Wednesday, April 20, 2011

:( :(

This was a post I started writing a long time ago .. April 17th to be precise. It was 3 days after singer Chitra's daughter drowned in a swimming pool and died.

Having isolated myself from any kind of news / news channels, it came as a horrible shock to me when I heard about the kid's death.

The poor thing had Down's syndrome ... she was born after years of longing for a child. The death of any child is painful, but this even more so.

Didn't know what to write then, still don't know what to write .. I had started this post many a time, and stopped it half way not knowing what to write.

There are no words, only tears of sorrow
As a life was lost, leaving behind lives made hollow
Rest in peace, oh! sweet and innocent child
Your parents' pain can never vanish, but may it be made mild.

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