Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nightmares and sleeping pills

For last one year, I have been waking up with nightmares on and off . I have never had nightmares or bad dreams for as long as I can remember. When friends told me how they were scared to sleep, I used to think they were exaggerating. I had no concept at all of bad, terrifying dreams.

My mother, being a doctor, is totally against any kind of medication that can affect the mind, but, on my insistence, she let me try sleeping pills for a few days. But she was right .. sleeping pills lead to tremors in my fingers and so on. And in just 2 days, I stopped the medication.

Anyhow, I realised I need to fight my fears and my mind on my own (with loads of help from the Higher Powers). For some time , I used to watch movies before sleeping, thinking the watching would tire me enough to sleep. And I found that films like 'Anniyan' or ' Yaavarum Nalam' (13 B in hindi) or 'Manichitratazhu' helped. I found it strange .... these kind of films are supposed to disturb the mind further, but it seemed to work the reverse for me!

Praying / meditating also helped a great deal , but would wake up quite tense in the morning many a time.

These days I read a lot of crime fiction before sleeping. I find that I wake up better. It could be that the passing of time dulls fears , it could also be the effect of reading something interesting.

I know there are quite a lot of people suffering from nightmares. And I believe that there is some reason for the nightmares. I know why I have mine, but am finding the right ways to fight mine.
For anyone reading this post, and going through bad phase, please please avoid sleeping pills.... it is not going to help conquer your mind. And without conquering the mind, there is no way to escape from the nightmares.


Anonymous said...

hi deepa ,just pray & sleep tight or just read some book, have u finished white mughal :-)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

white mughal ??????

Anonymous said...

Hiya Deepa!

Sorry to hear about your nightmares. Hopefully in time, as you come to terms with what you're going through now,the nightmares will stop as well.

How did I drop the 'A'?
Frankly nothing apart from letting it run its course. Pointless resisting. Still sad about the whole event. Funniest thing; if I had to do this all over again...wouldn't change a thing! Maybe I need to get my head examined, what say?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Hey BH,

That's a nice attitude .. so long as it keeps you sane, good !

and you always have the old recourse : "God does everything for your own good" :)

Can you imagine what you'd say when someone comes to your life with the same kind of problem that you are going through ?

Jeseem said...

there's some new studies of dreams, which claim that dreams are essentially training exercises for brain to handle emergency scenarios.

to keep off dreams, essentially I believe you have to relax your mind and keep of thinking. Even praying , which is intensive on mind, I think, is not a good solution. Accepting the fact that you dreams are a survival mechanism might help.

How about seeing a animation movie before sleep. That looks like a good idea.. :P

wanderlust said...

facing negative with negative and coming out positive? sounds too good!

Anonymous said...

I'd say nothing.....Just listen.
Realized one thing; everyone has their own unique way of dealing with sorrow.Providing a ready-made solution just doesn't cut it. A listening ear....a world of difference!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Hope you're feeling better.

Vivek said...


Thanks for the advice. Nightmares have ruined many a night's sleep.

Movies have helped me too. I have been watching a lot of Mohanlal starrers (80s ones..not the recent borefests). And a certain clarity of mind has also helped.

Sorcerer said...

well..the best part about about it..
what if it becomes a best seller.

c'mon...dont fear the fear... make fear fear you :)

"If life gives you nightmares..write a book outta it"-Sorcerer on nightmares

starry said...

I had to take sleeping pills after my surgery and remember one day hallucinating and had to stop it.I think they are not good but some people need it,but it is habit forming.It is better to try other natural methods before taking medications.
P.S....Hope your nightmares are over and you are getting a good nights sleep.

Kanagu said...

Get rid of your nightmares soon deepa... Generally nightmare dreams never came to me for a long time... Even before it's because of the kind of movies you Have listed above :) :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Jeseem :
"How to train your dragon again" ???

2 Wanderlust :
Only to keep sane, I guess :D: D

2 BH :
:) more -ve now than before , but i guess i'll get over it !

2 Vivek :
I know .. the old Mohanlal films were really a class apart ... I guess have watched almost all .... same with the old tamil revathi movies .... and in kannada, some of the anantnag movies are real good ... but, mohanlal takes the cake each time!

2 Sorcerer :
you sound like Kajol in MNIK (my name is khan)

2 starry :
i know ... but most people tend to kick the habit after a certain point of time, i feel

2 Kanagu :
which was your worst movie ?

Sujit said...

when you know the source, trying to find a way out is hard but fruitful in the long run... good guts :) keep it up..

Nayyar Hashmey said...

Am sorry, I couldn’t send you the link for that post on Nightmares that appeared sometime back on the WbMD website


Actually it was sent to me by a loving friend Jeddy Zaheer. Jeddy has formed sort of an “Email Club” and regularly sends matter on topical interests to his “club” members. I tried to locate this post on his website titled Treasure Chest [] but it wasn’t there. I then accessed the original publisher [WebMD] but then, the site was under some routine maintenance, so I approached Jeddy Zaheer-ud-din to provide me the link. And here now is the link:
When you click at this link you will land into that Treasure Chest of information. For your sake he has pasted the relevant email on this website. Not only will you find this post there but also find some other very relevant info particularly on Jeddy’s own method of fighting out Nightmares + a lot other readable content particularly the piece on Rumi’s Guest House. Being an avid fan of Rumi, it was an extra bonus for me.
If you may so wish, you can go to the original WebMD site the link of which I have already put up aboove and Jeddy tells me the site is now working fine.
With lot of good wishes, particularly with a Dua for you to get rid of your nightmares. I am praying for you also because we the poor masses in the subcontinent are already having nightmares not coming in our night sleeps but in the broad daylight as well. Pray that Jeddy tells me some ‘totka’ also on how to get rid of these “daymares”.

Nayyar Hashmey

Rakesh said...

i feel dreams and nightmares r just like powerpoint presentations of random memories of wht we have seen n heard with our eyes n ears and which r stored in the deeper layers of our brain!
i just love dreams n nightmares!
Its always feels better thn any movie i see,coz this feels more real and we r always in the story :)