Monday, May 17, 2010

Girl Friends !

This is a small dedication to friendship, especially to two ladies have been rock solid pillars all through my school-college-work life.

I met 'Rem' in my 2nd standard. Though I was friendly and witty, I'd very few friends in school. However, I had people in my native place who loved my company. It could be because I found it hard to converse in the local language, it could be because I was different. Anyway, in 2nd standard, I met 'Rem', and that too because we were in the same class. We just became acquaintances.

Then, in std 6, we became bench mates. Together with another girl, we formed a secret society .. Laugh as you might, it was mighty fun making up our own code words, and looking for seemingly suspicious activities. People loved talking to her, while I kept my distance. But somehow, she seemed to like confiding in me. In 7th, 'Rem' introduced me to Pinky. Pinky and I tried to be good friends,. Another matter altogether that from 11th on, we were inseparable.

By 10th std, 'Rem' and I were real good friends. She confided a lot in my mother and me, but I never had much to tell her. She had loads of friends, and I had a few & I never really cared to make many friends. But despite our contrasting social behaviours, we liked each other a lot. And it also helped that she appreciated my creativity, and I adored her knack of using waste materials to make show pieces.

In 11th, I met 'Ri'. She was beautiful, charming and an epitome of peace. 'Ri' and 'Rem' were also good friends. 'Ri', 'Div' and 'Rak' were inseparable. So we became a group of 6 : 'Div','Rak','Ri','Rem',Pinky and me. Pinky and I hung out a lot in 11th and 12th, during undergrad and while I was working. But a chance comment 6 years later made sure we no longer kept in touch.

'Rem' and 'Ri' have had huge, major changes in their lives, and thankfully, still live close to each other. But we are now held together by an invisible bond. We seem to work in sync. When either of us is down, it is for sure that by instinct the phone rings , and a "What's wrong ?" is heard through the line. Though the 3 of us work in very very different streams, and with different lines of thought, there are certain common experiences that bind the 3 of us together. No matter how complicated or how disgusting our actions might seem to others, we know that there is no judging between the 3 of us.

Every girl needs atleast one true girlfriend as she grows older. I have found mine. Even if I can't be with them physically, I know at the end of the day , despite the numerous friends who have given me false promises and hurt me, I can trust my 2 pillars. Thank you ladies !


Anonymous said...

I too have 2 friends. One from school and the other from 11th.
In school I had a lot of friends, who I am kind of in touch with but in college I made just 1 friend.
Overall 3!
I guess I'm not one person who makes too many friends. I'm happier this way! :)

Titaxy said...

friends are the best...they stick together thru thick and thin and provide so much support. nothing can replace was nice reading about your friendship!

Anonymous said...

You are blessed indeed.....
S (BH)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Niveditha :
Yes indeed ... better have a few deep friends than many shallow ones ..

Titaxy :
Thank you .. Inshah allah ... it'll stay the same !

BH :
Hey !
What's up ? You were missing ?????

Sorcerer said...

wow! thats such a wonderful thing.
i mean..i do have friends but we rarely keep in touch..ya know..the ones from school etc.
nice to read a good post on friendship

kanagu said...

People with such wonderful friends are really blessed and you are :) :)

but somehow I don;t have such close friends from my school days... in college there are few... :) :)

starry said...

You are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends.I think everyone needs atleast one good friend.I lost mine and never ever found her again.but I still have hope that we will meet again.

AD said...

Congrats Deepa on having such great friends. Take good care of them!

- The Virgin Author! said...

You're truly blessed to have true friends! :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Sorcerer :
I know ... Guys !!!!

Kanagu :
and you are in touch with your college friends ?

Starry :
You can always find her ... with God's grace and lots of effort

AD :
Hello !
I will ... I will for sure :)

The VA :
Hello !
Inshah allah!

kanagu said...

yeah... we talk atleast once a week... and also meet over weekends :) :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...


It is so good that you are still in touch. Don't ever lose it

hillgrandmom said...

This is a nice way to pay a tribute to your friends:-)
Thanks for dropping by my blog

Sujit said...

great to have such friends. you are blessed :))

Deeps said...

nice to know abt ur friends in life ....