Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Disillusionment n Gratitude .... Placements

This blog evolved after I read Shrutz’s blog on our campus placements.

1.5 yrs ago …. S7 …

Start Experiences
Switch placements ( )

Case 1: CTS
Don’t remember if I wrote the test
Result : I didn’t get through

Test was weird, No interview
Result : I didn’t get through
Case n: ….
experience no. += 1

Well, the no. of experiences count a lot ….. At that moment , my whole frame was torn by the feeling that my peers got through … but not me ….. My best friend got through initially itself , and I was so glad for him .. that was a sincere emotion … the happiness and the feeling of well being ….. But from his side, nothing he said could reassure me ….
And to keep my self esteem , I went seeking employment and found one : in an ad agency. Nothing my best friend said could force me to retract my decision.
And then the loop ended.
Now it was pure relief …. New faces , new atmospheres …. But what do I say to those still not placed ?? Anything I said would sound like hypocrisy. Soon a demarcation was created between friends : Those who were placed and those who weren’t ….

Now …..
There is a sense of well being and relief at having a job …. But new worries … projects, deadlines, stay backs …. And my juniors in college who are going through the same phase ….



>|' ; '| said...

tht demarcation u mentioned is pretty non existent this year @ cet .. with the boom n all.

>|' ; '| said...

dreams r like dime a dozen...

Jithu said...

hmm.. thats how life is.. reminds me of the placements during my pre-final year... bt then, after that everyone found their way.. everyone got jobs somewhere or the other..

Arz000n said...

Heres somethin to share with ya:

I got offer from the very first company tht came in campus...and I was gonna earn in dollars soon after finishing 8th sem. This offer was made to me after my obviously we'll who got it were flying high...every day was dreaming time for us :)

one of my very best pal in the group however was not that lucky..his bad luck continued for Infy, Wipro, TCS, TIL, name it..he failed in almost all the major companies. I was like..boy thts scary..good that I have a decent job atlesat

After 7th sem this guy got into a mumbai based company with not a good start 10K p.m.

For a moment I felt I Was lucky enough :D

Came 2001, IT slow-down...then 9/11..all of us, except this unlucky-dude-for-da-moment, got rejection or delay in DOJ...but his mumbai based company started on time. We lucky-guys were unemplyed for next 4 months :)

Yes...those were the tough times

Good luck!!

sun_cici said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your message there. I'll try to visit yours frequently as well.
Good luck on those projects and deadlines!

Savvy said...

Hey Deepa,

Congratulations on the new job. If you do your best, you will succeed. But I know what you mean about the difference between
"those with jobs and those without". Im still in Grad school and it was like that for my summer internship search in spring of this year. I guess sometimes the best thing you can do is to just say nothing because no words can make someone who is looking for a job feel better. Of course, the exception goes to the one who can say those magic words, "You're hired".

Shrutz said...


Oneirodynic said...

IT seems to be the only industry where people are getting money irrespective of the work involved.Dont crucify me for this,but other jobs really deserve a lot of money if IT is offering me this.Its kind of sad that there is an IT boom.Youngsters are really not getting the true feel of getting a job.

Anonymous said...

thank god my college dint have any of these so called "demarcations"...cause in the batch of say 340 some,,none were placed( 3 were,,after some 4 months of passing out,another story)....
i respect ur point,but just wanted to remind u that u people were better off....

~anonymous,who may visit again :)

Anonymous said...

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