Thursday, June 02, 2011

Contrary to what is believed and expected from a girl, I know a lot of profanities .. in 4 languages no less. It is a totally different matter that I never use them. Most of us are educated in English and Hindi profanities, thanks to the TV/books/cinemas.

My guy friends have served to educate me in profanities in local languages ... it comes as a surprise to many that I actually know these words/profanities.

In the ever present endeavour to enhance my vocabulary, I request some education in profanities in Telugu and Tamil ... please oblige ??


S said...

Now! Now! Is this way a lady behaves?!
Absolutely shocking! To your room young lady and don't come out till you've learnt your lesson.....and I do NOT mean the one on profanities; Telugu, Tamil or Swahili!


Sorcerer said...

aha!! Acquiring Imported weapons for war of wits?

I wish I could teach you a whole lot of words...but my vocab is limited like "Vocab" as in "Vocabulary".

Sorcerer said...

aha!! Acquiring Imported weapons for war of wits?

I wish I could teach you a whole lot of words...but my vocab is limited like "Vocab" as in "Vocabulary".

kanagu said...


Sorcerer said...

Since you pushed me to Say it...and Nobody in here is trying to help you on your quest to acquire awesome_lifesaving_one of a kind_woohaa_oohaah_aaawwww words, I thought, I will give you some pointers on that.I believe in the freedom of almost everything.
Quoting from my infamous speech on Freedom.

"I have a dream, every nutcase in the world gets to spout his nonsense.

I have a dream, every weirdo gets to blubber incoherence into the chaos.

I have a dream, every geniasses gets to wear words of profanity on their t-shirts and mickey mouse underwears.

I have a dream, every psycho gets to shower his insanity on squirming targets.

I have a dream, no body stops dirty minds from working coz they might be the only ones working.

I have a dream,all us crazies make our own home away from oppresion and tyranny



First word I would like to share with you is rated quiet high in Telugu on a low level.
Before I give you that awesome word..Some word of caution..

Do Not Try it at Home..I repeat..this stunt is actually performed by profanity experts..Please do not try it at home.

Statistically speaking,playing with profanity has claimed more victims than people who tried to wear their sock standing on one leg. are getting so impatient like a blonde with chewing gum stuck on her hair. give you the First Telugu word coated thick with profanity.

The word is "Mallipudthavura Bhairava...Mallipudthavura"

Seriously, you do not want to know the meaning.Last time some one heard it's meaning had an IV tube stuck up his soft tissues.

Two others who found out the meaning was declared clinically insane.

A businessman who tried to find out the meaning of that word was stuck by lightning while in loo reading playboy magazine.

historically...I believe it's a word used by Greek Gods to show their due respect of profanity to guys who jump of cliff without parachute.

Word Manual:How to Use your New Found Word

Do handle this word like you handle mascara[I think this is what you put on eyes] on your eyes.

This word is more effective when murmured.Puts the listener in a state of political unrest.


1)Do not try it on your room mates.You do not want them to push you out of the window.

2)Do not try this on kids.They have a way to come up with more awesome words.Think about LKG education.

3)Do not try it at your managers.They wear their sock in different colors.

4)Do not try this on hostel wardens.You will never find vegetable pieces in your sambar.

Ps:Manual will be updated as and when I get a flu.

Sudeep said...

Filling up your arsenal of profanities for future use?

Bikramjit said...

he he he :) write you can email me what you have learned .. .

I would like some tamil ones myself tooo ..


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 S :
I love shocking YOU, my dear ;D can i have a laptop when i am banished to my room, m'am ???????
Looks liek the ego has returned, eh ???

2 Sorcy :
u think i believe you ???

2 Kanagu :
oye ... why are you grinning .. you know many in Tamil, am sure !

2 Sorcy :
You are a sweetheart for sure !!! Looks like you have fallen straight for KalBhairava (from magadheera) or rather Ram Charan Teja ... ever since that comment from Hari, I have been doubting you two ... drawing sexy women doesnt help , you know !

2 Sudeep :
Knowledge never hurts, no ?

2 Bikram :
why boss ? why do you want some in tamil ? I already know a few in punjabi .. so ... ::D

Kiddy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sorcerer said...


I deny the allegations..
Don't question the only thing which I got straight in my life.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Kiddy :
Hey !!
I guess Heather Locklear is right .. and maybe some women never grow up !!!
Heh heh .. so Sorcy is all taken huh ??!! So why does he go around tempting poor guys (like Hari) then ???

Sorcy :
U sure ???

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Kiddy, do u have a blog ? am unable to view it though !

Sorcerer said...

Hahahahaha I taken?am I on Ebay?

Yeah..Rrrrrrrrrriightttt..Kiddy...I pray its a hot chick wearing leather with high heels and piercing on the eyebrows and tattoo and all.

Okay..for time being..let's leave my orientation in a straight line.

Kiddy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kiddy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Sorcy : U wanna auction yourself on ebay ?? That bad kya ?? As a last option, u always have Hari ;D ;D
Heh heh LOL @ Kiddy's comment .. All man huh ??? :D :D :D

Kiddy : Thanks for shedding light on much of Sorcy's awesomness here !! Way to go !

Sorcerer said...

@ Kiddy

Oh Well!!!!
Kiddy...My infamous stalker from US of A is here.

Awesome....Seriously..this comment page is gonna see some serious action.

Born in 54 and Screen Name Kiddy?
Getting a 'stay order' from Mr.Yamdev [Nasdaq of death for you Umricans!!]itself?

That's some real achievement.Congrats Kiddy!
Har har har har har. *snort *snort.

People like Kiddy takes my faith away from USA.I mean..Now I am starting to doubt their Moon landing as another Hollywood Flick.

and You cant claim me in the name of Star Spangled Banners..I am not Gaza Strip or Wake Island.
These this!

Tell me Kiddy..what drug are you on?Do they allow you to use INTERNET from asylums?
How did you get out of the straight jacket.[Plz..dont answer that.Can seriously hurt my libido for ever.Terrible mental image!!*gwadddd]


I think you and Kiddy should get acquainted.It's fun to have an online stalker who hallucinates sitting 2 oceans away from a wifi enabled asylum.

Ps:This is gonna get interesting..cant wait to log back in and see counter comments.

Jack said...


I read this earlier but my memory fails to tell me if I commented. No harm in knowing what you wish to as it ensures that one can not get away by using such on you.

Take care

Camille said...

Nothing wrong with a little profanity every once in a while! ;)

I know profanities in English and Spanish. I'm learning some in Hindi too!

S said...

The under currents here!!!!
Careful, else you'll be swept away!!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Sorcy :
Ahha !! Can see your eyes slanting with irritation :D :D
Finally, I see someone being able to get under your skin !
:D :D .. the stalker was fun while she lasted !

Jack :
Well .. you didn't comment :D :D
So, teach me some ??

Camille :
Hindi too ?? Great ! I was trying to learn Portuguese, but after a few months, my teacher disappeared !

S :
hey girl ! The radar is up, eh ?? Or are the under currents so strong ? How have you been ?

Kiddy said...

I liked what you wrote on July
15th,2006,DEEPA,I left you a comment there.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

@ Kiddy, July 15 2006 ???? Did i write a post then ? I see i wrote a post on july 16, 2006 .. but do not see your comment there !

Kiddy said...

I meant 2005.

Kiddy said...

That's wonderful how you have changed in appearance in the last 6 years next month DEEPA.Can you reveal how it took place?

Sorcerer said...

Khi khi khi khi khi khi khi khi khi...
Haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw,,,

kanagu said...

/*oye ... why are you grinning .. you know many in Tamil, am sure !*/

I am not saying I don't know... but I don't use them.. and its quite funny when one like to learn them :) :)