Thursday, March 17, 2011

Starting afresh

The last couple of months have been spent with no updates ... Am starting fresh all over again ...
To start with, have a couple of movies lined up to watch :::

1. Accident-1984 (Kannada)
2. Anadabhairavi (Telugu)
3. A whole bunch of Mohanlal's 1980s movies (Malayalam)
4. Aidlonda Aidu (Kannada)

am reading Clive Cussler's "The Pacific Vortex". Reminds me again and again why Clive Cussler is one of my favourite authors !!


Anonymous said...

welcome back

kanagu said...

Welcome back Deepa :) :) how are you doing???

I don;t know about those movies.. watch and let us know.. so me also will watch it if it is good..

first time I am hearing about Clive Cussler... will try to read his books :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Anony ... thank you :)

Kanagu ... hey .. Have watched about 25 min of Anandhabhairavi, and its really good ... but there are no english subtitles, but the actions speak louder than the words .. so ..
Clive cussler has been one of my fav for ages ... it's based more on army/navy exploits

Sorcerer said... are so back... be watchin movies again and you aint gonna update your blog

I dink such things should attract penalty.
and who ever fails to upate ze blog should send an undisclosed sum(>100$) to sorcy's account.

keep rockin..

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

and as a new year present , Sorcy gifts me 500$ :D :D :D

Count Bratula said...

welcome back deepa :)

Alexis said...

Nice movie list. And "The Pacific Vortex" is good. I too am a big fan of Clive Cussler; read almost all of his book at least a couple of times.

Pixie said...

Good to have you back! :)
That's a good book... I enjoy reading Clive Cussler too!

And the movie - Aidlonda Aidu , who's in it?! :D

Anandhabhairavi is a beautiful movie!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Brattu , where are you ???

Alexis, its so engrossing , right ? I loved "Treasure"

Pixie, on the internet, it says :: "The cast of the movie includes Padmapriya, Shruti, Harish Raj, Devraj, CR Simha, Nithya Menon, Ajith Hande and Prakash's assistants Rashmi and Vrinda. Malayalam star Dileep plays a pivotal role"

Anonymous said...

1. Accident-1984 (Kannada)
2. Anadabhairavi (Telugu)
3. A whole bunch of Mohanlal's 1980s movies (Malayalam)
4. Aidlonda Aidu (Kannada)

Wow seems like you have mastery over all the south Indian languages :-) Way to go !