Saturday, August 07, 2010

The ravages of ADULTERY

Radha was a hard working woman trying to make life easier for her family. Her day was hectic leaving her with no time to spend on herself. During the course of her long work day, she chatted with her co-workers, Gopal being one of them. As days went by, Radha discovered that she could talk freely and unihibitedly with Gopal. Soon, their acquaintance turned into a deep friendship, and possibly love. This friendship didn't suit Radha's husband, and one day in a fit of jealousy after seeing them together, he murdered her and threw her body into a gunny sack. Regular joggers smelling a horrible stench notified the police, and soon the gunny bag was discovered. Notices were put for identification of the decaying corpse.

In another part of the planet, Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani was counting her possible last few days. She had been sentenced to death by stoning for alleged adultery.

In both the above cases, it seems a woman indulging in adultery (whether alleged or actual) is fit to be punished by death. Who deems her fit to be punished ? The husband, the law ? Adultery may be morally wrong, but so is taking another's life. Killing, or giving the orders for a kill is far greater a crime than adultery. By killing, you are robbing someone of their basic right to live, the right which you didnt grant in the first place. And adultery brings with it its own punishment. Loss of peace of mind, a loss of self respect.

When Salim Khan married Helen, and brought her home despite his first wife's presence, no one murdered him. Nor did anyone murder Dharmendra when he married Hema Malini. So, why are the rules different for men and women ?

Do men have complete rights ? The right to a woman's life ? The right to live as they please ? The right to make their own rules of justice ?


vimmuuu said...

We live in an idiotic world, thats why !

MindfulMeanderer said...

agree with vimmu.

Sudeep said...

The killing punishment for adultery might have come in place so that it was a warning to all not to indulge in it (like we might compare that rapists are hanged till death to sound a warning for others). I said might, not sure, but yes killing or stoning a woman to death is way absurd and a heinous crime in itself. I guess many communities still are in the patriarchal/male dominated society mode and obviously women suffer in those areas dominated by such communities. As I said in my comment in your previous post, only women are not being killed. As much as we hate this kind of atrocity, it is difficult to stop such practices.

kanagu said...

There is always hypocrisy.. there is always madness.. :( :(

Really hate to read such things...

Vivek said...

Such despicable acts render life meaningless.

Anonymous said...

I can't quite agree with what you wrote. To equate these two cases would be to equate the killing of a widow by the inlaws with sati... One is done furtively, knowing fully well it is a crime, and the other was done on a social scale with many human and political factors in play. To bring about a change in the second case required a revolution in thought and human awareness and awakening of courage to oppose the status quo. That's what is happening now in Iran.

Chandrika Shubham said...

A point to ponder!

White Magpie said...

Hmm you are judging here again what's right and what's wrong. Crimes of passion are intense and we just can't imagine without being in the wronged one's shoes. I agree on the Sakineh incident where the public has no right but the first one could be right in a place of its own. It could be vice versa too just so you dont think I am biased towards the male species. There are women too who have acted cruelly on learning about their partner's libido travels.

Avada Kedavra said...

:( really sad!! I know.. I still want to say that we live in a male-dominated society, no matter what women do these days or have achieved in their career

astatine said...

Why do the women whimper and cry when their husbands bring home the other woman? Why cant they pick up the knife or pour hot oil over thier heads? They will not. Because they feel it is a far worse fate to live without a husband than to share him.

Swaram said...

:( :( :(

Srijith Unni said...

It is due to such primitive practices like stoning etc. and this hypocrisy with regard to women's issues, that nations like Iran / Afghanistan for that matter will probably never find peace.

Sad state of affairs..! Actually adultery, be it man / woman is wrong. It is better to get divorce by mutual consent and separate, rather than live a life of deception, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

So very sad is it not..and makes you wonder at the progress we have made.. have we really moved forward at all :(

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Vimmuuu :
Don't blame the world !
It's not the world :D

MM :
aaarghh !
Vimmuu getting support ....
but, is it only because of the world ?

Sudeep :
Yeah .. the punishment for rapists is valid because you are harming someone. But adultery is something diff right ?
It is a bad thing .. stealing someone's life.

Kanagu :
true bro .. very true !

Vivek :
but we don't care coz it is not happening to us !

Night :
Hi !
My equating these two cases is basically to show how valueless a woman's life seems to be ... either on a small scale , or on a large scale.
Sati if done voluntarily is different. Sati gained prominence due to the violent act involved. But, you know so many women would rather not live after their husbands die, esp if they have lived a long life together ... and that wish often causes them to die before their husbands, even when totally fit. but that is a different topic ....
i feel most of us (countries included) are growing more rigid and primitive day by day

Chandrika :
and ... ?

WM :
it is not about judging.
it is about how value-less another's life is considered. No crime can be punished by us .. it is all upto God to punish ..
stealing a life is the biggest crime of all ...
Since we cannot create life, we don't have the right to destroy it as well.
Crimes of passion cannot justify the act of killing

AK :
Right on the spot .. Ma'am

Astatine :
hello !
Right ! And moreover, women feel they'll have to lead a lonely life, but men do not fear it as much ..

Swarrrr :
yes girl !

Srijith :
things are not simple right ... esp not in India, Iran etc ... often, you put your family ahead of other people, and so do not separate. But, at times your feelings and passion are too strong, and the deception takes place.

CM :
i think we have technical advancement, but spiritual degradation

MotoRama said...

umm..Nice girls get screwed no matter where they live. This woman should have realized how screwed up her hubby is...and known she is probably living with a psycho...and made sure she had a registered gun if not a pepper far as the Iranian woman is concerned..well..there is such a thing called running away..esp when ur life is in danger..although i realize not everyone is that lucky..but then..she should have taken out atleast couple of guys...if ur going to be stoned..u better take out some wimpy men..on the way...the solution is to teach women to kick ass insecure..loser men..and not be meek..passive..financially dependent parasites...they gotta take matters into their own hands..thanks for putting the two events make ur point..

White Magpie said...

There is no justification for anything. It's only our reaction to the incidents that bothers us. Otherwise everything is the same, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Its cos of the uncontrol on the emotion what you have on your heart.... Human psychology, which we cant really predict it...
And one more thing, always guys take one step ahead in the society as our culture cultivated from the past...

But we should appreciate that now a days guys are really giving the equal rights to girls as they have...

Pls think positively and spread positively to create NEW WORLD.....