Friday, January 19, 2007

Social awareness

I did talk to the mahout on Saturday ... he didnt seem very eager to answer my queries .. either he didnt understand them , or he wasnt happy talking to me .... Am back to square one ... He says it is impossible to tie the elephant with a longer rope ... My friend says I need to call the SPCA and ask them the right conditions and facilities to keep an elephant captive., and then verify if this particular elephant's conditions meet the facilities .. But am doubtful if the SPCA really bother about elephants ... As "it's me" rightly pointed out on my "2007" post , PFA and SPCA actually bother more about pets and their ilk ...

I never thought wanting to do something for animals would land me in so much of a confusion .... There is a temple near my house , and they have an elephant ... A baby elephant. I don't know where the elephant is most of the day , but early in the morning , I find it chained to a tree in a the spacious courtyard of an empty house. Now , the point is that the length of the chain is so less that the elephant is unable to walk about or even move around slightly.

I don't know if that is how elephants are to be chained ... I dont know if elephants sleep standing up.

And , I don't know what to do. Anyone who says that the thing to be done is to talk to the temple authorities doesn't understand the real difficulty ... You cant just barge into a temple's premises and talk to them about their elephant.

The mahout is invariably asleep when I pass by .... doesn't do to wake him up.

Should i give the SPCA / PFA a call ? Do I really have anything to go by ?


Deepak Gopi said...

Who cares to see the plight of those poor animals :(:(
Amitab bachchan is to offer an elephant at Guruvayoor temple,its name will be "Bachchant".

Deepak Gopi said...

Thank you for watching my video
good day:):)

Sunil Parmar said...

I think you must talk to the temple authorities.
It's very encouraging to know that you felt for the elephant~very rare people care enough......people like you can only change our country.

Take Care!:)

Prashant said...

Hey sometimes if you think its pathetic and sometimes its compulsory , but proper care should be given to animals if one is using them for their personal use.

And you know a very interesting fact, baby elephants are always tied with metallic chain while big elephants are tied with normal rope made of coconut hairs.
Do you know the reason, why???

Because in childhood whenever kid elephant tried to free himself from the chain , due to less amount of power , he had to revert back to his position. Over a period of time the elephant tends to think like he cannot break apart the rope. And this tends to minimize the power within him(mental power).
We all know that Elephants kan carry tonnes of loads but whenever it comes to a rope in their leg, they are helpless not physically but mentally.......Interesting Na...

AnonymousBlogger said...

Personally, I would talk to the SPCA. I mean, clearly, what the elephant is going through is inhumane, and is undoubtably in distress.

I think that is your only option.

You won't feel right not doing anything, and unless you plan to go over their with bolt cutters, and let the elephant roam free on it's own, the SPCA is your option.

Anonymous said...

Deepa ...

Hi, go with your heart's advice!!

Vipul said...

It's really irritating to hear this i mean people besides being educated sacrifice animals as if its going to do great things for you in return
its plain sick!

Arun said...

yea, wat u can do i guess is jus c that, that animal isn't tortured.
or if u can see its injured or beaten etc, u can make a move
But since its a temple, i suppose they give a good care of it
...a passing thought, since i have come to Mumbai, haven't seen a pachyderm for ages.Oh home sweet home

abt the last comment i made... Billboarding is advertising..i saw a couple of posts from an 'anonymous'..ya unless u applied for an insurance ;-)

wow, thts a totally new insight to me.thanks man


alex said...


Thanks for the eye opener.


I too do not know.

Sreejith Kumar said...

Great if you or another person could talk to the authorities...

Hope you are all fine...

mathew said...

I think we have a SPCA branch in tvm..But really dont know how effective they are..

Sujit said...

Its a good thing that you are concerned which many people are just spectators.. :(.. well spca should be the ideal place to call. But the main problem is that the elepant is associated to temple which is religious! and thus the fight towards its release would be very difficult. Just fire the match stick and see how much light it can provide :).. all the best!

Sudarshan said...

I've been facing situations of this kind several times..and so far I regret that I haven't reacted!

What we need to realise is that its our duty to care for animals and ensure that they're treated properly.

Someone has to make a start!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Deepak :
if we dont care about them , who will ?

2 Sunil :
I dont know about changing and all that .. all I know is I am stuck .. dont know what to do ...

2 Prasanth :
exactly like us .... our inhibitions grow with age

2 A/B :
the prob is i dont know how effective the SPCA is .. and first of all , dont even know if the elephant is in distress

2 Roy :

2 Vipul :
no .. they are not sacrificing the elephant

2 Arun :
yeah ... but an injury is not the requisite to indicate a bad condition ...
u got a new blog ?

2 Alex :
yeah .....

2 Sreejith :

2 Mathew :
exactly !

2 Sujit :
I am in a dilemma

2 Sudarshan :

Sujit said...

how about calling the national forest/park ?.. just give a call and check out!.. dont take very deeply!.. give a shot! :)

Deepak Gopi said...

:):)good day.
I have some shots of elephants with me.I will post it soon through you tube :):)

Jeseem said...

maybe you can talk to some elephant care people and see if they can answer your query. like try or
but tread cautiously. people in temples are sensitive. as long as you are in supportive mode, like give free medical care for elephant, they will be supportive.

White Forest said...

hey nice initiative from your side dear! Really appreciate it!

Talk to authorities first...if nothing works then you can call to SPCA / PFA.

Keshi said...

ur a very kind soul Deepz!


>|' ; '| said...

give it a try..

rebel_on_loose said... u doing Deepa? Long time!
Nice 2 c someone so concerned for a meek creature... keep up the gud work !

Mystic Rose said...

this is awful. just try the spca sure you will find someone who can help you out, no harm in trying. and they should be able to handle the situation without you personally getting involved.

thanks for your visit. glad you liked lilypond :)

Mystic Rose said...

this is awful. just try the spca sure you will find someone who can help you out, no harm in trying. and they should be able to handle the situation without you personally getting involved.

thanks for your visit. glad you liked lilypond :)

Mystic Rose said...

this is awful. just try the spca sure you will find someone who can help you out, no harm in trying. and they should be able to handle the situation without you personally getting involved.

thanks for your visit. glad you liked lilypond :)

starry nights said...

This is aweful. I hope the spca can do something about this.

Michelle said...

i'm glad thr are ppl like u in the world...really! makes the world a much better place :-)

b v n said...

this elephants thing is a bit tricky, there are govt rules which have to be followed - and guess they are most of the time. In kerala, we do have a tradition of treating domesticated elephants in a good way. One thing is, an elephant is not like a dog or cat, you can't mistreat it for long - the mahout has to keep it happy. As far as i know, they spend a lot of money to keep the elephant in good health.

Being an elephant fanatic, i'm more concerned about the ghats elephants fighting for survival in the declining landscape of west-side western ghats. places like marayoor near moonnar.

Anonymous said...

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pravin said...

That's the way they train elephants. Negative reinforcement. Baby elephants are not strong enough to break the rope.

As a baby, you tie the elephant to a tree trunk and it struggles but it cant get free.

Then when the elephant is grown up and is strong enough to break the rope or even uproot the tree, it does not try to move around when tied up.

As long as the baby elephant gets enough exercise during the day, I suppose it's alright.

One shouldn't be keeping wild animals in society really.

Deepak Gopi said...


it's me said...

And that's it Deepa.....finally you are also coming to the same point....But with a strong will, you can do some good to that animal without SPCA et al being involved in it

:: The Protector :: said...

hey r u ? hows life.... am back....


Leafsprings said...

oh come on deeps. dont act like u dont know. wasnt this you

Anonymous said...

i saw an baby-elephant in tokyo also chained like that.
there must be a reason to do that as pravin mentioned.
u are such a loving caring girl, deepa-chan!! :)
happy sunday!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am amazed how people are willing to spend so much time for animals and not for other human beings who are in need.Maybe shows some hypocrisy in all of us.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sujit :

2 Deepak :
but what will i do with photos of elephants ?

2 Jeseem :
i dont know if we really have an elephant care thingie here .

2 White Forest :
have already done that

2 Keshi :
thanx !

2 Poison :
i did !

2 rebel_on_loose :
long time indeed ! where have u beeen ?

2 Mystic Rose :
yes .. i will :)

2 starry nights :
i hope so too !

2 Michelle :
it is the ignorance that hurts ... i am not interested in changing the world !

2 b v n :
and the prob is u really dont know if the elephant is actually suffering

2 Pravin :
yeah ./... i agree ,... but u really cant ask the temple aauthorities to avoid using the elephant

2 it's me :
like how ?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 :: The Protector :: :
where were u ?

2 Leafsprings :
this is in reply to my qn ?

2 Niki :
thanx dear. .. hope u have a great day !

2 Anonymous :
it is not a matter of hypocrisy .. it is all a matter of what u care about.
I have no wish to work for humans unless they are really in need like the children in somalia , or those affected by wars etc.
And i have always felt that the suffering of animals is heartfelt and genuine .. not put on or exaggerated as human suffering.