Tuesday, May 02, 2006

weekend travails

My last post was on April 19 ....

thatz almost 2 weeks .... too long even by my standards !

Yes , I was busy .. I want to go on a holiday and the only possible way is if I finish off my assignments ... and more importantly , was filling up my personal dairy

And I even forgot to mention my year's completion of my blog ... it was in February !!! Getting too absent minded , I guess !!!

And in the past 2 weeks , there were so many ideas floating through my head ... so many things I wanted to write , but my limbs wouldnt follow my mind ...

Got a copy of P.G. Wodehouse's " The Golf Omnibus " ... one hell of a read ... And yes , you don't have to know about golf to read the book !

Went to a dam 13km from my place .... The last time I went there was when I was a kid .... couldn't remember anything about the place except for the fishes ... And the fishes are a sight !!!
As a rule , I am not fond of fishes ... but these were different .. they are ultra huge ... with crisscross patterns on their bodies .. their tail fins are sky blue with white streaks... The local people dont catch / eat them as they are considered holy ....

Have attached a few pics .. I got them from the net .... Of course, I've renamed the pics.

Anyway , the place is so serence ... Spent a lot of time sitting on a flight of stairs leading to the river .. under a neem tree ... Pure bliss !!

It has been quite sometime that I have gone out with my folks .. and this was a much needed one !


:: The Protector :: said...

me first..........

seems u had great time....wat dam it is?


praveen said...

kewl damn

they are ultra huge ... with crisscross patterns on their bodies .. their tail fins are sky blue with white streaks... The local people dont catch / eat them as they are considered holy ....

holy fishes??what fishes are those??

Sujit said...

Wow.. seems like a nice place.. yeah, water body and something green to see.. always provides the required brake. Hope you busy schedule has come to an end.. but job.. is a contineous process of being busy and more busy. :).. mathe eega neevu hegidera?

vaibhav said...

Nice place... and yeah an update after a loooooooong time!

vaibhav said...

And a belated happy first anniversary to your blog!

Shriedhar said...

seems u have spent sm quality time :))


Shikha said...

As a rule , I am not fond of fishes..i am curious to know why:)

Known Stranger said...

whatz the place ? hmm will do log into blogrolling not today my dear friend. just tired after a trip to bangalore.

Anonymous said...

~ d e e p a ~

so thats the reason you were in very PREIVATE MOOD...looks u flooded with fun & joy...great!!

Rose said...

Nice pics....

Made me wana take a break as well...



Anoop said...

Hey me too went to goa for the weekend..enjoyed the sun and sand!!!
By the way u r tagged!!!

Invincible said...

"thatz almost 2 weeks .... too long even by my standards !"
ma'm, aap to yeh bolo hi mat ! :D

Congrats !! u evaporated a complete year (sans ur elongated vacations) in this blogdom !
good going, babe.

The pics look nice.
Sitting underneath a neem tree in solace. Hey tell me did u too attain enlightenment like Buddha?
I can proudly rename ur link in my blogroll to Buddha-deepa

Glad to know u had an awesome time with ur folks under the blue skiies with blue-skiied-tail-finned-fish :)

Keep rocking !!

P.S. my b'day was on 24th of April.

>|' ; '| said...

last time i went there was when we scooted to the dam after a keltron industrial training session :D
the fish are soo friendly, esp if u have food for them :D

tulipspeaks said...


ggrrrrr... i need a vacation!!!!!


Art said...

wow so wonderful.. I also went to a lake this weekend.. Had a gr8 time..
BTW which place did u go to??

Jackal said...

wow welcum back...yeah it was long time even by ur stds......tht dam reminds me.....of my visit to one such dam n it used to be really nice....peaceful.....cool......tcc deeps

AnonymousBlogger said...

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Deepa!

Thanks for the pics. The scenery is just great there. I really like the pic of the dam with the mountain behind it.

Anonymous said...

Well..Cool pictures...Really really romantic...haha...Guess you had a nice time...That urged me to take a break...and yes I gonna take a long break from school...I gonna get back to India for this 40 days vacation...India is beautiful..I love my India...

Keshi said...

Deepa WB I missed ya! I sort of guessed that u must be quite busy....

wow nice dam...great place to relax...Im glad u went out with ur folks and enjoyed...it's always good when u do that.


Alexis Leon said...

Last time I had gone there was 16 years ago. It is a nice place to go on a short one-day trip. I have gone there many times before that. The fishes are a sight and are really friendly.

PGW rocks. The Golf Omnibus is great as the other PGW books. No wonder you didn't get time to write a post :-)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vishnu :
yup yup ... u r first :)
And , i did have a great time ...
what dam means ?

2 Praveen :
Hey !
I dont know what they are called ... i tried to find pics of them , but couldn't ... mayb , Poison (his comment is there .. below) would be able to tell u ...
I found some scientific names , but couldnt find the pics

2 Sujit :
Busy schedule has kinda slowed down ... am planning to go home for a week ... blrge hoogthaayidhini

2 Vaibhav :
yes ... after a long time ...
thanx for the wishes

2 Shreidhar :
Thank you .. yes i did spend a long time

2 Shikha :
Well ... for one thing , I am veg .. and my earliest association w/ fishes was the smell of fishes being cooked ....
pics of wishes are fine .. but i dont like the scales and the slippery look of wishes ...
and i dont like their wriggling tail fins ...

2 known stranger :
okie ... tell me when u log in

2 roy :
the trip was a sudden plan actually .. but yes , did enjoy it a lot

2 rose :
hey !
welcome :)
sure thing ... u should be taking a break ... itz nice to see different places / things

2 anoop :
goa ? great !
sis has been there ... me not yet ...
sunand sand ? nice combination , i guess .... but i like the rains .. of course rains on the beach maynot be so enjoyable ..
ok ... i'll check it out

2 Vinci :
belated bday wishes ... but did u mention it ? no , right ???????
no re .. didnt attain enlightment .. sad na ?
but on second thoughts , i guess i am better off w/out it ...
else . i'd go abt saying : " Vinci bachcha ... app par jp asar ho raha hai ...... "

:: The Protector :: said...

name of d dam?


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Poison :
That must have been an year ago .. right ? or was it this year ?
what r the fishes called ?

2 Amutha :
why dont u go ahead , and take a break ?

2 Art :
hey cool .... lemme check ur blog for pics ....
Which place as in ?

2 Jackal :
thanx dear !
dont u go there any longer ?

2 A/B :
thanx :)
but the pic doesnt do justice to the place ... the place is so much more awesome and serene ... should have taken some pics ... but unfortunately, didnt ...

2 Vicky :
hello :)
where do u stay ?
yup , India is very beautiful ... hope u have a great time !

2 Keshi :
hey thanx !
yup .. i had a good time ...
and , am relatively free for a couple of days now ..

2 Leon :
16 yrs ? i guess a lot has changed since then ..
cant wait to get back home each day .. just for PGW's company ..

2 Vishnu :
look closely at the pic .. and what do u think ?

Known Stranger said...

what doees that !! mean . I always been criticised that i talk in symobolic words and circles. You really made me ponder.

1. hmmm let me know how to get in touch apart from this blog.

2. What is that dam location. If it is in south India I would love to visit as i am crazy on travelling to roads less travelled and the places that is polluted by the feets of humans.

:: The Protector :: said...

lemme know the location....


Invincible said...

u wanted me to blog that today is my b'day. Please wish me and if possible present me a cute gift :)

Thanks for the belated greetings !

mathew said...

wasnt that our own aruvikkara dam!!!
And the fish you see there are pretty big as well..

RP said...

there were so ideas floating through my head ... so many things I wanted to write , but my limbs wouldnt follow my mind ...
deepa i wud sue ye if i can :-) ye stole words 4m me. these r de same words that pass my mind every time i get some ideas 2 blog. :-D

nice snapz. can ye tel me which dam is this? i am not gud @ geography & so dont ask me to find out :-)

rebel_on_loose said...

Ah...so that's the reason u've been absent for 2 weeks.
A dam just 13 kms from ur home! Ur lucky!
And ain't everybody in a vacation mood these days...i've just come back from a 2nd trip myself!

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Hey you forgot to mention the name of the Dam. And where do you stay?

Sudeep said...

I thought u were way busy in ur bug fixing to post... so didnt disturb u
WB!! :)
Happy blog annivesary... hope u write luv forever like this
party ke liye huggzzz.. :D
the pics lookk gud.. everyone needs n desrves a nice break frm work
i hope all fishes n even all animals become holy so all turn veggies ;)

Fleiger said...

Oh... enjoying a lot it seems. Which dam is it?

Harjee Kapur said...

beautiful...where is it?
and what is it called?

and congratulations on your blogs first 'happy birthday to you'.


Nabeel said...

but what's the name of the dam?

Sujit said...

howda bengalurge hogthayidira.. wow!! I too feel like taking a break and running back home..!! adare enu maduvudu.. try madabeku.... swalpa kasta pattu ee month olagade 2 papers mugsdre june nalli bengalurige hogbahudu.... noodona... nennu matra chennagi enjoy madi :)

Keshi said...

koooooool :)


Vivhyd said...

Nice pics.. good 2 knw u had a good time.. wheres this btw?

Anjaan said...

Very Nice photographs! :)
Shud visit sometime eh?

AnonymousBlogger said...

Deepa, regarding Vaibhav's blog:

TnA = tits and ass

That Vaibhav is just filthy ;)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 known stranger :
!! ... i typed it just like that !
to get in touch ? hmmmmmmm

2 vishnu :
ok ! che-ers !!!

2 vinci :
of course u should ... else how will i know ? u never told me !!!!

2 mathew :
hey ! welcome :)
yup yup ... it is !

2 rp :
but u do write .. na ..... i'm just plain lazy :D

2 rebel_on_loose :
okie ..... lemme have a look at ur blog !

2 Abhishek :
guess ! guess !

2 Sudeep :
yes ji ! bug fixing was going on ... thanx for the concern :)
party ? sure .... but when ????
thatz a very nice thought - abt all the animals turning holy ... but u know , certain animals will be holy only for certain sects ... right ?

2 Fleiger :
yup yup ... enjoyed a lot :)

2 Harjee Kapur :
yup ... very beautiful , aint it ?
thanx for the wishes

2 nabeel :
name of the dam is in the pic

2 Sujit :
howdu .. next week hoogthaayidhini
dont worry ... w/in 2 months , u'll be back at home ..
thank u ... enjoy maadthini

2 keshi :
thanx :)

2 vivhyd :
i got the pics from the net !
yup ... did have a good time

2 anjaan :
hey !
welcome ...
sure , u should !

2 A/B :
right-o !
thanx :)
now , i've smthg to attack them both !!!

tcr_79 said...

2 weeks off... And you did not leave a "Out of Blogging" message
!! grrr...

Maya Cassis said...

hey!looks like a great place
Yeah,sometimes life just keeps us away from writing our blogs...I had taken a break sometime back and now am back to writing again.
We need that break sometimes and then we realise we need to get back to our blogpals again:)

Anil The Great said...


a trip to such a place can be ultra refreshing.


:: The Protector :: said...

knock knock


Invincible said...

wot doubts u had ?

Anonymous said...

woooow! awesome pics, deepa-chan!! ^^
i want to see the blue fin fishes! lucky u have such amazing memories...

Sudeep said...

yeah yeah.. as if i tell u a date for the party n u will agree to tht.
i've smthg to attack them both
both?? why do u drag me in everything? my version was much better than tht...

Michelle said...

pretty pictures!

Sudarshan said...

Oh yea deepa..glad to see a post after such a long time:-) Hehe and happy birthday to your bloggie..when and where is the treat? Wodehouse novels rock right? Its high time I get my hands on one of them!!! By the way, those are nice pics you've put up...glad to know once again that you had a nice time!!! Breaks are a must!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 tcr_79 :
but , i was very much here ..... i was replying to all the comments on my previous posts

2 maya :
yup ... sometimes physical activities take precedence over our literary activities .... right ?

2 ATG :
Right !

2 the protector :
ting ting !!!!

2 vinci :
abt what ??

2 niki :
hi !
i tried to find pics / names of those fishes ... but couldnt ....
i dont have a great memory dear ... just that i like visiting places

2 Sudeep :
Sure , i will !
You dont believe me ?????
@ Drag u into everything : Coz u r so draggable
heeee heeeee heeeee heeeeeeee

2 michelle :
thank u
the place is more beautiful than what it looks like in the pics

2 sudarshan :
yup yup .... breaks are a must !
yup , i did have a grand time :)
and yes .. PGW rocks !

Amrita said...


i know how it feels when u are into this confused state of mind..wanting to write about a lot of things and still not being able to make up one's mind...but ur post was really nice one and the pictures were even better...

vaik said...

A break is always good and refreshing evne if it is for blogging :)

Fleiger said...

Seems like your blog is 2 months older than mine. Belated Happy Burrday!!

When is this poor person is getting a chance to read your tag??

Known Stranger said...

hmm okie.. it will take few more days to update and thanks for getting in touch.

Some times I really ponder if i had asked anything personal to you that you avoided to give a reply - A typical character of a scorpio born intellectuals.

Hmm fine let me ask again in case you have not noticed

1. hmm how do i can get in touch 0ther than this blog.

2. where is this dam located.

If you purposefully noted interested to reply.. fine .. i can understand.

hey.. but.. you make me ponder a lot. Another interesting character of Scorpio to keep the crowd pondering..

I am inteterested in this game.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 amrita :
hi Amrita ...
thanx for the compliments ....
i am glad u liked the place ... :)

2 vaik :
yeah ! u r right :)

2 fleiger :
call me didi then :)))
ur tag will be up soon
pls wait ? after the next post !

2 known stranger :
haaa haaa ... scorpio traits .. huh ????
yup .. i did see the qns ...
and no ., u havent offended me in anyway :)
game ??????

Known Stranger said...

so you noticed yet didnt wan to adress on my q. fine. as well i didnt understand your smily :D but i will pretend as if understood. hieheihe

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

ha haaaaa ok
:D => Grin !

Anonymous said...

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