Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New post, new zest!

Have decided to pick up the reins of writing yet again. Jeseem has of course been a major inspiration behind this.

Was looking back at when I started this blog ..... used to write as writing has been the best way I get out of my emotions ... little did I know my blog would win me support from unexpected quarters.

There is a lot I think about these days , nature causes not excluded !

Today is the starting of a new year for me - Ugadi. So, looking forward to an eventful new year !


Jeseem said...

wow.. wow..
I am flying high with the praise. :)
wishing you a very happy ugadi

Srijith Unni said...

Welcome Back, Deepa..! Wish you a happy new year too..

Have Fun, Take Care and God BLess!


zonko said...

Good that you started writing again, it's good tonic indeed.

I haven't written much for a long time now, as you saw.

See you when I see you!

neermathalam said...

:) welcome back..
We all hibernate...
The kick of writting and hitting the button of publish...is gud..indeed..

w8ng for more 4m u

Anonymous said...

happy ugadi to you great u are back waiting for new blog post