Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend news !!!!

Like last weekend , this weekend too , I went for a trip ... but this time , it was with my group at office ... It was supposed to be a trip from office , but family and friends were allowed .... My sis came with me ....

Did a couple of things that I've never done before :

  • Had toddy - and believe me , it tastes horrid .. didnt like it at all
  • Danced in the bus - Ahem !!!!

Am putting up some pics space for all of them


=> This was taken from the boat - We went for a 1 hr boat ride

First of all , a little note about the place ..... It is an eco tourism environment (it is actually a forest, through which a river flows) .... which has been divided into 3 zones exclusive of the boating .....

1. Adventure zone - Elevated Walkway , River crossing, Nature trail, Rock climbing , Cycling

2. Leisure zone - Sculpture garden

3. Deer rehabilitation centre.

=> The elevated walkway in the adventure zone

Awesome walk ..... added bonus : monkeys on the trees ... the steps are made of wood , supposrted on pillars

=> River crossing in the adventure zone

Ok ! Enough of the adventure zone ......

=> Evolution -

In the sculpture garden

The Sculpture Garden was really good .... so many thought-provoking sculptures set in a natural landscape .... And the best part was that the sculptures were randomly arranged on a natural slope.

Lord Shiva - In the Sculpture Garden =>

For some more sculpture pics :

The first picture indicates the changing faces of evolution. The second depicts a group of men sitting around a candle. And the third depicts the dance forms of India.

Now for the final venue - The deer park

=> The Spotted deer


Shriedhar said...

ALL, meet the Gold medalist :-)

Shriedhar said...

read up nw :)

wow, u seem 2 hv nice time again.
did u dance??
nice to kno tht.tht's one of the best things abt trips.
well had toddy too ;p ??
not got intoxicated then??

well, the pics looking nice.
wer these places r frm?
the adventure pic n the top most pic reminding me sm places we visited in Trivandrum..

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Shriedhar :
Heee hee heeee
yup .. i did ,.. tho not for too long
had toddy too .. but just a sip .. couldnt stand it

we took the snaps from a real good pixel cam

Shriedhar said...

u decieve a lot.. :)
u kno wot i asked 4...
newayz, im not forcing :)

btw, i din really get wot u said in my blg...pls help

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

ok ... lemme see what i have written

mathew said...

so u are on a travelling spree these days??

RP said...

hey, freaker. ;-p
ye seems 2 b freakin so much nw-a-dayz ye make me jealous.
bt gud each of us need such tripz of10 2 keep our spirits alive.

toddy??? interesting. nvr tasted.

>|' ; '| said...

:( sessionals.............i hope for 35+...nothing more. i am not too greedy :)

and the uni exams are approachin a bit too fast for my liking :D

>|' ; '| said...

looks like ye havin a nice time :)

AnonymousBlogger said...

Great pictures. Monkeys, deer, what a trip!

Great scenery like before, but the sculptures were great too.

silverine said...

The place looks heavenly!!! Where is it?
p.s. I luvvvv toddy :)

tcr_79 said...

you seem to be having good fun these days...

Was dancing was a result of toddy drinking ;-)

I m a bit busy - thats why no updates

Lost in trance... said...

hey toddy smells yuck! especially wen its old...n especially ifyu sweat after u drink it...bleah!!!

n the fotos look awesome! lotsa green! but hey, im gonna b home soon too! WOOHOO!

n kno wat? this weekend was awesome for me too! i lost my voice screamin on the speed boat for 5 hrs...duh! i squeal wen i talk...something for ppl to laff on conference calls! hahaha...:)

Sujit said...

wow.. once one trip and next week tiraga hogha iddira.. on a hatrik!!.. great!! month.. for oyu :).. pictures are good.. but you did not tell the name of the place?.. eega besilu tvm nalli hegide??

Jackal said...

some one is having lot of fun over the weekends.....did u dance aftre drinking tht toddy.....n sang jhoom jhooommmmm.... :))..nice pics deeps....tcc

Fleiger said...

Monkeys on the tree watching monkeys on the stairways. Quite a sight, I must say.

Second consec weekend enjoying a trip? You go, girl...

Vivhyd said...

hmm nice pics thgh u shd have put up a pic of u dancing in the bus :p.. there r lots of deer here - lots of them get killed on the road - but still its considered ok as there r just too many of them ..

Known Stranger said...

So again.. you wann to keep the place a secret to yourself with no revelation. Hmmm is pluto a strong planet in you ? :D

Arz000n said...

I rquested u yesterday also...and again requesting it today too...

PLS take me to this beautiful place...I will sponsor the trip expense only if I get to eat home cooked food afta the trip



:: The Protector :: said...

mmm..seems again u had a great time...tell me wat place is this...

you dance- tats news....

we planned for a trip to talakona but we didn't get cottage so we dropped :(


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 mathew :
u could say that ... right ! i'm gonna give u guys a surprise this weekend !

2 rp :
i didnt like the taste of toddy at all ... yuck yuck yuck !!!!!

2 poison :
35+ ... but , u'll end up w/ 45+ ... so, why bother ?????
whenz the uni ?

2 A/B :
yeah .... itz an eco tourism village , na ... morover , it is a forest .. hence , the deer and monkeys .. and snakes too !!!!
the sculptures are to be seen with a spiritual bent of mind actually.

2 silverine :
u like toddy ???? seriously ?????

2 tcr_79 :
no no no ... dancing was not due to toddy
busy ? oh oh :(

2 Lost in trance... :
oh ok ! i guess this one must be old too ... it spelt and tasted real bad ....
speed boat ? 5 hrs ????? w.o.w !!!
home ? wherez that ? have fun

2 sujit :
jaaga illi hathra idhe .... bislu idhe ... but humidity jaasti ... blr nalli 49 degrees aagidhe ...

2 jackal :
yup ! i enjoyed a lot !
nopes ... the dancing was not due to toddy ... coz i just sipped the toddy
wish it had tasted better .. then could have drunk loads and sang the ' zaraa sa jhoom ... ' song too :))))

2 fleiger :
thatz the same comment one of the guys made !
btw , will be traveeling next weekend too !

2 vivhyd :
me dancing ? no way !
oh ! thatz sad - the deer getting killed , i mean !
but thatz a rotten attitude ... nobody minding them getting killed .... we could say the same abt humans too,na ? afterall , there are so many humans ...

2 known stranger :
pluto ?? duh ???

2 z000nie :
heeee heeee heeee
shameless !!!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 the protector :
the fact that i dance is news to me too ... i mean i dance at home and all that .. or if really necessary , on stage too ... but never just like that ... on a bus esp ..
talakona ???? lemme search for it on google

:: The Protector :: said...

Talakona its 35 miles from tirupati a nice place to esc from sizzling


Anoop said...

I dont like toddy but i like the fish curry they give in those shops:)
The pics look nice...but u didnt say where this place is!!!

Sujit said...

49?.. are you serious or joking.. onde sate 49 hege hogathe.. aste.. bengaluru kathe mugethu.. astondi belisuidre ache sayankala mathra hogi.. illadedare tale novu barathe..take care

Known Stranger said...

again a scaled reply with a enigma surrounding you. hmm i am watching the enigma

nice of your morning message in my blog.

Ajay said...

wow. It all seems so much fun. Especially the boat ride :)

the Monk said...

nice pics, and looks like u had a great time..keep having fun...

Keshi said...

I luv that Lord Shiva sculpture!

**3. Deer rehabilitation centre.

awwww must be for me then :)


:: The Protector :: said...


Sudeep said...

nice place

esp the walkway.... looks rickety but must be awesome with the walk in trees

toddy is i guess taddi wht we call here..

Anonymous said...

OMG, I'd luv 2 be in dat! To me, dat looks like paradise! I luv da outdoors... But i like da city life more. Explains why I gain weight LOLz, I'd luv 2 finally get away from da city 2 a lil mo outdoor-ish. Well, I'm goin 2 Venezuela 4 this summer, I luv it thurr! Well lookz like u had fun thurr anyways, cyaz ;-) PEACE

Fleiger said...

Right DD, we have a saying in Marathi which says something like you should do it thrice if you have done it twice. (Lost in translation, totally)

BTW, read your reply on the last post, thats where the DD comes from.

Vivhyd said...

deepa.. hey its not that ppl go out killing them.. its just that there r too many of them and with not enough woods, they come out on the road and get killed hit by a car.. its unfortunate.. as for humans thing, I think we have lost the value of human life long back too.. just put on a TV channel and u can hear how ppl are killed all the time..

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 the protector :
Okie ... i have been to thirupati a couple of times ... this time we went to places around thirupati as well

2 anoop :
i dont eat non veg
and morover this was not at a shop .. it was a guy on a cycle who was selling it

2 sujit :
thaatha hellthaayidru .... nenne joru malle blrnalli :)

2 known stranger :
enigma ?? i love the sound of that !
yet another good morning to u !

2 ajay :
yup ... it was fun ...
but the boat ride was a bit boring ... it was an hour long

2 keshi :
didnt get the reference to the deer park n u .. what was that ?
yeah .. the shiva sculpture is real good

2 the protector :
lemme have a look

2 Sudeep :
is toddy taddi ? toddy is an english word , na ?
yup , the place is awesome :)
and the walkway was real enjoyable esp w/ the monkeys above

2 Quz Boss :
yup ..... this was awesome !
city life is fine but even in the city , i want greenery
i dont like the smoke and pollution
@ weight gain : u gain some , u lose some ... right ?

2 fleiger :
didnt get the marathi saying ...
DD ... okie ... lemme have a look

2 vivhyd :
yup ... thatz what i meant... ppl dont have value for the deers' life coz they are too many .. what abt humans ? they are too many as well !!!

Keshi said...

***didnt get the reference to the deer park n u .. what was that ?

according to my Hindu birth chart astrology, Im a female deer :)


Anand said...

Hey wow!
This place looks awesome..where exactly is this place?

Rose said...

Hey there ws no pic of u dancing after getting drunk frm toddy.. :(



Srijith Unni said...


Why ?

~ Srijith.

Sudeep said...

yup it is but i think thts wht is called taddi here in marathi...
it is a govt. forested area or privately owned nature park?

:: The Protector :: said...

Monkeys hahaha... same species.... so u got along well ;P?!

Update kro


tulipspeaks said...

did u say thoddy? :P


Abhishek said...

whr r these pics clicked at??

Fleiger said...

As I said DD, lost in translation. Essentially it means, since you have gone on two consec weekends, you will go on a third one too.

DD is not Re:Television channel, think of Dexter.

Ajay said...

nice ..... where is this place

Sujit said...

howda.. wow.. summer nallu malle chennagirathe alva?.. berekade summer nalli malle baratho illovo.. adare bengaloorali matra may nalli malle :)

Nabeel said...

what about ur colleagues .. post pictures of the people u work with ... ofcourse if it's ok with them

Ekta said...

Hey deepa,
Your post has made me nostalgic of all the treks and trips I made when I was in blore...
Wanna go back to those days!

Known Stranger said...

fine. you are so or you are obssessed with that maintaining.

Shikha said...

I think toddy tastes better when its a lil sweet:P

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing pictures...Especially the sculpture picture of Shiva is superb...Well this is why I love India...For its cultural heritage and diversity in religion and faith...We still stand united...

Anonymous said...


really ..aap lucky madam!! Mujhe to do saal ho gaya....mumbai se pune tak bhi nahi gaya...hope this sept I can really go out for a trip!!


:: The Protector :: said...

yesterday I happended to see NDTV news, they showed in a villlage in bihar the kids are having toddy instead of milk, due to non availabilty of the milk.


vaibhav said...

Great pics... can't believe i came here so late! :(

Arun said...

wow... its a gr8 time goin thru these Eco-drives this Thenmalla??
I suppose I have seen these sculputures :-)


Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Arre yaar,
As usual.You didnt tell the name of place.I am not good in Gk and geography.So please mention it yaar.Also in previous post u never mentioned the name of Dam.

Known Stranger said...

so till you didnt speak out. hmmm

Anonymous said...

wooow! these sculptures are pretty interesting!!
Bambi is sooo cute!!
i wish i could dance with u guys..^^
thanks for ur great travel photos!!

Ajay said...

i am waiting for a new post now

vaik said...

nice place and pics too :)

Sudarshan said...

Wow seem to have had a wonderful time...trips each weekend eh..sounds wonderful lol..I wish I could do it..I have the interest lol..but no peeps from my college/class I've come across are interested in them holidays mean Goa and nothing else!! Nice pics too..:-)I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Have a great weekend..wait lol..are you going on a picnic this weekend too?;-) I'm jealous lol

Gates said...

Todddy? never heard of it...what's that?????

Maya Cassis said...

hee hee TODDY!That must have been total YUCK!!
Dancing anywhere is a bus,must have been tooooo much fun.
Hey I really liked that photo with all the green man.Looks like you really had a rocking time:))

ashok said...

great fotos..loved them...but wers the one taken wen u wer drinking toddy and dancing in the bus?

Sujit said...

blr trip hegithy?.. chennagi enjoy madidra?.. mathe freinds sikidra?.. :)

mathew said...

uh..long time since u have updated ur blog...hurry up!!

PuNeEt said...

wow simply beautiful

no snaps of dancing in bus ;-)

I'm back


Sudeep said...


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Keshi said...

hope ur keeping well Deepz :)


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Keshi :
Oh ok .... i got the reference once I read ur previous posts

2 Anand :
Hi Anand .... Welcome :)
I agree .... awesome place

2 rose :
haaa haaa .... no no .. i didnt dance due to toddy ... tho my post definitely sounds like that
and thankfully, no post !

2 Srijith Unni :
hi !
Welcome :)
toddy ... coz i've never tried it before ... so....

2 Sudeep :
okie !
it is a govt owned area

2 :: The Protector :: :
haaa haaa ... wouldnt u like to know ?
okie ... will update

2 Amutha :
nopes ... toddy !

2 Abhishek :
good ones na ?

2 Fleiger :
u r right ...i did go on my 3rd one !
i dont watch Dexter :(

2 Ajay :
I agree .... nice place !

2 Sujit :
howdu ... tumba malle ... got fever because of the rain !

2 Nabeel :
I dont think my colleagues would like it ... hence no pics of them ...

2 Ekta :
Why dont u restart the treks ?

2 Known Stranger :
What re ? Didnt get u

2 Shikha :
yup .. thatz what the guys told me

2 Vicky :
The Shiva sculpture is much better face to face than in the pic
yup ...i agree abt the cultural heritage !

2 Roy :
thank u ji !
yes ... inshah allah ! u'll be able to go for ur trip

2 :: The Protector :: :
Seriously ? But thatz so bad !

2 Vaibhav :
You are late ... but , better late than never ... right ?

2 Arun :
yup ... it is !
when did u go there ?

2 Abhishek Upadhyay :
haaa haaa ... u checked the previous post again ?

2 Known Stranger :
i was down w/ fever :(((

2 Niki :
hi !
yup .. i agree ...
Bambi ... nice name !
Sure ,...u can dance w/ us the next time u come down to india !
u r welcome dear

2 ajay :
okie .... will update soon !

2 Vaik :
yes ! it is an awesome place

2 Sudarshan :
thanx for the compliments
yes .... was out travelling this weekend too
i love travelling :) .. u too do ... right ?

2 Gates :
toddy is an alcoholic drink made from palm trees

2 Maya :
toddy was real yuck !
yeah ! all the sculptures were good

2 Ashok :
thank you
i didnt drink and dance together !

2 Sujit :
jwara banthu :((((

2 Mathew :
ur wish is my command !

2 Puneet :
hey !
Welcome back !
no snaps of me !!!

2 Sudeep :
okie ! got the message :)))

2 Keshi :
yes dear .. but am down w/ a bad viral infection

Sujit said...

Deepa: ayoo.. ega hegidera?.. tablets enadaru tagonDra?.. jwara jote innenadaru idiya?.. kemmu? take rest and take care.. jasti ille alli.. odada bedi..

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Sujit , kemmu , sheeta yella idhe

Known Stranger said...

hmm hope you are back up with out fever. heiheihe.. hmm i am still wondering you

My ID not me said...

Looks like i have been to this place. Was in Gods own Country for 2 years and this place lloks amiliar though cant recall the names.
Never had Toddy in those two years - had a dare with someone, but he never came up. am going to miss it till i have it - probably next time when i am back for the Alumni day on top of the majestic hills

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 known stranger :
hi !
am better, thank you

2 my id not me :
hi !
welcome ....
u r right
the dare is still pending ... huh ???

Anonymous said...

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