Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dog's Life

The day we dreaded is here ..... Remember the many times we said "Every dog has a day" ?? Well, the dogs at Bangalore are DEFINITELY having it their way !

What better way to get back at the human race for the years of atrocities than to kill their offspring ?

Stone throwing , Merciless teasing and sadistic pleasure .... a history of brutality ... all wiped away with the horrifying gang attack against innocent children.

Children always pay the price for the bad deeds of adults !!!

And after all said and done , a bunch of crazy people living in their ivory towers protest against measures being taken to curb this brutality ... If they are unable to take the responsibility of sheltering the street wanderers, those in the seat of authority have every right to make sure more humans are not mercilessly killed. ....

The very same scenario was described a long time ago in a book called "Birds" by Daphne Du Maurier .. the book describes how different kinds of birds , all driven by lack of food , form an unbelievable gathering , and start killing humans and animals for food !


Vivhyd said...

Deepa, there u r are.. u showed up again after a month, this time on my bday :p

Vivhyd said...
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Fleiger said...

So, here people are talking against killing the stray dogs, and in Germany, people are calling for killing a young bear cub who lost his mother in zoo (they say hand-feeding him is cruelty against animals).

Logic, I tell you, fails me...

alex said...


Humans are becoming quite insensitive to humans itself let alone animals. It is saddening.

tulipspeaks said...

agree with what alex said here.


Sujit said...

yup!.. and the attack was thrice.. in the jungle area of beml!.. Its sad.. that dongs attacked children.. but this is because man made the things so drastically that no option might have left for them..

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vivhyd :
Ahha ! Nice timing ... huh ?

2 Fleiger :
Well .... The bear cub incident makes no sense absolutely !
Here , the animal rights' workers refuse to let the animals be sterilised ... and yes , they do have a point .. and as they make such strong protests , it is their duty to make sure the animals are safe , and safe to others too ...
I am a die hard animal lover ... if i protest against something , it is my responsibility to make sure my protest doesnt have any bad effects ...

2 Alex :
yeah ... all this mess started with human greed ... and abstaining from taking on responsibility

2 Ammu :
hmmm ...

2 Sujit :
isnt there a saying in kannada : "Dont feed a dog blood coz then he'll be after your blood" ??

Sujit said...


alex said...


Yes. But human greed did a a lot of other things like advances in science and technology too; though i wonder if it has any real use for humanity. Like going to the moon and now people want to go to the sun. Maybe there is something that i don't understand.

Anonymous said...

Nahhhhh, Madam Ji Nahhhh!!!

NO => ON

Samjhe Deepa Janwab!!!
So how is everything ...

Fleiger said...

That's what I meant... if you are protesting against something, you should be taking the responsibility, or at least should have some alternate plans which do not harm others.

AnonymousBlogger said...

Wow, I didn't hear about this story. Certainly sad.

But what can be done? I'm sure it will happen again. It just seems like an inevitability.

The Lonely Traveller said...

These incidents that took place 3-4 times in blore is so sad and yet so shocking!
It is brutality at it's zenith. Pack of dogs competing for your blood.... The thought itself gives me goose bumps.
I am sure that it is we who are to be blamed but I am not even remotely sure what the solution could be.
Catching stray dogs and putting them in cages is definitely not the solution.

Jeseem said...

sad, but smtimes we go overboard with animal protection.
their is simply no way we can handle so many stray animals in crowded cities. so it is best to put them to sleep or do atleast some animal birth control.
and also people are not realizing the health risks in such a crowded place that a few diseased uncared animals can cause.

mathew said...

really sad..payback time for em..

finding sense in actions is a tough thing these days..each one has his own vilifications...

Anonymous said...

oh there was a horror movie called 'the birds'.
is that same story??
we are killing whales sometimes and criticized by greenpeace.
how embarrassing!(>_<)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sujit :

2 Alex :
exactly ! improvising on technology is fine as long as u dont destroy ur present and cause harm to other creatures ... and experimenting w/ tech for tech's sake is a challenge .. which can be indulged in provided there are no other side effects

2 Roy :
Didnt understand

2 Fleiger :
Absolutely !

2 A/B :
it will keep happening as long as measures are not taken to control the stray dogs population

sushant said...

what ? ppl are protesting... can't blv ...thats more shocking than the brutality itself.

pravin said...


tejbir said...

but don't u think we need to answer the bigger question of all stray animals and come to a plausible solution.
Today its the matter of dogs, sooner it'll be cows then others.
We need to grow over taking short term solutions.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 TLT :
It is not the solution if u look at it from a humane point of view .. but it is we who created the mess , and we who should solve it ... and at the moment there apparently is no other way out

2 Jeseem :
bingo !

2 Mathew :
and lesser tolerance too !

2 Niki :
was it about birds attacking humans ? I think it is the same ...

2 Sushant :
Unless people lose their near and dear , they wont empathise with those who have lost their near and dear

2 Pravin :

2 Tejbir :
of course , a nearly permanent solution has to be found , but rather than thinking abt what can be done , some means have to be taken before more chaos and disaster happens

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...


Am unable to comment on ur posts .... typing the "Anti spam" verification thing isnt helping

Anonymous said...

yeah birds attacking humans..
ive seen the preview on tv, when i was small.
looked really scary :)

mystic rose said...


Enigma said...

Hi deepa,
This situation is common all over india. Now, children are becoming the victims. Even here in hyd, there are about 4-5 incidents of stray dogs killing children.