Thursday, November 10, 2005

ME , ME and ME

Was tagged by Harashita. She wanted me to explain ' ME ' with 20 points .....

  1. I am tall and have brownish black hair
  2. At the moment, I am pissed off coz I am unable to upload images and will continue being pissed off till I can do it.
  3. Fav phrases : "SHIT !!!!! ", "SO ?????? ", " HEYYYYYY !!! ", "TO HELL .... "
  4. Fav philosophy : Individualism
  5. Fav instrument : Violin
  6. I do disappearing acts often
  7. I draw on whatever substance I get ... and that includes *EVERYTHING*
  8. I loooooooooooove volcanoes
  9. I live in an ivory tower or in a bubble or on a different planet ( depending on my mood )
  10. At the moment , I have no work , and itz bugging me.

Gosh !!!! 10 more ???????? * ME racking my brains *

  1. I like babies and kittens in Forwards, posters , or in other people's houses
  2. I love Fabric and glass paints
  3. I love the 5 natural elements : Fire , Water , Wind , and the remaining two.
  4. I read , read , read , and more read
  5. I am off chocolates and ice-creams for 2 weeks ( diet purposes )
  6. I love Coorg and the Budhist monastery
  7. I dislike posters on my wall ( esp of film stars / politicians / commedians / athletes / cortoons by other people ) ..... allow only mine or my sister's creations in my bedroom
  8. My bedroom is my favourite lounging place.
  9. I loooooooooooooooooove cooking when I am not asked to.
  10. I am done with 20 facts about me.

Done !!!!!!

Do i need to pass it on ????? well ...... for the heck of it :

  • Art ( if u dont mind ),
  • Z000nie ( lemme see what u hafta say abt urself this time ),
  • Vinci ( I know u have written 65 things abt urself ... but this time , i want 20 ) , and
  • tcr_79 ( hell !!! i dont know what u are !!! )


Keshi said...

wooooo hooo me first.Now let me read:)

Keshi said...

hey Deepa,

I ask for a small favour from u.Dont mind plz.As you know I am already 30 and single and looking for someone. I want your opinion about this profile which I am posting on a matrimonial site. Opinions from the bloggers like you matter the most to me. So I will be more than glad if u can evaluate my profile.

Hi Guys. No lesbians please. lolll! I am Kishani a.k.a. Keshi/Kayshe/Kookie_Monster/Kish-Mish/Keshit. I am 29 years old but I really look 30. As you can see, honesty is my best policy. I dont like to lie about my looks or post fake pictures of my beautiful cousin sister and mislead people into believing that it is my eyes/bare back they are staring at. I have never fought publicly with other people and neither do I fancy making sexual jokes. This may make a person look cool, but I certainly condone it. I am a hard-worker and have accomplished a lot of things in my life single-handedly. I do not approve of guys who use the internet for their personal interest during office hours. If you are one, please be honest with yourself and do not email me your profile. It will go straight to the trash can. I also dislike bloggers who confide their personal life story for every sane/insane person in the world to read. I have the utmost self-confidence and I have never begged a guy to be my support or shoulder to cry on. Please also note, that I do chat at times but I maintain the highest level of decency and do not ask guys about their sexual preferences. I think it is disgusting to do so.The worst thing anyone can do to me, is to pretend that they like me, while they actually despise me. I can never do that to anyone. I am a very smart, intelligent, loving, fluent-in-english, sexy, tall, tan Sri-Lankan with lots of attitude...if you can handle it. Please email me if you are interested at

Thankz if u can evaluate how is my profile?Plz

Thanks n Hugzz


1) Sorry I have to rush .I will comment on the post later.

2)There is someone who has cloned my profile and the only way to get to my blog is my following this link and my profile id is



Arz000n said...

I am tall
How tall??
Me tall too...6.2
But I dont sing :(
And u hafta please prepare for it okie

I am pissed off coz I am unable to upload images
There is no reason for you to be pissed off...this is very simple thingy.

I do disappearing acts often
The way u disappear from your own blog??

I loooooooooooove volcanoes

I have no work , and itz bugging me.
Ive lotsa work and thts wht bugging me a lot :(

I like babies and kittens
Typical girl :)

Z000nie ( lemme see what u hafta say abt urself this time ),
Thanks for tagging me.
You havent read my 99 facts about me kya??

Okie okie..
Gimme this weeeknd
You sing for me, parallely I'll write this post.

Nice deal na.
Im kinda must have realised by now


Invincible said...

Hey Deepa,

I have written 105 things @ me already !!
u can pluck out whichever 20 u like of them :).

And of late, i have played the 7 tag too.

That coveres the ones who cudnt make it to the coveted list of 105.

you wanna know more?

RP said...


psst...tit for tat :D

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Keshi : Hey Keshi ..... yeah , u r 1st ... u beat Z000nie to it ...

2 Keshi :
contd :
Are u serious ? U really want an evaluation ? Or , are u kidding me ?
If i were a serious marriage suitor , I feel ur profile would be a bit too light ... though with a lot of 'reading between the lines ', the seriousness would be apparent.

But , what do I know ????

Again , I am confused !!! Am I dreaming here ????


2 Z000nie :

me 5' 8"

Yeah .... when I find that things are bogging me , i disappear .... My parents are pretty used to this now ... I generally go to the British lib or the museum here

And i like kittens and babies ONLY , i repeat ONLY in forwards , and in other people's houses ....

Get the drift ?? ( Think i wrote the same words on ur blog ! )

I just read the 99 facts about u .... In fact , I was going thru ur old posts ...

Maybe , i should add that as Point 21 ... In my spare time , I got through Arz000n's old posts ....
But on a serious note , I feel like ' DejaVu ' when i see certain articles that u have written

Howz sore throat an excuse for not singing ????

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 vinci : i have read the 105 ... but i want the 20 from u .. now , come on ..

2 rp : Oh ! I see ... :| <= grim Deepa

vivblr said...

u can paint on "everything" ??
hmmm.... ;)

Invincible said...

ok my lady,

I wud play in the new 20-20 system, ok !

** i remember u once said i havnt answered some of ur questions. Wot r they? **

Arz000n said...

Thanks for taking ur precious tiem out to read thru ma archives. Its kinda dusty in there...hope you'd a nice time.

I was a decent blogger back then ;)

Howz sore throat an excuse for not singing ????

I'll come outta chat window to slap you for giving such an excuse.
You gotta sing...and have like 1.64 days for prepartion.

Start preparing for it NOW!!

PS: That comment from KESHI is a fake one. Click on the profile and you'll see no blog at the bottom of the profile. Also this fake ID was created in August 2005. Keshi blogs since 2004.

That means Im still first.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 vivblr : Hi .... everything is everything and not " everything " .... got that ??? :)

2 vinci : i have sent my precious qns to ur shout-box ... the one i usually use to leave my imprints !

2 Z000nie :
Yeah ,... i kinda had no idea y Keshi's blog wasnt there ... but thot mayb coz shez being impersonated and hence her blog aint seen .... never thought this was *the* fake one .... sigh !!!

dusting thru old archives is always fun.

well , i was 1st on urs this time too ... cheers !!!!

Arz000n said...

I cant believe my own eyes and own fingers that both ma comments on this blog, made in a day got replied back on the same day.

Im going to temple after taking bath later in evening.

I think I can do this much atleast to see such a thingy from ma eye-balls. Its like once in a life-time oppurtunity for me. I'm so proud of you today :)


On way home after 3 hrs :)

Vivhyd said...

Nice to know these facts about u.. 5'8 is cool.. and u like volcanoes?? ever been in one?? :).. btw u frm TN or Ker?

Anonymous said...

Shut up arzoon
brainless villager

>|' ; '| said...

you've got attitude a'ight! :-)

Art said...

will do it dear....
may be in the weekend

silverine said...

Welcome to the club gal !!! :))

p.s. Goa update in a few days had to post a serious stuff that happened recently.

kickassso said...

grr! now we have blogger impersonators? GRR!
the real gaurav sabnis was one thing... but this ....l-)

Keshi said...

Deepa heyy,

Aboove first 2 comments r from a obsessed fan of mine who likes to be!

There is this annoymous loser who has cloned my profile (including my profile pic). I have kicked his ass long time ago and he can't get ovee the fact that he got a reality check through me. So what he does is go around leaving comments in my friends' blogs using that cloned ID - so it looks like I'm leaving those comments - simple as that.

One way to check authenticity of the ID is click on the KESHI link and check th eblogger ID. Mine is :

NOTE: 4726142

I dunno what that loser's ID...I dun bother to even look. So next time u find dumb comments using my ID plz check the blogger ID.

Just that some people have no life...and they wanna whip their own ass on a daily basis cos they cant bear to see how good life is for other people :)

Thanks z000nie for the clarification.


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Z000nie : Anything for u Z000nie ..... pray that the days to come are just as favourable ....

and i disappear and appear ... n appear and disappear

No work on Friday or what ?

Looks like u have an Anonymous someone here u who doesn't like u much

2 Vivhyd : Hi !! Long time .... I am actually from Bangalore, living in Kerala and Tamil ... well, thatz another story .. think i told u that once , no ? If not , tell me , i shall msg that bit again.

And i love the colours of the volcano ;))

2 Anonymous : Hi !!! Looks like u dont like Arz000n much ..... why ???

2 -Poison- : Thanx Da.

2 Art : Thanx madam .... waiting to read that one !!! Bet itz gonna b damn interesting !!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Silverine : Hiiiiiiiiiii !!! Missed u quite a lot ....

Didnt get it ... which club , madam ?

Oh .. shall read ur post now itself.

2 Kickassso : I know , hopeless ... na ????? One sec ... whatz this " gaurav sabnis " all about ???

2 Keshi : Dont worry madam !!! I know itz very frustrating .....
But , no one can write the way u do , right ??? so , dont fret ....
Anyway , we shall all be on our guard.
And abt him wanting to be like u ... way to go gal !!! U got the best compliment u could !

Keshi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Keshi said...

Thanks Deepa :) He follows all of these comments in 100s of blogs...what a boring life he has LOL!


Nagu said...

oh god....
Here is the list i have for you my dear pattalam (dont kill me for this, i ll have seperate disclaimer for this)
1. Mad
2. Totally confused
3. Picture as said in the Orkut
4. 5 natural elements ( first there she said, others is like any thing one would wish to add.)

Disclaimer: This Post doesnt propogate ill will and is not supposed to offend anyone else.(Deepa, does that mean some thing to u dear creative bug) Please dont read if it is against this)

Invincible said...

Just read you are extremely happy today. anything special ;) ;)

RP said...

Nice 2 check that ur blog is goin gr8 guns. Nice 20. but i still say u have penned down only 19. ur last one was not about me point.


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Keshi : dont worry sweety ...
leave that guy to his stupid world ....

2 Nagu :
As usual , u make no sense.
And of the 5 elements , the remaining 2 are clear to everybody else , i presume ....
the disclaimer doesn't really help .. u see

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vinciiiiiiiiiii :
yeah ! was happy this morn .. listened to RDB for 1.5 hrs ... enough to make anyone smile .. right ???
But then , i read Silverine's post at office ... and my mood went off .... :((((
And you talk about death , Keshi n Z000niee are also missing :(((((

2 rp : Thanx :)))
I compensated for the 20 being 19 already !!!

Arz000n said...


Me back...

And I hope you are ready with your song for tomorw..else I'm gonna come outta ur YM to bonk you on your head..

:-w <- angry icons.

Someone likes villager's it seems..hehehe :)
If you are female, pls mail me offline..I would luv to know more about you.
If you are an ugly face guy, plsss...shuuu away..Im not gay. and pls dont stalk me. Would help if you'd give up your obsession for me and ma comments :)

silverine said...

@deepa: the gals club ....I mean I subscribe to most of the stuff u have listed here right from being pissed off at not being able to upload pictures to Coorg, babies, kittens et al :))

ps if you like fire, wind etc, then send me a mail, I will send u a fav ppt of mine on the same subject.

tcr_79 said...

Finally I completed it - phew :)

I was shocked to see a blog clone - that shows how big a loser can one become!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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