Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Election Fever

Itz election time again .... There is an enthusiasm , or an overdose of it in the air.

Banners, Speeches , and pleadings for votes ! Not to mention road blocks and accidents

This time , there is a long haired thin guy standing for the elections here. His ugly face peers out of every newspaper , wall and anything remotely pasteable. The first sight of him remided me of one of those rotting carrots.

I am really pissed off with him. Yesterday's incident aggravated it. I had gone out with my parents in the afternoon ( Took yet another half day ). We were 1 km away from home when the car came to a sudden stop waking me up from my slumber. The reason was this guy. He had come to the junction to give his accursed speech. Apparently, there wasn't anybody to hear him. His party workers got violent and they blocked the road for a good 45 min.
There were school children stuck in that traffic , as were abusing lorry drivers.

When the fraffic finally cleared and we got home , I found that my friend had come and not seeing me there had left ..

My disgust with this guy started when his party workers came home 2 weeks ago demanding votes .. and funds as well. I said I may not vote, to which they said " That's ok m'am .... but we need funds "... That pricked me , and I asked them why I should support them when all they do is dig roads. (My tarred road is now a muddy by-lane). And the guy started talking about the ill effects of paid education and the bullshit.

I put all this out of my mind and went for my friend's dinner party .... when what should i see ... but this guy's face peering outta the restraunt's compound wall !

Therez a limit to this guy's interference.


Arz000n said...

Am I first??

Arz000n said...

Election fever it is..

To get a vote, they will drop by to any level you can imagine. I just hate policiticians and politics for that matter.

I found that my friend had come and not seeing me there had left ..
during ma engg I too had a similar exp when I was suppose to meet a professor to collect notes from him. Thanks to some stupid fella giving speech right in middle of the busy highway, I reached 2 hrs late.

Damn :(

silverine said...

I hate all politicians except Manmohan Singh. And their supporters are the worst. They are the goondas who dont have to worry about the law.

p.s. even my SA hates me and I am forever rotting in PC Hell. Looks like you've been there too :))

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Z000nie : Yes dear, thou art first !!!

I hate politicians n politics.
as well as
actors and their acting in real life
acting in reel lifez fine but not in real life.

and they actually have the guts to claim credits for "development" of the city ... bull !!!

2 silverine : i used to like Vaypayeee ... his hindi speeches were good.

@ SA : yeah .... Join the club !!

PuNeEt said...

hey dear...

Politics is getting all the more dirty with every passing day...

Asking for funds was ridiculous...

These guyz have made a mockery of democracy...
There are very few good people who are actualln doing somethin...
rest dont do n dont allow others too...


strawy said...

ooooooooo elections...
me hate politics

good v dont get to c leaders n ppl pleading for votes here, all is done on radios n TV

nice post babez

Nagu said...

its the education that created these Politicains also :(

burf said...

god bless our country

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Puneet :
Hi ... Politics aint getting dirty .. itz getting outrageous ..
There arent any who are doing any good .... These guys are well past their walking age ....
It sounds bad .. but itz maddening.

2 Strawy :
Welcome dear ....

U r lucky ... u can turn off the radio / tv netime u want ... here, itz awful ... :((

2 nagu : Hi ... yes , i agree .. it all starts from Arts coll and CET .... right ??? ;))

2 burf :
AMEN !!!

Invincible said...

I have a Q. I dropped by ur blog in the morning and this post wasnt there, but when i see the timestamp, it was published y'day itself. How come?

"The first sight of him remided me of one of those rotting carrots."
haha. who is this guy under siege?

All that the Politicians bring out of me is a puke !!

n this is gross, asking votes and even beggin for money, and that too so that he puckers his nose out from even more intrusive ways !!
Shameless !!

but u never know, he may be ur next 'leader' :)

>|' ; '| said...

"This time , there is a long haired thin guy standing for the elections here. His ugly face peers out of every newspaper , wall and anything remotely pasteable. The first sight of him remided me of one of those rotting carrots"

spot on. the first sight reminded me of a hippy rat, though. these people are "campaigning" as if they have already won..which they probably will :-(..feels really bad to see that people like him will be strutting in the corridors of power a few years down the lane.btw i was also caught in the jam, near the pond...

>|' ; '| said...

some of my friends at med college call him Pig.N ;-) get it?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vinci :
vinci dear .... this is the adv of blogging under a diff timezone .... u live in the past or in the future according to ur will

but u never know, he may be ur next 'leader' :) :
yuck .. pls ... i am gonna run awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy ...

All that the Politicians bring out of me is a puke !! : They dont bring nething outta me

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Poison : Oh !!! Then , i got caught before u .... i was caught at the jn itself ... damn !!

hez hopeless .. i am gonna run away if ever he rules this state.

Pig.N : didnt get that ... pls tell me ..

and , he cant win ...

Vivhyd said...

haha.. well its irritating isnt it? with all the sound and crowds.. part of them brought by the "guy" himself.. Politics is sick and makes us sick

kickassso said...

i heard some ppl call him anniyan:P

tcr_79 said...

The one thing I hated about CET is the amount of politics...

And how many I saw SFI and ABVP fighting. And to think that these are intelligent budding engineers.

Politicians are masters of the Divide and Rule policy - guess heritage left by the British

Imagine is this is the state with the cream of Kerala society, then what can you expect from the less smart and educated.

And Deepz, take care di - dont mess with these workers though sometimes one gets frustrated at the non-performance of politicians - sometimes one should just not take 'panga'

Sudeep said...

Politicians r a real pain-in-da-ass kind when it comes to elections with their canvassing n show of strength on the roads.. for the next 5 yrs they simply vanish.

Keshi said...

lol Deepa hehe...politicians r the real beggars...selfish and greedy for more power and money...I hate politics and I have never voted for any point..whoever gets chosen is always a narrow-minded ass hole..


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 vIVHYD : yeah .... i have no words to descibe the rage i feel.

2 kickassso : coz he is a poor imitation of Aniyan ?

2 tcr_79 : the less said abt CET , the better , esp these days.
u know a CET GSec was refused a job only coz when asked his achievments , he mentioned : CET GSec ".... speaks a lot .. doesnt it ??

2 sudeep : yeah .. and they resurface after 5 yrs.

2 keshi :
@ hating politics : join the club
@ voting : This , i do ... love seeing the uselessness of ur votes.

uttara said...

hey deepa .. thanx for dropping in by my world ....
i will be bk soon .. i'm a bit busy these days .. i will come bk with a comment too ..
u have a gr8 day dear


>|' ; '| said...

well..pig.n is a really bad joke!



RP said...

I perfectly agree with ye & all. Politics sucks! sounds like a title for my next blog post :-)

I never even wanted to take a voter's id card & still dont have one.

And, yeah, as per your command ;-) in my post, sure Deeps, will post one post sooooooon. Good or Bad, ye gotta decide. :-)

tcr_79 said...

Dont tell me - Actually becoming a G-Sec was considered pretty awesome...

Atleast now people will think twice before joining politics

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Uttara : Good luck dear .... do well ....
and will be waiting for u to come back.

2 Poison : Grrrrr !!! But i am not complaining ...

2 rp : Do it fast then :)

2 tcr_79 : itz becoming sick day by day

kay said...

after reading ur post,i feel irritated because of that guy....anytime u feel like beating him up,do call me...!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Kay :
Kd from delhi ?????
thanx 4 the support .... " Partners in crime " .. is it ?
Hey , i am unable to comment on ur posts coz the site is blocked here

tcr_79 said...

That is so sad to know...

I love the college - ok it did not have world class facilties - but I made some great friends, had some great times

And is Lords still there :) I remember going there only occasionally thinking it was expensive

Either eat at the mess in College or the one behind - I cant recollect the name

RP said...

Wut made ye think I am from TEL? R u also from TEL?


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Tcr_79 : Yeah ... Lords is still there, tho they have really increased tha masala and colour content.
MH and LH still rocks !!!
But i disliked Lords .. went there only twice in 4 yrs.

R u talking abt ' Amrita ' ??

I used to eat either at the mess or at the LH else get food from home.

What else do u remember ?
and was the incident u wrote abt , in CET ?

2 rp : Yes , me too in TEL.
i have extraordinary powers , hence realised u were in TEL :)))

RP said...

Now this is interesting. U too in TEL!! Wow, so nice to know.

h long ye hve been in TEL? if possible mail me at praveenkr. And if ye is free v can hve a cup of coffee.


susubala said...

Rotten carrots....Where do u get these ideas yaar...Anyway, they fit into this discription.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 rp :
Some coincidence this !!!!
i have been working here for past 1.5 yrs ...

2 susubala : Welcome madam !!
Am glad u liked my choice of words ... i agree, it does describe him ...
C u around

Invincible said...

knock knock.
Can i get ur vote pls :)

Harashita R. R. Bajaj said...

hey....we face this problem almost everyday...our coll is on the JLN marg....the road all these politicians have to use if they r goin from delhi to jaipur or rally buggs when u hav to stand right in front of ur coll gate n wait to get inside coz u just cant cross.

Anonymous said...

hahaha~ rotting carrots?? Pig.N? LOL
i want to see his pic!!!!!
plz plz tell me his name. yeah i hate election car! screw it!
the last one at restaurant was ROTFL!! thank uuuuuu

RP said...

Now I wud b damned. Me too working in TEL for exactly 1.5yrs. Too much of coincidence.

Neways, keep posting &, u bet, I wud visit ur blog more often. :-)


PS: How the hell did ye find out I was in TEL?

Keshi said...

**love seeing the uselessness of ur votes.

lol whats the point Deepa...might as well not vote na..hehe..


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vinci : Sure ...... anytime ( But for what ?????)

2 Harashita R. R. Bajaj : Yeah !!! I know ....
esp when in coll, u r impatient to get outta there and enjoy ... right ???

2 niki yokota : Hiiii !!!!
Welcome !!
do u have the same in japan ?

2 rp : Hey !!! Coincidence, it is !!!
@ regular visiting : sure ... and i shall keep commenting
@TEL : Guess !! Guess !! Guess !!

2 keshi : I know sweety ... i know *sigh* ... but a sadistic pleasure in confirming ur thoughts ;))

Keshi said...


hey where u off to? noooooooooooooooo dun gooooo :(