Thursday, January 12, 2006


Hi ! I am Cloud no. 9. People say I am the creation of an Earthling – Bryan Adams – but , I know better. I still remember my Momma and Poppa … my parents holding my hand on either side. I even remember that fateful day when they parted from me and from each other … there was a heavy gust of wind .. and Poof !!! They were separated.

I cried and cried. When I looked down , I saw some tiny things pointing at me and jumping up and down. I looked around again and now saw some bigger things who didn’t seem very happy to see me … Little did I know then that they were earthlings. But I was small , and my tears too not so abundant.
I was exhausted crying. And then I saw someone coming towards me . The someone was also very sad. We met and the someone told me that the someone was sad because the someone’s parents had disappeared. We realized that Providence had brought us together. I cheered up , and hand in hand , we set out to explore places.

Hours passed by. We realized we needed to know each other’s name. I decided to refer to my friend as Cloud No. 8 as somehow I felt my friend was a step better than me.
We roamed in the sun … and we talked about our parents.

A couple of days passed by
My friend started growing bigger , and I assume so had I. Suddenly , it was evening time , and the sun was about to set. I turned to my friend to say something …. And , I was wonderstruck … Never had my friend looked so lovely ….
Shimmering in the reddish hue of the setting sun, and a silver glimmer
made my heart skip a beat. The distant moon had cast her beautiful rays on my friend. Suddenly something happened to me … I guess my friend realized that. My friend looked down and suddenly , I saw a look I had never seen before on my friend’s face. I followed her gaze , and suddenly blushed. For on Earth , in a tiny , warm home were 2 people whispering sweetly to each other, holding hands and sitting close to each other. Then I saw the beautiful one ‘s expression – it was exactly as my friend’s …. Now everything was clear to us.

With our new found happiness , we spent all our time together. Infact , we even neglected all our other friends, and our duties like giving way to the Sun almighty when needed. We forgot our sorrows …. We were happy , but the earthlings looked tired and exhausted.

Now , I found a never before possessiveness come over me , I couldn’t tolerate anyone looking at Cloud No. 8. And no 8…. Sweet angel , loved me completely…. Her tears brought relief to the earthlings … she took my share of sorrows and cried for me , so that I could smile for her.

Just yesterday , I realized she was growing big , and she accepts the fact with a knowing smile. I am scared now – don’t want to lose her and my baby the way we lost our parents .


Anonymous said...

i'm browsing from cell...



Anonymous said...

will read post tomorrow morning first thing in office....

ma dil goes mmmmm..mmmm...mmmm

gnite n sd's Deepa zeee ;)


AnonymousBlogger said...

That story truly speaks to me. Thanks for that.

Keshi said...

Very impressive deeepz! Excellent writing!!

Clouds' life r just like our's na...


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Z000nie :
Ok .. take ur time .. but i'll skin u alive if u dont come back tomm :)))
again why is that ? the " My Dil goes Mmmmmmmm " part

2 AB :
Awwwwww ......
I didnt mean it that way ... just felt like writing abt it ... thatz all ...

2 Keshi :
Hey thanx ;)
i guess so , actually , i thought of this while having a bath yesterday ...


2 ALL 3 OF U :
U commented before i could do the final touches :((((

Art said...

gr8 imagination dear...

:: The Protector :: said...

Splendid post Deeps, excellent expression..

*tears rolling* *smiles*

Happy Pongal! and have a blast weekend!


Keshi said...

Ur a great thinker Deepzz..


Sudeep said...

WOW!! U write better than Rahul Bose.. :)

the last para was very touching..

@the having bath thing (if i m not invading ur privacy) .. were u having a bubble bath n the bubbles formed a cloud tht gave u the idea.. :))

the Monk said...

nice little thing...good work..

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Art :
Thanx ma'm :))

2 Vishnu :
Seriously ????
Thanx ...
and u too , have a great weekend and
Happy Pongal to u too :))

2 Keshi :
Great thinker in the bathroom ... huh ???
Like bathroom singing and all ???
LOL !!!

2 Sudeep :
Actually ... i was thinking of the song from Sound Of Music ...
" I'd like to be as free as the wind ....... a cloud .... "
Now , dont u even ask me why i thot of sound of music .. ok ????

Rahul Bose ... no way !!!!

2 The Monk :
* Deepa takes a bow *

Shikha said...

I thought you are into cloud gazing( I lovvve lookign at clouds)but then i read ur 'bath' comment..another way to make those creative juices flow:)

Deepak Adhikari said...

Good work Deepa.Ur saga is wonderfully told. Why don't u try (like Chetan Bhagat, remember Nine Point Something?) ur hand in full time writing? Check me out here!

All the best!

Arz000n said...

Nice Posty Deepa Zeee!!

I read it twice and then understood wht you trynna say here...

Pls teach me how to be in Cloud no about this weekend :)

Anil The Great said...

Deepa :

Liked this piece of writing. What I liked the most was this sentence, " I realized she was growing big , and she accepts the fact with a knowing smile." this was a beautiful sentence, seriously.

Meanwhile, enjoy the accolades from your fellow bloggers.

Looks like you soon gonna become more famous than chetan bhagat(courtesy your blog commentors) :-)


Harashita R. R. Bajaj said...

i felt it was rather some human than a cloud....its so natural na...the feeling of love, possesiveness and that insecuriy...oh gosh it was too good

Sudeep said...

Rahul Bose .. no way


9 point something

??????? 5 se 9 kab ho gaya? or is it tht Deepa is a nerd n is a 9 pointer

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Shikha :
Well .. i think a lot more ... esp while having a bath ,.. and while eating , and while ...
ok ok ... i'll stop.

2 Deepak Adhikari :
Hi !!
Welcome ...
isnt it 5 pt something ? I have read 5 pt something ...
sure ... shall def stop by ..

2 z000nie :
What was i trying to say here ??? I am not sure ...
and abt Cloud No 9 ... what did u mean ??
* Deepa blushing
like a beetroot * !!!

2 Anil The Great :
Hey thanx for the compliment.
after reading ur comment , i read the sentence a 2nd comment , and yes , even i like that sentence ...
I write coz i looooooooooove writing , but at times i get stuck ... and , i am no professional writer ;))))
Thanx for the compliments.

2 Harashita :
That was my intention , actually , to show how we can attribute human feelings to anything :))
Thanx for the compliments.

2 Sudeep :
Seriously , even i thot it was 5 pt something ... isnt it ?
puleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez gimme RB's blog link .. ok ??

:: The Protector :: said...



Ajay said...

gr8 post boddy

Sudeep said...

diya na...

Anil The Great said...

Deepa :

That combination of colour was , frankly,very bad. I had to invert color to read your post. Never use such light colours on a white background.


Sujit said...

Hey, very nice imagination and an uninterrupted flow... Have a great day and happy sankranthi..!!

rebel_on_loose said...

Ah, a wonderful expression of thoughts. Hard to imagine u thought this up while taking a bath! Well i guess now i'll have to lookout for such creative ideas too while bathing,eating and....ok enuff! :>
Really nice post.
Keep it Up !!!

Anonymous said...

very touchy, deepa-chan!!
the memories of parents..(>_<)
they are such heartbreaking things.
glad she could find a true fren!!!

Sudarshan said...

That's a really nice it the 'autobiography of a cloud'..the way you translated your feelings into words in too always, this is a great post from you!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vishnu :
Thanx ....
u have a great weekend too :)

2 Ajay :
Heh heh ... thanx :))))

2 Sudeep :
Haan ... mila .... thanx .... i read ur post , par comment abhi tak nahi ki...

2 ATG :
Well , the colour combination was intentional .... i had to use varying shades of blue ... actually, i had tried with various lighter blue shades ... and this is the best of the lot.

2 rebel on loose :
Dont emulate me ..... u might have to face a lotta problems ;))) .... JK ...
bathing does wonders to people .... right ??

2 Niki :
Missed u ... where were u for so long ????
how was ur trip ?
Thanx for the compliments dear .. :)

2 Sudarshan :
Dont flatter me now ;)
thanx for the compliments :)

Renjith said...

i linked u to my site..hope u have seen it

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sujit :
Thanx ...
n u too , have a great Sankranthi :))

2 Renjith :
Hey ! Thanx :)

Deepak Adhikari said...

OK, Deepa and all and sundry there, it was my error to misquote Chetan's debut novel. But then, if Deepa is to write her magnum opus, I was unconsciously suggesting a possible title Nine Point Something (remember her Cloud 9?).
Wouldn't that be an apt title for ur book, Deepa?

praveen said...

deepa...that was seriously a nice and imaginative post..kept me hooked till the end ;-)

Divya said...

thts such a sweet post deepa ..:)


Anonymous said...

thank u veery much deepa-chan!!
ive been sleeping becoz of the jet lag..(^o^;;
trip was fine. only time difference of 14 hrs were killing me. lol

Nitika said...

*sob*...i'm very dump...have to read again to figure out what u trying to say here...

would come back later

take care

Ajay said...

hey my exams get over on 17th jan

vaibhav said...

Hmmm... somebody's writing seriously!

And yes, I don't reply to comments on my blog. I know it's weird but hey that's just me :)

Gates said...

*smiles*. Wish you all smiles from heart, Deepz.

The description was vivid and touchin'. Wish I could cry someday.

Jackal said...

hi.......nice post deeps....was a lil sicj but now i m back....tccc byeee

>|' ; '| said...

who are the parents?

the sun and the sea?

i am not sure i understood the hidden meanings...


tulipspeaks said...

u got me hooked into ur writing.. ;)



DS said...

Brilliant, touching and moving! Very well written.

rebel_on_loose said...

Awww cmon...ur among the people i like 2 'emulate'. :) Ooh yea, bathing is FUN(as long as the water's warm!)Even wen i go swimming in a's hard 2 take me out!

PRADEEP K. said...

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Renjith said...

oh met ekta on orkut got her yahoo her blog..we discussed about one night at cal after readinf ON@cc..thought would write a mail to her..then thought y not post it on blog as open letter so did it...go through her site and my two posts u maybe able to understand..i am trying to do what reality tv shows are doing..little masala addition to my plain vanila life and blog

Vivhyd said...

oh nice one.. well written..

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Deepak Adhikari :
Hmmmm ...... me writing a book ?? Well , i never really thought of it ....
but , it is something worth thinking about.... heh ????

2 Praveen :
Thanx dear !!!
And , what do u think ????

2 Divya :
Thanx Divya :)

2 Niki :
Niki-Chan .... Hi :))
Hope u have got over your jet-lag now ... are u ok ?

2 Nitika :
No probs .. come by any time ... :)
And , i aint trying to say anything here :))

2 Ajay :
That means today , so , ur exams are over .. huh ???

2 Vaibhav :
No re ! ... no serious writing or anything ...
But , if u dont reply to the comments , how do we know what u mean ??

Arz000n said...

aapne samajhaya....
uske baad hi mujhe sab kuch samajh mein aaya

Thanks for tht Deepa Zeeee :)

Z000nie is as calm as ______ (put a good vegetable name in here....I dont like beet roots much)

PuNeEt said...

that was sooooooo beautiful
n so romantic

great going dear

she took my share of sorrows and cried for me , so that I could smile for her
wowwww thats soooo sweeet

Very beautiful post


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Gates :
Hi !
Welcome ...
Thanx for the compliments ...
but , why would u wanna cry ?

2 Jackal :
What happ ?
Why were u sick ?

2 Poison :
Parents : Clouds ...
No yaar , no hidden meanings at all :)

2 Amutha :
Thanx dear :)

:: The Protector :: said...

hi deeps...wat you was the weekend!....

have a nice evening.....


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Div 'दिव' :
Hi !
Welcome :)
Thank you :)

2 rebel_on_loose :
Ok Ok ... now , stop flattering me ... ok ???
I like water too :)

Hi !
Welcome :)
Shall def stop by :)

2 Renjith :
Oh okkk ... then , shall have to go thru ur blog again

Invincible said...

so cloud no 9 was hit a thunderbolt by cloud no 8 ?

vivid imaginations :). I liked it.
for a second i thought they are personifications of ur near-dear ones.

now, i am still not fully into blogging. Remember Neo caught between real & virtual world? i too m caught between real n blogging world, the pendulum swings on either side.

I wud b back. Sorry for not dropping by. [i hardly drop by blogs these days :). ]
Just keep in mind, I m around


(PS - i dint get ur HNY message :(((( )

Ajay said...

yep its over now i am freeeeeeeeeee...........

silverine said...

It's uncanny but I have a half written post on similar lines somewhere in my comp. It's about a rain drop and it's journey to earth!!! UNCANNY!!!

This was a lovely write. Methinks it came from the heart ;)

sonu said...

NIce post, couldnt really understand wots going on in the begining but later on everything fell in the right place :)

keep up the good work!

Jackal said...

I am on cloud 9......Deeps plzz come down now...missing u : ) tcc byee

Keshi said...

Deepzzz new post I know Im demanding...hehe..


Nabeel said...

Have you listened to the song by Bryan Adams called "Rescue Me" ?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vivhyd :
Where the hell were you ?
* Angry Deepa *

2 z000nie :
See u on YM! this weekend ?

2 Puneet :
Thanx re ... i know YOU will feel it a lot .. right ??

2 Vishnu :
Hi :)))
Weekend was good ... did some compering

Khushi said...

very nice piece of writing :)

//I am scared now – don’t want to lose her and my baby the way we lost our parents .


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vinci :
But still , u blogged , but didnt visit me :(((
Is ur YM! still acting up ?
I had sent u msgs on JAn 1st n Dec 31st :||
u r caught b/w " To blog or not to blog " .. is it ???

2 Ajay :
Goody :)))
now we can start our classes ?

2 Silverine :
Thanx ma'm ....
publish ur post ASAP ... ok ????
This is why they say " GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE " ... right ???
I am happy today .... Great ... :)))

2 Sonu :
Welcome back .. where were u ??
What fell in place ? ;))) ??
Am glad u liked it :)

2 Jackal :
Coming coming .... ;))))))))

2 Keshi :
Suu--uuuuuuuuuure ...
how abt Tomm ??
Feeling a bit lazy right now

2 Nabeel :
I like Bryan Adams :)

2 Khushi :
Whoa !!!
Thank you .. thank you :)

Invincible said...

YM does act up when i m behind the firewall. Else it works fine. But i still dint get ur msgs :((

Madamji, i told u right, i m not into full fledged blogging but i m around !!

it's not 'to blog or not to ' but how to and when to and how often to :)
Kabhi milna YM pe, fursat mein baatein karenge. wokay ?

Arz000n said...

When are you coming down to cloud 0 and then write a new posty??

Just curious :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vinci :
I never see you on YM ! ...
u r always invi{(nci)/si}ble .... what can i do ???

2 z000nie :
Sure dear ...
tomm .. done .. ok ?

rocksea said...

some of the colors're too light to read. too many colors could be distracting..

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 rocksea :
You are right , i felt that too , but i wanted to portray the changes in a cloud

Mind Curry said...

well after reading your post i remembered bryan adams also sang "its coming straight from the heart".

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Mind Curry :
Great minds think alike ... huh ???

Anonymous said...

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