Saturday, December 03, 2011

What Women Want

What does a woman want ?
She wants to live her life in peace, without taunts.
With people close to her accepting her with her flaws
Not asking her to change and live according to their laws

She wants those in her life to love her first
And not be expected to give up all and be treated like dirt
She wants to be away from interfering relatives
And not be held responsible for any small tiffs

She wants to be respected, and then asked to adjust
She wants her talents to be valued and viewed with trust
And not be berated, or worse, accommodated
In the expectation that she forget herself, and everything blindly accept


Why is a woman never asked her opinion on matters of importance ? Why is a woman just blindly expected to follow everything her family says ? Why educate women if they can't be allowed to live life on their terms ?

Why make women so fearful of you that they agree to anything just because they see no way else ? The fear makes a woman forget how to laugh even. Why expect her to put aside her individuality for community and society's sake ?

Why expect so much from women ? She is so powerful, but you all corner her and turn her into a rag .. Why not let her also have choices ? With , uneducated people , this trait can be attributed to lack of exposure .. but what when educated folk too try to force their women to change ?

Why not leave women alone ?


Anonymous said...

I see things improving in recent times...

[to answer your question in my blog: yes, you can take your camera inside. They charge a fee for that.]


up↑take said...

"Why expect her to put aside her individuality for community and society's sake ?"

"There is no such thing as an individual. The individual merely appears to be, like the space within the pot appears to have the shape and volume of the pot. When your individuality is dissolved, you will not see individuals anywhere, it is just a functioning in consciousness."

Jack said...


Read 2 posts now. Good drawings in cartoons. On this one, though I agree mostly but may I say

I love you without asking you to change,

But please do not make our relations strange,

Do not tell me out of the blue,

To choose between my parents and you,

I love you for what you are,

Similarly I love my parents for what they,

They are they and you are you,

I will give each what is due.

Take care

Jack said...


Please amend the line as

Similarly I love my parents for what they are,

Take care

kanagu said...

I think everybody wants to live the life like you mentioned... :)

But the amount of question marks makes me to scare... :)

kanagu said...

And in cartoons.. I loved the first one very much :) so nice..

any series coming up????????

Sorcerer said...

"it all went zigzag when man became hunters." So sayz Sorco

A woman can still be/should be an individual.Only thing she needs to do is to give the middle finger salute to most situations.

[I was prompted to write..use the middle finger wisely..BUt then I thought I should make the statement more blond/idiot friendly.]

** yeah..yeah its easy to say...but its easy to show actually...aint it?

and listen to 'You Can't take me' from Stallion of the Cimmaron. everyday.

Its all about what you are.

If woman stop worrying about people around her, Stop trying to please every Tom Beep and Hairy relatives, Cuz they never will be pleased..thats the effing problem with the relatives]
** Therefore we can safely assume that "Never live to please." is correct and scientifically proved.

and Start believing in herself and her strength.
** Because thats the only thing that will keep her moving to achieve her dreams.

Move ahead the right attitude..get what she wants.then its viva la republiqueeeeee
World has no option but to bow down.

Its all about efficiency in subsiding the chemicals inside the head and making them work for you..not against you.

Most of the times..It's all inside the head...Even the beeeeeeeeeeeg monsters..She has to slay that beeeeg monster before she could slay anything in real life.
as MunnaBhai would put it..

[Hindi]"Bheje ka chemicals ka problem hai"[/Hindi]

Viva La Republicqueeeeeeeeeee..

"It all went zigzag when man became hunters." So sayz Sorco


Alexis said...

Relevant and thought provoking post. There should be no bias or discrimination based on gender. But when and how will we achieve this equality; only time will tell...

Bikramjit said...

good questions but the problem is no one has the answers ..


1900CL. said...

But women are hunters now Sorcy,at least here in USA, and they're loving it,hunting men down fiercly,it's all pretty gory and bloody though.Women in India must be so different than here Deepa,they sound so meek.

Deepa said...

Ashok :
Oh ! When i went there (as a kid), cameras etc were not allowed inside (I think)

uptake :
functioning in consciousness is fine .. after all, we are being of the same spirit. And if one were to believe that, one would let the other person develop to the best of their ability and not curd them.
By individuality, I mean talents and the spirit that lies in each individual

Jack :
Thats such a sweet set of lines ...
I wish every man would say and more importantly believe and practise it.

Kanagu :
yeahh .. i know !
you do your best in future .. stand up for the women in your life .. dont let them feel like what I've written in my post.

Sorcy :
Naiicee ...
but you see, what you say is that of an ideal world .. not in reality

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Alexis :
yeahh ... unfortunately !

Bikram :
hmmmmm ... if only individuality could be respected

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

The thing is Indian women are very intelligent, and look down on disgusting things like hunting down men.
And Indian women are not meek, as is seen by the fact that in India, many of the provinces have women heading them. One of the strongest prime ministers in India was a woman. India's current president is a woman, unlike USA which has not had a single woman president till date. Wish USA women would stop stupid and dumb sports like hunting down men and concentrate on more creative and constructive pursuits.

1900CL. said...

I agree with you DEEPA,I just can't take any more of all this hunting down men buisness by USA church women, that they want to be supported by because they don't want to work,see,they want a sugar daddy,it is a sport that they are obsessed with and can't think of anything else,and they are much better hunters than men and the men have let them take over this sport.I admit I used to be one and I enjoyed it,it's awesome to be able to selcet the best looking dudes to hunt,but most women hunt for security because they don't trust God.

up↑take said...

off topic, the dark side of consumerism:
Spent Batteries From U.S. Put Mexicans’ Health at Risk

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

uptake :
makes you so furious doesnt it ?? The way some countries just think it is fine to use other ocuntries as their dumping grounds

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

uptake :
regarding your link, did you read the last line ::

Dr. Lourdes Pérez Ramírez said that she routinely saw children with seriously delayed development and that she was convinced that lead poisoning from a nearby recycling plant might play a role, although she cannot prove it, because studies have not been done. ???

up↑take said...

ya, that is the reason we should strive to keep consumerism from Indian shores... well, we already have it, let it not swell further

were u up all night or did u just wake up?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...


been sleeping on and off ... have a few ligament issues ... so i sleep whenever the pain gets unbearable, or i feel totally drained out ...

yeah .. but how to keep it off Indian shores ?

up↑take said...

for problems like these, sesame oil in diet is a must... maybe not instant relief, but regular consumption will benefit u.... if you are a south indian vegetarian, you probably consume less fat than any other people in the world (and we also consume more carbs than most)... traditional Indian food doesn't look down on fats like the modernists do.. so, load up on ghee, coconut etc.. reduce gassy foods like potatos and cabbage.. almost all gassy foods are also bad for mobility

I just won the battle against FDI in retail... you don't have to do anything, just leave it to me, main hoon na :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

its just that many years ago, i strained or pulled a ligament ... every year, it comes back as my nemesis ! infact, the ligament locking used to happen a lot frequenter earlier...

the best of the docs i met vetoed surgery .. they said i am young enough to try and heal this with physio therapy, with strict weight watching (to avoid pressure on the knee joint, and hence avoid pressure on the ligament), but characteristic laziness rules !

you won a battle ... meaning what ?

up↑take said...

I chased away Walmart and Carrefour.. didn't you see the news?

the inverted asanas might help... viparitakarani with support is easiest of them

I have a similar problem with my shoulder and it troubles me very rarely... during those times when i consistently go to bed late

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

eh ?? no no .... i am lost ... what are you talking about ?

aah .. how did you get your shoulder injury ?

up↑take said...

painted a church one weekend.. not long after injuring myself while playing cricket.

i was referring the indian govt withdrawing its earlier order to allow Foreign retailers like Walmart... i was taking undeserved credit for it.... aaargh, which cave were u living in?

kanagu said...

Sure :)

White Magpie said...

what women want is to eat without getting fat. nothing else :)