Tuesday, March 22, 2011

take my nightmares away !


Pixie said...

Hugs! I'm sure HE will...

Anonymous said...

evrything will b fine

Anonymous said...

Best wishes Deepa :)

Chandrika Shubham said...

Beautiful and a unque pic. :)

Best wishes. :)

Anonymous said...

Listen to This Shiva Suvarnamala stuthi when you are alone and try to byheart it. When you get deeply involved and follow this along the singer, you will be able to calm down your mind to such an extent that you will start realizing that you are not an entity limited to a mere body or mind but an ever existing soul and that which has no duality. This is the whole purpose of the core of all religions that is to calm down the mind and get connected back to the original self, the SOUL.


This is a wonderful Aatma(SOUL) Shatkam by Sri Sri Sri Adi Shankara.
Listen to it by knowing the meaning and by heart it and you will not regret this:


I personally came across this Shatkam when I was reading about Adi Shankara about 3 or 4 years back and I was stunned by the depth of this Shatkam, which can only be sung by the ONE WHO REALIZED SELF AS NOTHING BUT AN EVER EXISTING AND INDESTRUCTIBLE SOUL.

Whenever I feel like getting troubled by something, I recall the entire SHATKAM and I will be back to normal calmed down state. Be it in sorrow or be it in happy moments that make me disturbed.