Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Google searches .....

Yesterday, a couple of friends got together. We started talking about Bin Laden. The discussion moved to the number of siblings/children he has (funny he could take so much time off his 'Work' to be so 'productive' ... line inserted specially for Sorcy) . Just to settle an argument, my friend said she'd look it up online (on Google of course!). At once, another friend prevented her saying it is way too risky to search for anything related to 'HIM' or others like 'HIM' online ......

Weird ... as we make more technological progress, individual freedom seems to be at stake !


Anonymous said...

LOL :lol: I don't think it will cause anything to one who searches :)

Sorcerer said...

Haha..C'mon..theres nothing to be worried on doing searches..Bin Laden jokes are awesome ones.

and about the work...
haha..For me work is all about managing the time efficiently and delegating the works.. down the food chain so that..the poor sods don't get bored !!

ya know the old chinese saying..and idle hand is a devils workshop!!

I hope.Binladen manages his time efficiently on that "prodcutive work" not..delegate it down the line..

Chandrika Shubham said...


Swaram said...

He he :P :P
Do let us know if u do get all that info ;) ;)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Kanagu :
Heh heh ..
but better safe than sorry !

Sorcy :
Better safe than sorry .. dont want to languish in a dirt US prison :D
how do you delegate work to a cockroach ?? yewwww !!!
No idea abt BinLaden's M.O. :D

Chandrika :
enjoyed it .. eh ?

Swaram :
girl, do you really want me to check ???????

Anonymous said...

ok.. let me search and tell you what happened to me :) :)

Sovina said...

hey deepa..thanks for stopping by my blog..i usually like statement pieces in jewelery but yeah at times fine jewelery is what all an outfit needs :)

i really dont think it would be aby trouble to do searches on bin laden...tell your friend she can go ahead without any tension :)


Nona said...

Even I am apprehensive when searching for controversial subjects! The fear originates from the belief that a "big brother" is constantly monitoring for netizens who search for these keywords. I'm not sure if the "big brother" concept is real or gossip!

Sorcerer said...

Cockroach is way up the food chain!

Sudeep said...

A new movie (comedy) is coming up on Bin Laden, so searching won't be a problem (in India :P)

starry said...

I would be scared to search.don't know who is monitoring his name.yes I do think some of our freedom is at stake.

Deeps said...

I never thought on those lines. Whenever I come across some intriguing bit of info I do check online to see if I can gather more info. But yes, HE is too risky a subject to delve deep into ;)

Rakesh said...

he is already watching ur blog as we speak!

Anonymous said...

How's it unsafe to search Laden or anyone for that matter. That is what Google is for but surely individual's identity and data security is very important.

White Magpie said...

Who said civilization doesnt advance? In every war they kill you in a different way.

So how many kids finally and officially? :)

stefy said...

u can search and find out how to make a nuclear bomb...
u can search all the porn sites until you are tired

but not HIM...Its the media itself which gave him the immortality

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Stefy :
Hello !
true .. the media gave him the publicity and now .... ??!!!??!!

WM :
heh heh .. at the end of the day, you are dead no matter what eh ? dinosaurs or bin-laden !!!!
@ no. of children ... well didnt wanna investigate in detail ... who knows what i'll find !

Ajay :
it's just that some govts thinking u r upto some mischief .. so some reportsd say .. that or u are a binladen sympathiser

Rakesh :
i know !
my try at publicity ... what say ?

Deeps :
yeah ... he's risky from more than one quarter !

Starry :
just that we dont see it in our daily lives !

Sudeep :
heh heh .... did u watch the movie ?

Sorcy :
oh yeah !
devour anything , delve anywhere

Nona :
hello !
exactly !

Sovina :
hello !
i think she prefers the 'better safe than sorry' life

Kanagu :
u there ?