Thursday, August 18, 2005

tHe HeIGht Of JobLEssnEss

ExPEriENced tHe fEElinG of hAviNg aBsoLUtely nOthIng tO dO eXcEpt SpaR wITh yOuR tHoUgHts ??? JoIn thE cLuB ! HErE aRe sOmE tIPs :

  1. ShRed PiecEs Of PaPeR
  2. LeArn tO GaiN AmbiDexteRity
  3. ThInk AboUT aLL tHe ThIngs tHat You CoulD haVe DonE iF OnlY yOu WeRe Of tHe OppOsITe SeX
  4. InVeNt VariaTIOns Of “ LonDon BRidgE Is FallINg DoWn”
  5. SiBLings ArouND ???? WaYs to Make tHEm TeAR their Hair Out
  6. CoLouR TheIR FaCES and TaTOO VarioUS BoDY PaRts
  7. DiasSEMble And ReASSemble The MobiLE, FaN, LiGht, KitCHEn Sink ……. WHATEVER !!!!!!!

    aNd AbOve All

8. wRiTe BlOgs LiKE these

NB : The above mentioned are all to be experimented at doer’s risk. Author is not responsible for the after effects and for mutilations brought about by the siblings ….


Jithu said...

so frustrated? :-)

silverine said...

Gonna try all the things in the list when I am bored. Will let you know how it went :))

Vivhyd said...

u cud have just said u were wrting a post cos u were bored and we wud have understood,, :)) ..

Oneirodynic said...

See some serials in malayalam channels.Some of them makes you realize that you are living in a better world.

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