Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Whispers of a silent Night

As I walked down the silent and calm street
With the playful breeze swirling around me
There came to me a whisper that moment
The whisper of a strong but sweet love

The essence of that love was magical
Unknown but strangely familiar
Tantalising and hurting
But very playfully soothing

And the next instant , the whisper died down
And the night continued to go on as before
But something suddenly faded from then on
The magic of the calm and silent night


>|' ; '| said...

unrequited love is tempestuous... so said some great poet. i think i have amnesia. cant remember the authors/poets of the stuff that i read.

Invincible said...

did tht really happen ?

kickassso said...

NO i dont think this is unrequited love...This is more a sorrow a heaviness of the heart...caused because there is an empty space inside longing ...calling out to be comlete.The mind cannnot ,alas , help other than to give it fleeting glimpses of what it might feel like.but not everlasting.I know the feeling. I also have felt it long ago before I decided not to......
Yes love is indeed the cure . but how , when, these are the answers we do not know

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

invincible - yes, many a time ... have felt it often ...

kickasso - u r right, it aint unrequited love .... I also have felt it long ago before I decided not to...... [ pls fill up the blanks ]

poison - tempestous ... huh ??? well well well .... i accept ur words, guru ...

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! » » »