh ?

2 rebel_on_loose :
yes ... i remember u mentioning the mountains in ur previous posts ..
kerala ? why ?
bigger bathtub .. then , i'll need a bigger bathroom too

2 Maya Cassis :
3 of us ? as in 3 sisters ?
rubber duckies i can understand .. but motor boats ? u mean the paper ones ?

2 Pradeep :
yes ... how does it matter as long as they are happy ?
but sometimes , imaginary worlds have a funny way of crashing / tumbling down .. which is v v v dangerous
inspiration ? how ?

2 fleiger :
and these are the ppl who cause probs in ur life ?
they still exist ?

Harjee Kapur said...

deepa - wow.

i remember my huge black tun with a yellow duck.
and bubble soap.

in our minds we form our own world and the people we open up to or become friends with are what we feel are closest to the way we are. those who we can share the bathtub with.

very nice ARE writing with love...



Invincible said...

imaginary friends !!
Do i sense a beautiful mind here ?

I remember watching another movie on 'imaginary friends', a guy named Fred is i f of a cute lil girl, and it showed that the i.f.s too have a world of their own :D.
(dont remember the name).

Now i know wot u do when u run away from Virtual world, u r in ur private land ;)

:: The Protector :: said...

how abt a big swiming pool? :D


Abhishek Upadhyay said...

those good old days.

When I was small I remembered my father taking me to beach and then throwing me and my brother in water with my clothes on. I used to cry in beginning and then start playing in it.

alien said...

hey deepa i am just a visitor to your blog and this post made me remeber my tub as well wherein i still fit and you are not crazy you are an artist you know how to come out of stress by going to your mind and thanks for teaching me the same ...

even i am floating in my childhood which i never use to think about...but it is very beautiful..!!!

tcr_79 said...

Mom would be ok with it I guess :) since it is quite broadly said

Vivhyd said...

private world exists in i think all sane individuals out there.. this world has only so much to offer so y not create our own world out there? i do it all d time..sometimes i keep pinching myself to really believe i am living this life or narrating it to someone else. weird huh?

silverine said...

Another friend has a world that resembles Ooty ... and she has some make believe brothers in them.
Very strange dream for a lonely gal. Brothers do their own thing and will rarely be in the house. But sisters is what a girls perfect world should be made up of because I have seen that sisters make lifelong friends and companions. The only thing I yearn for is a sister :)
Really great and insightful post!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sudeep :
Why cant u remember ?
I'll tell her that :)

2 Burf :
why ?

2 Shriedhar :
Right u are .... we make our lifes colourful
dolphins huh ... hmmmmmmmm

2 Jackal :
where was this ?
and y didnt u have warm water ?
if it was winter , u should have had , na ?

2 Sujit :
tumba kelasa + was on leave yesterday ... mane li nede maadthaayidhe

2 ..::Viive::.. :
what disaster ?
coll is over , na ?

Ekta said...

Hey deepa,
Bang on!
ALL of us all insecure in some way and we all have our ways of dealing with it and tunning away from it!
I believe each one has some other world that we like to go to...some people like to get nostalgic while others like to dream..
Whatever helps us..each to his own!

Sudeep said...

probably coz i dont have any..
or i doubt whether the one i have is imaginary :)


sorry deepafor not droppin' in to ur blog for a long time....was relly busy with work and will be like this till mid may....i hardly got time to post even...anyways....stay well...keep in touch and take care...i will surelly read up all ur post once free...Chaos...

Sudarshan said...

Time for a new post..I can't wait to comment ;-)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vaibhav :
Grrrr !!!
Why ????

2 Arun :
Welcome :)
magic wands .. i used to make wands out og silver paper and cardboard stars ... esp after i read Merlin the magician

2 Sudarshan :
only on sundays ? bad bad bad

Anonymous said...

Crazy??...Not at all...Every person has his own problems..And so do I!!...When I am unable to control my emotions I simply lie down and close my eyes to sub,erge into my own land of wonders wherein everything that is happening is favourable to me and is progressing according to my wishes...Gues that so called " private world" can be defined by every person...

Keep up your good work...

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sujit :
seri ne

2 Just A Human :
hey !
Welcome :)
i have been to sultan batheri ...
why cant u go back there in reality .. and not just in ur dreams ?

2 Quz Boss :
and u dream under the shower .. right ?

2 harry :
exactly my question !!!

2 Niki :
Hi Niki dear ...
yes u r right .. and we've become lazy too ,... right ?
thanx for sharing info abt ur bathtub ...
tc dear

2 Anand :
Oh yes !!!
I can very well imagine him having such a world :)))
but u dont seem to be such an introvert .. not so much in college

2 Vaik :
u've hit it bang on the spot :)

Art said...

I too have so many imaginary worlds.. its wonderful feeling dear.. and yes this surely doesnt make u crazy :)

RP said...


Ajay said...

hey me hakink a come back once again into the blog world.... anyways
i remember my childhood days too...
i think u should just bring a bigger bath tub to experience it once again... hehe

Jackal said...

hi ji :))
deeps how abt a new one ......hope u doing fine.......tcc

Fleiger said...

Nope, most of the people there are my friends here, others are... well, there only.

Waiting for the tag...

AnonymousBlogger said...

and i think i can guess urs ... or is that the past ?

Deepa, it usually stays in the past, but every so often, I find myself back there ;)

Harjee Kapur said...

deepa...honestly, you should update more often...

Ekta said...

Hey deepa,
Although I dont remember anything about the tub bath days coz I that was way long back but ur blog reminded me of this snap of mine when am 1.5 yrs old and playing around in the bathtub...and of course mom at my service to bathe me! u realise what those days were!

Known Stranger said...

when you speak of the tub and bathing. the earliest memories of my tub bathing is when i was 3 years old. I still remember that time parents were living in calcutta and i had a red tub and i still remember i will be left in the tub with a duck while mom taking bath.

the next memory i have on bathing is - first time taking a bath in a free flowing river in my native while i was in 1st std.

memorable days.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 harjee kapur :
thanx for the compliment ...
u r very right abt sharing the bath tub .. nice point

2 vinci :
Fred is an ifo ?
haaa haaa ... u disappear quite often too ;P ... guruji :)))
beautiful mind ? seriously ?
wow !!!!

2 vishnu :
yes .. ok .. but , will i het one ???!!!???

2 abhishek :
hey !
welcome :)
yeah ... i bet u learnt swimming that way ... a friend of mine learnt swimming when his cousins (elder cousins ---- bullies ) threw him into the water :)))
am i right ?

2 alien :
Welcome alien !!! (from another alien ;) )
thanx for all the compliments
but i bet u have a private world too
hope u get back all the joys of ur childhood

2 tcr_79 :
how come ? u were so scared of her reaction in ur last post

2 vivhyd :
birds of the same feather flock together ... no wonder , we are friends :))))

2 silverine :
thanx dear
i guess u want sis coz u have 2 of the same specie - brothers ...
she has neither bros nor sisters .... she had a v lonely childhood , and wants security more than anything else .. and somehow , we all have the image of guys bringing about security ... weird but true

vaibhav said...

Deepa, listen to THE PEOPLE and update!

Demonic Dude said...

Hi.. got to ur blog thru vivve's.. how true bout the private spaces that one needs.. it's really a comfort to have one.. as you're definitely the lord of ur space :)

Anil The Great said...

u know , its such a beautiful experince, being a kid . nobody enjoys life , better than a kid, no worries no tensions, only eat , play and sleep.

and thats the reason why we learn so many things, because I mind is always fresh and ready to give a complete soul of attention.

Wish like was always like that. Wish we were kids always, or wish we were always like kids.

Wishes ...


Invincible said...

"I disappear"
but normally it's first announced to the world on my blog.

If u continue ur vanishing acts off blogworld u might turn into a full fledged schizo.

So be regular :D

:: The Protector :: said...

why not?


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Ekta :
Hi !
Welcome :)
yes ... u r right .. some get nostalgic , some dream , some do both
And you ?

2 Sudeep :
decide now :)))

2 Brownie :
nice to see u here ... finish off ur work .. and then, letz start talking

2 Sudarshan :
Gimme a couple of days !

2 Vicky :
Hi !
Welcome :)
Egggg-actly ... this is exactly what i meant ...
our private worlds !

2 art :
hey !
yup .. it is a great feeling !

2 rp :
ok .. but need a few days ... hafta finish off smthg

2 ajay :
hey !!!!
but somehow , i cant get that one outta my mind !

2 jackal :
yup .. sure ... pretty soon

2 fleiger :
oh ok !

2 A/B :
dont ya worry .. the detox'll be fine

2 Harjee :
i know ... these days , i just dont get the time ... too much work

2 ekta :
yup .. i have one such snap too ... me n my sis ... sis in the bathtub .. and me pouring water over her ..
those days were good ... so are these days ... right ?

2 known stranger :
red tub ?
yeow !!!!
native place ... where ??
u have a river at ur place ?

Known Stranger said...

ya... i was brought up in my village for 3 years to make me realise what is village and how to adjust to village living. It is near kumbakonam , south of chennai.

Ya.. my native do have a river and my ancestor home is on the banks of a smooth flowing serene river.

A wonderful rich village it was ( not now) urbanisation and modernisation spoiling the beauty of it.

Thatz the river a tributory of River cauvery , taught me how to swim. Swimming in a free flowing river is amazing

welcoming the river at small dam when cauvery flows herself out of mettur dam, walking with a delegate style towards our village is an exquisite act.

we call that day as 18 per ( pathinettam perr) I used to go 5-6 km to the nearest small dam and will be running before her so as it will be a feast of we playing run and touch game. Any one who gets his feet wet is out will have his top broken by others.

first year i was the first guy to get my feet wet . next two years during my stay in village didnt get my feet wet.

It was memorable days hey.. thanks deepa you stimulated my memoriees.

and i do be greatful if you do help me.

how do i get contacted in mail. You can certainly do that through my page i would know your contact mail id

Harashita R. R. Bajaj said...

hey nice post...I too have my private world...guess every one has it...

Vivhyd said...

hello.. come out of the bath tub and post a new one..

Amrita said...

childhood fantasies are the best ones we have in our lives...and later when u think about just enriches ur experience...nice post. wish i could go back to my childhood days..

Sudarshan said...

Knock knock lol..enjoying your sunday?:-)

tulipspeaks said...

lolz.. my private world is way too private to be told here!



tcr_79 said...

which one was that??

reaction to this would be fun as this is a generic statement - can be quite harmless as well...

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vaibhav :
Okie ...

2 Demonic dude :
hi !
Welcome :)
u r right .. we r the lords of our private space

2 ATG :
Right u r abt childhood
rem the savage garden song .. animals compared to children ?

2 Vinci :
aap jaise dost ho to koi bhi schizo ban jaayega ...
JK !
nopes .. u dont always announce when u disappear !

2 Vishnu :
What ?

2 Known Stranger :
Hello !
Thanx for sharing ur memories ...
i've been to chennai
u r right abt urbanization ... even my native place has changed a lot

2 Harashita :
Hi !
Welcome back :)
yup yup ... our private worlds ! sigh !!!

2 Vivhyd :
okie !
but , how did u know i was still in the bath tub ???!!!!??????

2 Sudarshan :
yup .. and monday too :)

2 Amutha :
Why ?
what is in there ?

2 tcr_79 :
ur mom's rn to the 'mistyped' post :))))

Anonymous said...

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