Thursday, May 26, 2011


The fragrance of hot green tea
With a touch of fresh jasmine and lime

The sound of the rain in the background
and the dark sky outside my window

The soulful tunes from my favourite song
As I work out the solutions to an academic problem



Sudeep said...

In such case I would wish there should be a football and a bunch of friends to play. Or a bike to go around enjoying the rain lashing on the face.

S said...

Ah! The poet comes to the fore! :D

What studies are you pursuing?

Anonymous said...

nicely u have penned the words . which sustainable energy project you are working on .

Royal Desperado said...

Nice lines!!!!
Isn't it funny how the good mood can be ruined so quickly by academic problem.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Sudeep :
I wish I had such friends too !

S :
Couldn't get a sense of rhythm :(

Anony :
it is called LEACH

Royal Desperado :
True .. especially when the brain goes into 'bheja fried' mode

Jack said...


Visiting after a gap. Read all pending posts. How are you now? Hope walking about without pain. A relationship depends upon some basic principles - mutual respect, mutual trust, giving space and two way logical open communication being the foremost. If any of these is lacking, there is likelihood of tension. All involved have to work towards this. Women should not only be treated as equals but given their rightful place too. And women too need to understand that to achieve that they also have to shoulder equal responsibilities without asking for favours being a woman. No matter whatever be the situation, a woman need to be shown proper courtesy. I am sure one can solve academic problem in such a congenial atmosphere.

Take care

kanagu said...

where it is raining... I am getting baked under the Chennai sun :(

Poem is nice :)

Anonymous said...

vote for it if you like it.
my friend's blog.

Deeps said...

rains rains rains! How I'm yearning for them and yes green tea, some pakoras and some music to with it! Beautiful lines, Deepa!

So did tea, rains and music help you find a solution to your academic problem? :D

Sorcerer said...

Aha!! The monsooonss..AYe aye..
Academics has always been my problem.

Enjay..ze rain
Came back after a all yer previous posts

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Jack :
Am doing fine now ... fine till i sprain my ankle again !
Well, my academic problem gradually seems to be getting solved too :D :D
How have you been ??

Kanagu :
Its a poem with no rhythm !!!!
Am loving it ! How are you ?

Anony :
Thank you .. its a great blog !

Deeps :
Still working on it .... but its better than a week ago ! I love the rain !!

Sorcy :
Welcome back ... actually missed ya !
Saw your comments ... :D

Camille said...

I love the sound of rain fall :)