Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Finally, watched Ra. One.

Though it was not an amazingly movie, I enjoyed it. Once again, Shah Rukh Khan proves why he's a superstar. No other actor (except may
be John Abraham) would suit the movie. In my opinion, there are only 3 actors in India ready to risk their finances and career to make such a movie - Shah rukh Khan, Rajnikanth and S.J. Surya.

SRK looks a lot more flexible than in all his other movies. The song 'Criminal' was a bit embarrassing in the theatre .. but well ....

As usual, the potrayal of South Indians in hindi films can get sickeningly irritating. Ra. One was better than most, in the sense that a lot of the verbal usage and actions by the Tamil protagonist are in fact followed by many Tamilians now too (the use of 'ayyyo' etc), bu
t then again, a lot of the depictions are pure exaggerations (e.g. having noodles with curd)

The movie is good time pass .. and if you are a Shah Rukh fan, the movie is worth the watch.
Quite a few scenes (esp the train scenes) in the movie reminded me of the Rajnikanth starrer 'Endhiran'.

Arjun Ramphal was awesome as the villain. His acting was controlled, but powerful enough to show the character's power and evil strength. In both Ra.One and Om Shanti Om, I felt Arjun Ramphal stole the show by his acting, rather than SRK .. It is sad that this actor is often underused. He is awesome in negative shades (Ra.One, Om Shanti Om and Moksha). There is a scene in the movie where he walks in front of a burning Raavan efigy. That scene is one of my favourites in the movie, and made an impression.

There were no unnecessary song-dances or wailing parents and neighbours. The story moved smooth and fast. Some of the one-liners in the movie were really good, especially those by Arjun Ramphal.

The kid in the movie was great. For once, Kareena Kapoor was not irritating.

All in all, I enjoyed the movie, :) :). I went with an open mind, and expecting something different. I was not disappointed .. SRK may not really be able to act, but he for sure is one hell of an entertainer ! Definitely, SRK has done a lot of better movies, and definitely one hell of a superstar. Rightly called 'The King'.


Bikramjit said...

I was not impressed at all..
liked Arjun rampal as villain .. thats all i have to say about the movie ..


Deepa said...

Bikram :
I don't think I'd have enjoyed it if it were any other actor. But, I can watch any SRK movie .. so I enjoyed it :)
And though the concept confused me, I just accepted the story as such ...

Eon Heath said...

interesting.....hmmm...i have yet seen the movie but i remember reading the review online...
one of the reviews read something like
"Its a 2min rajni movie with shahrukh doing a 2hr guest appearence.."

kanagu said...

SRK always have that charm... Me too like him very much..

Yet to watch the movie... surely won't watch in theatre as I don't know Hindi..

Anonymous said...

The movie appeared 2nd say itself online with a crystal clear clarity. I watched it online, instead of in theater as everybody was saying that its a high cost video game rather than a typical Indian movie.

Overall, the move looks like a Video game. Nothing much.

I like Rajini sir's Robo with much admiration, as that has the essence and the message and was very well presented.

A good thing about it is that, SRK tried a bit different and that effor is to be appreciated, but that too, is again a copy idea from Robo.

urban butterfly said...

I love Shah Rukh Khan movies! I'll have to check this movie out!

Sujit said...

Thou watched on a small screen yesterday night :), it is ok kinda a movie.

Sorcerer said...

Nice movie-- finest example of sarcasm/irony etc etc.

When is Ratwo on?

ashok said...

this movie is way off my list...

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Eon :
ayyo ... alla .... not really a real Rajni film ... its similar but conceptually different from Endhiran .... just a time pass .. a kid's movie ...

Kanagu :
Ok .. but the movie is not good on small screen ... you have to watch it in the theatre to enjoy it .. same like Endhiran

Anony :
in my opinion, watching online does not have the same effect as on the theatre.
It is not the same as robo .. the storyline is also different ... I watched Endhiran (Robo in tamil) in the theatre ... was also a timepass .. but Ra. One got over faster than Robo

UB :
did you watch it ?
this movie has no sentiments at all though

Sujit :
small screennalli effect barathuilla

Sorcy :
hmmmffff ....
ra.teo ? SRK doesnt duplicate his movies (Except for Don)

Ashok :
Try it ... you may enjoy it ...

Rakesh said...

SRK is the best no-matter wht they say :)

venus66 said...

I like his movies.

Deepa said...

Rakesh :
yeah .. he is !

Venus66 :
me too !

Privy Trifles said...

Hey Deepa,

Just came across your blog through random surfing and just loved it!!

Good job...specially loved this one on SRK!

Keep writing. God Bless!!