Thursday, August 18, 2005

Office Blues

I Glance at my P3
Oh dear ! What a Sweety
Where Do I get a processing unit
That APPEARS so healthy and fit ???

Ctrl + Alt + Del
And oh Wow ! There she comes out of her shell !!
Close Open Delete and Erase
She looks at me totally unfazed.

Illegal Entry, Bad File name
It is always the same
This command doesnot exist
Dear Window, your existence is bliss

I am so happy I don’t understand you
Or what you think and do
You look helpless at all that you see
And all I can say isWhy Oh God ! why ME ?????”


Savvy said...

I understand what you mean by "office blues". Its always the same thing each day. The computer commands and we obey.

And thanks for visiting my blog. I'll try to visit yours more often as well.

As far as the office blues are concerned, try to have fun with it. Just think: if you work in a cubicle somewhere and if you threw an apple core as hard as you can across over your cubicle wall, it would land in someone else's cubicle and no one would no that it was you who threw it! But Im not suggesting that you try this...

vijyan said...

do more posts during office the best way to beat that blues. but there are potential risks like getting entry into that multinational company of unemployed youth.

do everything in moderation, you will never get bored

silverine said...

Reminds me of my home comp. Real vicious female. She would hang at the very sight of me. Got rid of her recently.Do the same with yours.

Mandrake said...

just dropped in to say hi!

Vivhyd said...

Oh God y me .. is wht all say.. :) so its basically everyonw out there have blues at some time... chill..

Amit said...

Heck, what are you complaining about? Come back to college and try sitting through 6 hours of theory...THAT is having the blues, when you can't listen to music, or surf, or read interesting stuff or anything...when you have to rely solely on imagination to take you out of the classroom, well, until the sir cuts your attendance and orders you out for dozing off...jeez, you have the blues?? No!! I have the blues!!

Anyways, tc :-D

Invincible said...

my old office pc used to suckkk !!
and the best(?) part was it used to conk of at the most demanding moments :)

Wanderer said...

Hey Nice Blog
I bet my ass am Havin HOME BLUES! damn

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 savvy : i had a rose on my system for the past 2 days ... but .....

and thanx for commenting :)

2 vijayan : but , i like extremes ... :)

2 silverine : dear , the only prob is the office controls them .. else kazaam !! it would be outta my cubicle

2 rajat : hi rajat !!!

2 vivhyd : yup ... everyone has the blues , and some ppl learn to enjoy them !!!

2 amit : hey ... long time .... anyway ,blues vary in degree from light shades to dark ones ... so ... there you go ... what happened to the call ??????

2 invincible : y do i feel like saying " DEJA VU " ??????

2 wanderer : thank you ... what can i say except " Cheer up " and " get over whatever is bugging u soon ! "

. : A : . said...


>|' ; '| said...

dont blame the poor p3...its a cute lil processor, especially the coppermine core version which i had...*sighs*...blame microsoft and billy gates...

btw r office blues worse or better than college bules???

!!~~S~m~i~l~e~~!! said...

hahaha!!!! tat was a nice one!!!

btw, HIII :)

Invincible said...

so does it hppn with you too at the most trying moments?

Anonymous said...

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Arz000n said...

This command doesnot exist
Dear Window, your existence is bliss

Hahaha...Good one :)

Savvy said...

Hey, Deepa

Hope your office life is getting more interesting. Did you try that 'apple core' trick? Haha... just kidding. It would be nice to cause a little chaos in the office, though.

Any news on your next post?

Looking forward to it!

Jithu said...

computers! they are so useful and sometimes a big pain as well!

Shrutz said...


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