Thursday, May 18, 2006

H.a.T T.r.i.c.K

3rd consecutive week of travel ..... but this weekend , I caught a bad cold while i was at my native place ... and hence not much of an activity.
Still managed to catch up with a couple of friends over the phone.

Met an old neighbour - must say , he was the main inspiration behind my blog .... A friend of mine while searching for my name on Google came across his blog , in which he had described in detail a chance meeting we had an year ago. I thanked him for his kind words and he asked me why I never started a blog .... and that got me blogging ! Of course , my first attempts at blogging was a mess ..... i didnt know how to delete the posts I had written and so on ....

At my native place , experienced the pre monsoon showers (though it is not supposed to be that) ... awesome !

While coming back by train , there was this newly married couple sitting in the compartment next to ours ... kissing and touching ... ... almost all of us were embarrased to look in their direction ..... i shall censor my words ..... full stop !

Shall complete the couple of tags that I have to in the coming posts



:: The Protector :: said...

mmmmm.......WB! i taut you vanished......cold mmmmmmmm..... to delete old post.. goto edit posts section and delete the post u wish....

newly married couple.mmm.......njoied free show ;P

hows health now?

take care

rebel_on_loose said...

Ah nice to know u've been travelling a lot...
By the way....i commented on ur previous post but it seems it's disappeared!
Pre-monsoon showers....they're awesome aren't they ?
Newly married couple...hehehe...yea i know have seen such Public Displays of Affection as well....though even i wonder y they can't keep it to themselves!
So how're u doing now ?

Alexis Leon said...

While coming back by train , there was this newly married couple sitting in the compartment next to ours ... kissing and touching ... ... almost all of us were embarrased to look in their direction ..... i shall censor my words ..... full stop ! ROFL. We also had the pre-monsoon rains...

Anoop said...

Hmmm..public show of affections... interesting!!!
waiting for u to complete the tags!!
u r lucky to have those rains... really hot out here in Pune!!!

Fleiger said...

Me in first five for a change, DD...

I told you, since you have gone on two consec weekends, you must go on the third one (An old Marathi saying ;))

Sujit said...

eega hegidira?.. taking medicines?.. good.. you enjoyed...!! illadDre trip waste agataitTu..! hmm nice time in train!!.. hehe!!... I used to that show.. now.. after comming here!! there isn;t anything!!.. aste!..

Lost in trance... said...

its only at home wer we look with scorn at ppl showing luv...i find it cool as long as its not just for public consumption...

Sudeep said...

tk care .. of the cold
pre-monsoon showers is wht we need in Pune.. mysore got a hailstorm
ha ha.. ban on kissing in public places? lollzz... but why to look at them if feeling awkward? i never felt awkward while looking at such couples :D

vaik said...

well westernisation is here to stay :)

Keshi said...

**kissing and touching

lol hahaha newly married and oh so happy ha :):)

ur on a hattrick indeed Deepz wow!

where r the pics?


Known Stranger said...

i have a good experience more than couple of expereince of this stuff in train. I mean being a mere witnesss.. but i nevr felt embarrased. heeih infact they should feel right. I had seen soemthing very very hard stuff to explain

Harjee Kapur said...

I can imagine.... was in the train once with this newly wedded couple who just boarded the train straight from the 'mandap'.
It was all fine and peaceful till nightfall and the time i got into my upper berth and the lights went off....

after that, rustle of clothes that is really NOT hidden behind the sounds of the moving train....
Or the attempted whispers that are actually louder than normal conversation with the hissing effect....

thankfully for them, I was just 13. And the thought of jumping down and throwing on the light to look for my chappals to go to the toilet...remained just a thought.

When I woke up, they had already disembarked the train...

Good to know you travelling. Me too...but all work.
Hate it...

I want a holiday too... I wanna go to Kerela...

vaibhav said...

Lol @ the newly married couple's free show. I agree with Sudeep, me never feel awkward while watching these things too :D

the Monk said...

yeah, couples like that can be annoying...

vaibhav said...


A BIG NO! wonder where'd you get that from.... I'm anything but gay!

Abhishek said...

@ my blog:
i got to do that ....u said it right.

AnonymousBlogger said...

Well Deepa hope you're feeling better.

Thank your neighbour for us. It's all thanks to him we have this great blog to read!

Good luck completing all those tags.

Vivhyd said...

funny with the married couple.. so u got some free show huh. if u were with ur parents etc.. it must have been really embarrassing.. as for ur blogging -1 or 2 posts per month isnt blogging..

Anonymous said...


Heiii....plzz stop inspires me to travel also..

Heii, look for this blog

great one & worth reading..

Anonymous said...

awww~ sooo envy! lolll
my indian fren was saying that if u kiss in the public, u will get caught by police.
was it misinformation?? ^o^;;;
i like looking at them. haha~

Adarsh A. Varghese said...

must have been a nice travellin experience! i have been travellin a lot myself!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vishnu :
yes ... now i know how to delete them ... but those , days ... i didnt
it was not such a nice show :P
health is getting better, thank you !

2 rebel_on_loose :
was wondering why u didnt comment
oh yes ! they are awesome :)
seriously ... they should avoid it in public places .
getting better, thank you

2 alexis :
well .... what they did goes beyond the decency of this blog ^~^
pre monsoons .... mmmmmmmmmm :) love them

2 anoop :
yeah ... seriously , india could do with loads of rain right now !

2 Fleiger :
was waiting to see this comment from you :)

2 Sujit :
howdu ... medicines togalthaayidhini
but i still dont like public shows of affection :( ...... i feel these things are very personal

2 lost in trance :
but it is also only in india that these things have a value .... and commitment

2 Sudeep :
am careful now ... but already got the cold :(
see ...u wouldnt want anyone watching u kiss ur wife and all , na ? likewise , the ppl concerned might not like it either .... for this they should be discreet ... shahi hai , na ?

Jackal said...

must have been fun at ur native couple......kissing etc in train how did u let tht happen . ) tcc deeps

Art said...

hi.. coming after a long time... Was so caught up with work :(

Nice to see u had a nice time in ur trips...
So are u feeling good now??

Art said...

as for the train incident... when I was in India.. I used to feel a lil uncomfortable seeing that.. but here whether u want to see or not.. its everywhere... But now it really doesnt matter.. coz here when ppl do it.. it doesnt feel awkward.. may be coz they are also not concious that others might see...
Affection publicly... is to certain extent ok.. but then as u said these are very personal.. and it is good as long as it is Personal... esp in India :)

Known Stranger said...

queen of secerecy. good moring

Ekta said...

Three weeks of travel!
wowo!...right now wld love to get out for three weeks of aimless travel!

Anonymous said...

Pal...I am really feeling jealous of you...You seem to be enjoying to the core...But anyways, you mean gay couple?? Well, in India?? That sounds really wierd for me!! I too have seen many who kiss, hug and do all crappa things in a public place...Would really feel like kicking them

Sudarshan said...

Hey deepa..this isn't fair're enjoying travelling week after week while I'm slogging byhearting equations and programs lol..the world isn't a fair place!!! Pre-Monsoon showers are great right? particularly when it gts real hot and humid...a pre-monsoon shower is so welcome!!! Lol sitting next to a newly married couple doing stuff lol in public view would indeed be embarassing:-)

RP said...

I caught a bad cold while i was at my native place ...
this is on a high now-a-dayz...

.... and that got me blogging!
God bless him!! Else this world wud hve missed out an amazing talent.

i shall censor my words ..... full stop !
:-D nope ye shud nt. continue. continue. ;-D

RP said...

I caught a bad cold while i was at my native place ...
r ye 5n now??

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 vaik :
i guess it is ... big time !

2 keshi :
yeah ... so happy !
this time , no pics ... coz was at home battling the fever

2 known stranger :
yup ,,,.... they should be the ones feeling embarrased ,... but they dont !

2 harjee kapur :
letz say this is what happ this time on the train too ... i was on the middle berth .....
why kerala ?

2 Vaibhav :
ahem ! i am not gonna say anything abt ur n sudeep's minds ....
GAY ... ahem !!!! now , why did i get that thought ?

2 the monk :
yes ... u find them in colleges too !

2 abhishek :
okie :))) haaa haaaa

2 A/B :
thanx for the compliment ..... u could thank him urself ... hez on my blogroll ! ;))))
am getting better, thank you

2 vivhyd :
i was with my mom ... it was embarrasing ...
it is blogging ... it is !

Arun said...

pics kahan hai yaar :-)
Hope u r fine now
Public display is ok...but it shudn't be like the ppl around us become uncomfortable..becomes kinda vulgar acts...
Waitin for monsoon to Hit mumbai... its gettin too hot n humid here... I can sense tht earthy smell wen ppl say its rainin back in Tvm


Sudeep said...

lekin if i dont want anyone watching me kiss my wife I will have to take care of not kissing her in front of others... if someone wants to entertain us then why we (me n Vaibhav atleast) not enjoy it without paying entertainment tax

Known Stranger said...

still thinking about thee places you been which you didnt want to disclose.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 roy :
go ahead !
travel ..... whatz wrong w/ travelling ?
ok will check out the link

2 niki :
yes dear
in some places , u get caught for "being affectionate" ... and it becomes very ugly

2 adarsh :
yes ... it was a good experience ... where have u been travelling to ?

silverine said...

Hey me too on my 3rd week of travelling!!! Enjoy maadi :)

Vivhyd said...

hey u left this comment -

""" btw , r u well dressed ? ""

Do u mean this - by wht tcr had told once? if so well its spring turning summer here.. so obviously the extra coats etc are off.. otherwise i am always well dressed.. :)

Sujit said...

eega hegidira?.. sheeta kammi ayita?... howdu.. personal.. mathe ee weekend elligu hogillwa?

Lost in trance... said...

"but it is also only in india that these things have a value .... and commitment"

wadyu mean? luv has value only at home? :-o

AnonymousBlogger said...

thanx for the compliment ..... u could thank him urself ... hez on my blogroll ! ;))))
am getting better, thank you

Which one is he?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Jackal :
yes ji !
i did have fun at my native place
and abt the coupld , what could i do ????

2 Art :
hope ur work load has reduced now
yup ...i had a great time on my trips
yes ... the public displays of affection are really not necessary ... i mean it is not like u have to keep demonstrating ur affection .. and u need to have control too .. right ?
even among friends of the same sex , u dont hug and all in front of a crowd , right ?

2 known stranger :
good morning to u too :)

2 ekta :
sure ... u should !
it relieves the mind , and makes u feel life is worth living

2 Sudarshan :
dont worry ... once ur exams are done , and the course is over , u'll be able to enjoy just as much .. or maybe even more !

2 rp :
am getting better, thank you !
i'll pass on ur comments to him !

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vicky :
no no no ... not a gay couple
dont be jealous ... start travelling / do smthg u enjoy .... it feels great !

2 Arun :
am getting better , thank you !
I think the monsoon should start pretty soon ... right ?
yes ... the earthy smell is awesome ... isnt it ?

2 Sudeep :
exactly ! that is my point too ...
hopefully , i wont have to do smthg like that .. value my privacy a lot !

2 known stranger :
i see .... and ......

Arun said...

yes it is:-)
on thenmala...was there 2 years b4.
Its an awesome place to trek away from city rumblings


Maya Cassis said...

it's raining out here too but that was only yesterday nite...bad thunderstorm and now the sun is out like it had never rained before.

Known Stranger said...

and what... wondering a scorpio gals posts and blog. It is always create lot of interest as thatz they way they are right. !

Ajay said...

hey u seem to have enjoyed the monsoon ? showers. hope ur feeling better now.
BTW PDA ( Public Display of affection ) is so common these days. I mean they do such stuff anywhere and everywhere. Atleast in Pune, with a lot of student population it has become a common thing.
All u can do is ignore :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Silverine :
our lives run on parallel tracks ,... dont they ?

2 Vivhyd :
haaa haaa .. okie
btw , wherez he ?

2 Sujit :
kami aayithu ... thanx !
ee weekend , at home !

2 lost in trance :
love means a lot everywhere
but commitment is a different thing .. isnt it ?

2 A/B :
Guess ?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 arun :
and keeps u engaged !

2 maya :
yeah .. i know that feeling
but luckily , it has started raining here ... but the mosquitoes are too much !

2 known stranger :
haa haaa ... okie ... good luck ;)))

Known Stranger said...

yet another smile. Do you know no one can win against the determination of a scorpio.

the still water runs deep.

:: The Protector :: said...

was there at bengaluruuuuuuuuuuuuuu l ast saturday........

how ya doing now?


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 known stranger :
really ?
thatz not always true , u know !

2 Vishnu :
really ? how come ?
am getting better now

:: The Protector :: said...

visited our b'lore facility....

take care......

Harjee Kapur said...

Kerala because I have been there 3 times and all of them were on work.
Stress levels were high and I was given toddy as “coconut butter milk” by my boss (now ex) .

I shuttled between locations and hotels, that’s it.
Though one thing astonished me… Munnar has more hotels per square kilometer than the people.

Actually you should read my ex boss’s blog. He is rated by the pillars of Indian Advertising as the ‘best copywriter of India’.

Lost in trance... said...

mmm...that was a bit surprising...commitment is largely based on priorities as well, apart from traditional values...maybe in the second area, we have a lil more, lez ;O)

Known Stranger said...

yet another reply in icons :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vishnu :
oh ok !

2 harjee kapur :
i have done a stint as a copywright ! :(

2 lost in trance :
haaa haaaa
that was a diff way of looking at the ... er... inertia

2 known stranger :

Lost in trance... said...

yeah inertia kinda fascinates moi...largely because of the huge effect it has on me...hahaha...;O)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

lost in trance ,

u sound so sardonic !

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