Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Incidents from Mahabharata - 1

When  we are upset or in trouble, we tend to either move to spirituality or to addiction. Delving into the greatest epic written in our country - The Mahabharata - is my support. Incidents illustrated in the epic are so significant even today. One incident that stood out is Draupadi's predicament and words to Krishna when the Pandavas and Krishna were debating whether to go for war or give up everything they had for peace.

Before the war, Krishna went to the Kauravas as an ambassador from the Pandava side.  Before he took on the task, Krishna wanted to know the opinions of the Pandavas. Yudishtira was against fighting. Arjuna refused  to fight as the elders and the youth would be killed, leaving no scope for the generation to continue, as well as no scope for the younger generation to imbibe the knowledge of the elders. Further, women would lose their husbands, leaving them helpless and forced to go to any means to take care of themselves. In addition, Arjuna refused to fight against his teachers and elders.

Bhima too refused to fight, and said he was ready to even work as a servant for the Kauravas if war could be prevented. 

Then  Krishna asked Draupadi what she wanted. At this, Draupadi sheds tears. Krishna, who in that avatar wipes away every woman's tears, promises to avenge Draupadi's tears. When asked again, Draupadi replies that she is as good as being husband-less. Despite being married to 5 brave and illustrious warriors, it is as if she's married to 5 cowards. She elaborates how when the Kauravas tried to humiliate and force themselves on her, her husbands watched helplessly. The elders too forgot the path of righteousness in that court. And now, her husbands are ready to work as servants for the Kauravas if war could be prevented. But what about her ? If her husbands were to work as servants, what was she expected to do ? And then, she says she would never step into the Kaurava household, and if necessary, return to her aged father, assimilate his army and wage a war on the Kauravas. To this, Krishna replies that he has got his answer. 

If viewed closely, so many parallels are visible. Even today, man is ready to sacrifice his wife for his relatives. Even today, man never considers his wife while making decisions. Exceptions are there, but 99% of men are selfish narcissists whose only focus is their own and *their* relatives' well being. There are so many cases of men being ready to sacrifice their wife's happiness for their success.

Even today, a woman is completely safe in only her own (her parents') house. Throughout life, a woman gets most support from her parents. Exceptions abound here too, but this is true for 85% of the women. A woman, if true to herself, finds peace of mind mainly in her parents' home.

Draupadi, despite having 5 brave and valourous husbands, had to seak solace and refuge in Krishna. Even today, a woman is often forced to, and receives help, support and guidance from people other than her husband. May the Krishnas of this world flourish and increase. 

P.S : I know a lot of women will argue saying that they find peace with their husbands. But, most of these women would have given up their interests, their hobbies, and things that matter most to them for this peace(?). Only 1 in  10,00,000 men would do the same for their wives. Sadly, 99% of women do not fall in that category. 

Every time a woman is insulted,
it should herald the start of degradation of the one who dared to insult.


up↑take said...

Individuality is ego. Sacrificing your likes and dislikes is the step to universality -- the way out of delusion. (I know you don't like one word I write here, but I have my convictions).

4 types of people approach spirituality -- aartho (the one in pain/grief), jignasu (the curious) arthaarthi (the materialist), jnaani (knowledge seeker).

I hope things are not too bad. When upset, take up some outdoor activity or spend time with children in your neighborhood. Hope to see some joyful posts again.

Anonymous said...

have faith . good times will roll again :) . u can start reading savitri book & play ur violin again . jeevitham valare sundaram aane

Bikramjit said...

hmmm well so i guess it was ok to go to war and let innocents die..

did anyone even bother thinking of all those who died , in mahabhartha too its all about the pandavs and kauravas , god's etc .. but what about the soldiers who died the no-body's .. No one cared for them .. something to think about ..

and yet we have made it of men-women in the end


Jack said...


Finally read both pending posts. Previous one shows the sad reality. So does this one. Both are inter-related. I had written Happy Married Life in 3 parts in Oct - Nov 2009 where I tried to bring out expectations of each person involved and responsibilities to fulfill those. Please do read those and let me know of your views, if not here then on mail. Also any relationship, specially marriage, to be healthy depends upon 4 basic principles which are :

1. Mutual respect. Not only for each other but near & dear ones of partner too.
2. Mutual Trust. Not to be possessive and to give space while at the same time not misusing such given space.
3. Accepting other as he or she is without making efforts to change him or her while making efforts to overcome own weaknesses.
4. Two way open and logical communication without raising voice or losing temperament.

Apart from these Sense of Humour, Physical Relations etc add to strengthening relationship.

In laws should treat their D i L just the way they would like to see their daughter treated at her in laws' house.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Well u should be able to see my post now

ashok said...

whats up Deepa...

Sorcerer said...


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

uptake :
and what is the point of universality ?
Joyful posts are sure to come in !

Anony :
Savithri book ?

Bikram :
Like I mentioned, the main reason why the Pandavas refuse to fight is because they think of the casualties of war .. the numerous soldiers who would die leaving behind orphaned children, widows and aged parents. It is not the no one thought of them. that was the primary concern of both the Pandavas and the Kaurava elders.

But, there is something know as fighting the righteous war. This has been India's foreign policy too. You retaliate in defense (and not in offense). Sometimes, to establish righteousness, the casualties are ignored. Would it have been a better option to let the Kauravas rule ? To let their (evil) power spread ? To allow them to insult more women ? I doubt.

Everything, in the end, is related to the relationship between men and women. Take the Ramayana, The Iliad, or the MAhabharata ... events are set into motion due to the dynamics between men and women.

There is an ancient saying (translated from Kannada) : The cause of fights between men are 3 - women, land and money.

Jack :
But how many people can follow all 4 ????

FV :
I did, and replied too !

Ashok :
nothing much ... just working on a new painting.

Sorcy :
eh hmm ?

up↑take said...

Universality? It is the ultimate destination for all knowledge (advaita darSanam jnaanam). It is where delusions and darkness are transcended.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deepa sister,

There are lot more intricate responsibilities and duties (that they did perform or that they did not perform) when it comes to each character in Mahabharata. Each was a toy in the hands of GOD to demonstrate to the world the basic rules that everyone had to adhere to for a happy and prosperous journey in our various lives.

Here are my suggestions for you.When Draupadi prayed to Lord Krishna(All pevading divinity) with the below prayer, he didn't help her when her clothes were pulled by Dussasan:
"Oh Krishna, the one who lives in Dwaraka, ruler of Dwaraka, the king of Yadava, please save me from this situation".

when immediately, draupadi changed the prayer and prayed again as below, then she immediately got the needed help by Lord Krisha:
"Oh, the Omni present, Omni potent, savior of all, mother of all, father of all, save me from this situation".

NOW, YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE IN THE FIRST PRAYER AND SECOND PRAYER? First prayer is only a limited one, and limitedness is of limited help. But the second prayer is done with the realization that GOD is ALL PERVADING, OMNI PRESENT & OMNI POTENT and the ULTIMATE.

My Intuition tells me that the more we realize the Omni presence, Omni potence of GOD, the more we get to be saved. Its all in yourself dear sister.

Next time when you Pray to Lord Krishna, you pray with the realization that Lord Krishna is the Omni Present, Omni Potent one and the father of all, mother of all etc universal qualities.

This realization alone is the solution to all the problems. All prayers and rituals are designed with the ultimate aim of making oneself realize this realization.

Rest assured, pray to Lord Krishna like this and you will get the help from all, since GOD is ALL PERVADING/Omni present. I tried this and it works or me and other for sure that I know of too.