Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My new painting.... Too much crowd ... Opinionated people ...... Sight of water colour ... my new painting ..... Falling hair .... toilet getting dirty too quick ... lengthy but thin hair ... My new painting .... Lack of progress on older painting .... Report ... Mobile volume .... Voices .... Laziness


Bikramjit said...

Yes Ok.. I am sure all will be fine


ashok said...

cool down buddy :)

kanagu said...

Don't worry Deepa... these too will pass :) :)

Sorcerer said...

pavam you..
patience.patience..patience..patience wearing thin like the hair.eh?
Have patience use head and shoulders.

"toilet getting dirty too quick" : Well..stop cooking experiments.
khi khi khi khi khi

Getting Garfield perzzzzzzzzzzzonified...you should.

So sayz Sorco.

Eon Heath said...

i am blank & lost tooo...

Rakesh said...

Should i send Actor abbas to clean up ur toilet? He is jobless anyway so i dont think he would mind popping infront of ur door with a harpic bottle in his hands :D :D :D

Jack said...


Read 3 posts. Thanks for information about Worli Art. The paintings look so attractive. I have not seen the movie so will not say anything but SRK has surely delivered some good movies. What made you in this mode? Relax, such distractions are always there for any artist and people will always make some unwanted comments. You must not let such things discourage you.

Take care

Sujit said...

its only time.. :)

1900CL. said...

I'm glad you have such love for painting.

Anonymous said...


P. Venugopal said...

but where is the paining? might be a masterpiece for all you know.

Raghav said...

i love rants. mostly my own, but today yours.

Deepa said...

Bikram :
Inshah allah !

Ashok :
Am OK-ok :)

Kanagu :
Yeahh .. it has !

Sorcy :
Garfield ??

Eon :
Join the club !

Rakesh :
:D :D .. yeah yeah .. send .. am waiting macha .. anytime (That was also a dialogue from his movie :D :D )

Deepa said...

Jack :
Thanks for reading.
Am trying to get more info on ancient arts
Tell me ... since you had expressed an interest earlier, would you buy a painting like this if you could ?

Sujit :

Kiddy :
Thanks Kiddy. I hope it stays that way !

Hari :

Venu Maash :
Hey !
Will put it up if I think it meets my expectations
How have you been ?

Raghav :
thanks thanks
oh ! you'll hear a lot .. promise ya !