Tuesday, July 05, 2011

:( :(

This was a post I started writing a long time ago .. April 17th to be precise. It was 3 days after singer Chitra's daughter drowned in a swimming pool and died.

Having isolated myself from any kind of news / news channels, it came as a horrible shock to me when I heard about the kid's death. It was not just about the fact that it was related to Chitra. For most of us, Chitra is synonymous with some of the best, evergreen songs ever. The best of singers have held Chitra as the pinnacle in some of the best classical/semi-classical music in south Indian films. Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil - Chitra has sung some of the best melodies as well as dance songs in these languages. Apart from her singing, Chitra comes across as a terribly warm person on all the music shows she has been in, and in all the public appearances she makes.

Chitra's daughter - the poor thing had Down's syndrome ... she was born after years of longing for a child. The death of any child is painful, but this even more so. Chitra talks about the umpteen prayers she had said, and the miracle she considered her daughter's birth to be.

Didn't know what to write then, still don't know what to write .. I had started this post many a time, and stopped it half way not knowing what to write.

There are no words, only tears of sorrow
As a life was lost, leaving behind lives made hollow
Rest in peace, oh! sweet and innocent child
Your parents' pain can never vanish, but may it be made mild.


Anonymous said...

These are things we can never comprehend, why did the all mighty let it happen ? why did he bless them and then take it away ?

No word can soothe the pain. Yet you have very rightly summed it up

“Rest in peace, oh! sweet and innocent child
Your parents' pain can never vanish, but may it be made mild.”

Sorcerer said...


*silently walks away

Camille said...

May Chitra's daughter rest in peace.

peace & love to Chitra & her family.

Anonymous said...

rest in peace

Down Down said...

the neo indian girl -- educated -- independent -- wants to marry and have kids -- not now, some day in the future -- finally that day comes -- she rejects guys -- then the guys reject her -- finds a boy finally -- great, but now those hormones are not what they used to be -- visits to the fertility clinic become a routine -- and it comes with threats like Down's Syndrome -- the perils of procrastination -- we heard that before, didn't we?

Srijith Unni said...

+1, Deepa, Such incidents truly can be explained. We only have fate to blame. I cant even imagine that Chithra must be going through. My prayers go out to her. Hope she gets past this and starts to sing again. Music is the best medicine.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Just Words :
Yes .. There is just nothing you can say .. except that it was meant to happen .. death is in God's hands, after all !

Sorcerer :
Thats how i felt too.

Camille :
Inshah allah !

Down Down :
Hey !
The scenario you mentioned happens, but not in this case.
Chitra is an epitome of grace and kindness. None of the points you mentioned are applicable in her case.
Chitra and her singing parallel God gifted music and talent... and when someone is so gifted and holds treats this gift with the respect, worship and devotion it deserves, they automatically become wonderful human beings too ... so none of the neo indian bull sh!t applied/applies to her.

A guy who rejects her has no idea what he is rejecting.

Somehow, I take umbrage to your tone ... !

Sreejith :
When I see the way she responds to children and budding talent, I feel so so bad for her

Down Down said...

Down's Syndrome is associated with older mothers, those who wait too long and then decide they want a baby. i don't know anything about chitra but many women these days are doing just that.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

yeah ... thats prob true ... but this was a diff story altogether .. Chitra's daughter was born when Chitra was past 35, but it was fate and not her choice ... which is also why my heart goes out to her.

Kiddy said...

DD so true,I was 38 and pregnant and a test came back that the baby might have Down Syndrom.But through an act of God I recived a miracle,after much prayer and pondering if to kill the baby,I decided to not to kill him and devote my life to take care of him,then Pat Robertson got a Word of Knowledge for me on the 700 Club that the baby would be all right. And sure enough the baby was born healthy.In the end before making the dcision a TV family show came to my mind and Chris.

kanagu said...

:( death of any child is bad.. especially for their parents :(

Sorcerer said...


skipping this airspace due to weather..
movin to mti

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Kanagu .. :(