Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Finally Relaxed !

After a long hard term at work,
I am finally off the load

I get a vacation, I get to go home.

I get to relax, and meet the ones I love

But in a few weeks time, it is back to now
More work, and more home sickness
And lying in wait for my next vacation


There was a news item that was forwarded to me. It talks about the barbaric system of stoning a woman to death for what is judged as a sin/crime by the law.

I am planning to write an article on this in my next post. How can the law decide that adultery's punishment is stoning to death. Would they do the same if the adultery perpetrator was a man ? even if adultery cannot be condoned, do we have the right to take a life ?


Anonymous said...

Oh, terrible. Yet to read the link!
Waiting for your article.
And enjoy your vacation... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Deepa!
Know it's been ages! Whole lot of rubbish happening!!! :)
You have a wonderful vacation!
Take care.
P.S.: Gonna drop the longer true! yay! :D

Thomma Lyn said...

Hi, Deepa! My heart goes out to women who live in such conditions. You ask a very valid question about the double-standard between men and women.

Sovina said...

oh god! i hope this was at an ancient time and doesn't happen write on this..

vimmuuu said...

Sad state ! Some of the muslim laws are really barbaric ! :(

Deeps said...

This is gruesome to say the we have no right to take anybody's life.

Will look forward to reading your post, Deepa.

You have a great vacation. I'm going on a vacation too from next week. Cant wait to be home!

Anonymous said...

Its one barbaric practice... and why the wiser people were not ready to give up this in a so-called civilized world....

and waiting for your article on that...

Enjoy the holidays... :) Relax :)

Anonymous said...

happy vacation do practice violin

Sorcerer said...

Hmm...Barbaric laws..are still practiced in this nuclear age..
Can you believe it?

It's irony that one end the state wants to compete with the rest of the world in technology and economy get par with the western and eastern counterparts..and on the other fails abolish pre historic(Cave man era) practices.

"Blinded by faith I say!But what is faith if its blind."-Sorcerer


Btw, Happy vacation too taking a monsoon break and going on a trek in the wilds of silent valley!!
Then binge on some home cooked food for few days!

It's amazing to disconnect oneself and reboot LIFE!

Enjoy madi!!

Sudeep said...

I assume that it is a creation and you are not actually taking a vacation. If you are that is good, but the creation is nice. Holds true for almost everyone.

Most of the adultery stonings I have read involved killing of both the sexes. It is sad that no human rights commission can do something to stop such brutal acts.

Chandrika Shubham said...

Hope to enjoyed ur vacation. :)

Sujit said...

Happy holidays :)..

Roy said...


U r back to blogging.

So whatz new knocking?

Keep shining on :-)


Bikramjit said...

Hope you are having fun in your vacations.. whats the image of ...

the article you mentioned SAD very SAD.. looking forwards to your article ...

GhostScriptWriters said...

Gud Choice for blogging!!!!!!!

up↑take said...

"Back to now"? There is never a time when life is not now. Now is the only time :)

Vivek said...

Have fun @ home :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Niveditha :
Am back !

S :
wonderful !
What rubbish ?

Thomma Lyn :
the double standards seem to be there through out the world

Sovina :
it was very very recent

Vimmuu :
it is not just the muslim laws at times

Anonymous said...

Hey Deepa!
You're finally back! Hope you had a grand time.
Rubbish....had to undergo surgery. Was out of commission for a month! All well now!
Funny how a new set of challenges makes what seemed insurmountable, not too long ago, appear absolutely trivial in their significance!
Talk about putting things in perspective!
Reading a book called The Noticer by Andy Andrews which is all about how a slight change in perspective can make all the difference.Awesome read!
Take care.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

S :
thats a way of looking at things ... somehow, I still haven't attained the perspective ... God forbid, I dont want to go through a disaster !

Vivek :
yup i did !

up take :
hello !
true .. but past and future matter too, right ?


Bikramjit :
The image is an aerial pic of my residence area :)

Roy :
hey long time ....
nice to see u :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Deeps :
Exactly my point !
Hope you had a good vacation :)

Kanagu :
Thanks :)
am back ... how have you been ?

Anony :
thanks ... i did ... a lot infact !

Sorcy :
Actually, i think the rules were simpler in the cave man era ....
loved your post !
Enjoy maadde

Sudeep :
am back from my vacation :)
now, lemme get down to business ...
how are u ?

Chandrika :
yup, i did ... a lot !

Sujit :
had a great time !

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the concern and encouraging words on my post. They do mean something to me. In another avatar, a long time ago, we knew each other, so I had to say hello :)

Shas said...

Can't we put an end to such barbaric laws. I would like to know what punishment is given to an adulterous man. Waiting to hear views on it.

Anonymous said...

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