Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Susan Boyle

We judge books by their covers far too soon .... and we are often so so snobbish. But those with true talent always remain humble, and in the end beat all odds.

This post is probably way too late. But, Susan Boyle's life is one of those things that reminds me what is truly real in life. Ms. Boyle was laughed at all through her life, her dream of wanting to be a singer laughed at by everybody. But, dreams dreamt sincerely will never disappear. She finally got where she should have always been. Two videos : one where people snickered at her, and one where she achieved her dream always come to my mind when I feel a need for inspiration (especially the first video).




Jack said...


One can definitely achieve what one aims for with true dedication and confidence in self.

Take care

Sorcerer said...

Thats the way it is...
Never wait for the world...go ahead..Do your Kungfu..and ze world follows.

the key word is "Kick ass"

Bikramjit said...

Iknow I saw the episode of britians got talent when she came on stage the whoe audience and the judges thought THAT THE HELL.. but THEN she sang and rest as they say is history ..


ashok said...

What a talent!

kanagu said...

Hi Deepa,

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kanagu said...

Thanks for sharing this Deepa.. Very inspirational video... all it took 2 minutes to change the people's misconceptions to claps!!!


Anonymous said...

What happened to my favorite blogger ? write write !!!!!!

Raghav said...

big fan of hers, wonderfully written

Sujit said...

Life span is a long time, need to wait until the end to complete all dreams..! Nothing is gone..

Anonymous said...

What a sad state of popular culture when "talent" is measured by one's ability to sing karaoke for 30 seconds.

Yeah, I get it. Everyone shit their pants when Susan Boyle opened her mouth because she's so ugly...surely her voice would match her face, right?

The problem is, she's not really doing anything. None of these clowns are. Take a look at her albums. She hasn't written a single song or contributed to any arrangements of any songs on any of her albums.

It is purely by luck that she was discovered, not because of a talent that could not be held back. Sure, she achieved her dream, and good for her, but her story falsely implies that the best way to "make it" is by auditioning for such trash as "Idol" and learning how to sing other peoples' songs well.

Pretty soon, nobody will be writing new songs, we'll just be re-recording all the ones we already know and like.


Srijith Unni said...

Hi Deepa,

Posting this here, because there appears to be no way to post comments on your next post. Really was an eye-opener. I guess perhaps all men get a little insecure when their wives love their families a little more. But yes, definitely sympathize.

Good to read this, Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless!

With Best Regards,

sridhar said...

Dear sister,
I read your very recent 4 days back post. I truly understand your situation in the married life. Please DONOT take any hasty decisions due to this. Life is very precious. I am a Husband to a woman, and my wife had gone through some of what you have gone through, because of my initial behavior. I was kind of insensitive to the way a woman thinks as there were no woman in my life, due to passing of my mother in my childhood.

But I can understand what you are going through in your life currently. I want you to NEVER loose your courage and SELF-CONFIDENCE in your life no matter what. DONOT LOOSE trust in GOD(The Omni potent and Omnipresent Divine mother) no matter what. I know it is really tough to keep up when the surroundings are against you, but trust me, our cries are definitely answered if we seek GOD patiently. All our problems will be solved.

By the way, from the kind of background that you are from(having lot of freedom in parents home) and going to a husbands palce, where that husband thinks he is the only best guy, will be a big difference for you.

But can you try to be passive and see what the reactions will be from your husband? For example, stop reacting and just follow his instructions blindly and see what happens. But you might have to do this with real patience and it may take longer time. Let me know if you want any help, like getting the message to your husband.

Also, is there any domestic violence involved? If yes, then, if it is in the USA, then, let us know, and we will report it to the appropriate authorities and they will RIP him apart and will never be able to survive in USA. As far as in India, even there, we will send some goons there to take care of him and his family(Sorry to say this, even though he is your husband, but if its a matter of Domestic Violence, Sorry, we have to deal with them ruthlessly).

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Jack :
And that is so hard to maintain, right ?

Sorcy :
Well... u cant do that coz someone or the other always tries to bind you down.

Bikram :
Yeah !

Ashok :

Kanagu :
Will do.
Inspiring, it is !

Frail voice :
My voice has gone frail ... what to do ?

Raghav :
Thank you !

Sujit :
But, better to achieve your dreams as soon as you can.

Anony :
While composing your music is creativity and talent, being able to sing (even if another's song) is talent .. I cannot sing the way she has ... so these competitions do serve to bring out hidden talent in a way.
It was not pure luck that got her where she wanted to be. She had the talent that could not be hidden.
Anyway, my post was not about talent. My post was about dreams being achieved and wanton prejudices

Anonymous said...

I read your latest post , i figured its not ment to be commented on ,what ever it is, may god give u peace and strength buddy take care of your self Deepa

Anonymous said...
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~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Srijith :
was it really an eye opener ?

Sridhar :
Thanks for your comment. It is nice to know that one guy has taken the effort to change himself and make a woman's life better. Kudos to you.

Frail voice :
Thank you. :)