Friday, October 21, 2011

A Comic drama with English subtitles

This comic drama tries to give out a message to illiterate village men and women to get literate


ashok said...

Thanks for ur comments on my blog deepa...
BTW,to answer ur question: Nithila comes from the Tamil word 'Nithilam' which means 'Pearl'

Rakesh said...

sigh ... i wish i was tht post man :D :D

ah pinne..njan ivide oke thanne undu..Blog kai vittatille...njan anu kai vittu poyathu ... :P just waiting for the right time to come back..thts all :)

And thanx once again for visiting my deserted planet :D :D

Sujit said...

Nice one, funny!!

diwali sms said...

Tomorrow will be diwali so happy diwali guyes!!!!!! In advance

Jack said...


Read all pending posts now. It is a pity that we make a poor country scapegoat for digital waste. It was very thought provoking. Beautiful sketch of Mermaid but no features? In Search shows both sides of coin, one who is searching for solace after being hurt and other for peace after hurting someone. Nice one, Soulful. Addition of colours does make a lot of difference in sketch. I do not agree that husband never wipes tears of a woman, may be few but they do. Gone Too Early shows tender side of MJ. This was a hilarious movie with a very strong message on being literate.

Take care

Deepa said...

Ashok :
thats such a nice name ... have heard Nikhila and Mithila till now .. first time am hearing Nithila :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Rakesh :
don't even make me imagine .. if you were the postman !!!!!!
Loved the way the villagers all said 'kisso passo' :D :D :D
Stop leaving your planet deserted !

Sujit :
thanks ri !

Diwal sms :
Errr... thanks ... :)

Jack :
Thanks for taking time off to read all the posts.
mermaid sketch ... somehow, felt it had more of an impact without features
I know .. there are a lot of short kannada films with subtitles which give out a message :)

Sorcerer said...

Hmmm.pavam postman..asooya thonnunnu..
ithinokke oru yogam venam.
Post guyz..milk man..etc etc.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

ohho ! looking for new ventures to flirt ... new technique, new roles eh ?