Friday, March 26, 2010

I am getting back

For over an year now, I was at the mercy of my feelings. I had given a few friends the liberty to say and behave anyway they wanted with me. I faced repeated humiliation because of this, but I put up with it all because my affection was too great.

But, when friends of friends started taking the liberty too, it was time to draw the line. By nature, I do not swear ... but this time, I felt cheated and deceived. I've drawn the line. But I do regret having drawn it , coz I feel like I've betrayed my friends by cutting off, as well as I feel terrribly hurt .... but i do know that if I don't do so, there are going to be more friends of friends coming along to insult and hurt me.

I believe I owe a lot to my friends, and there are some that I'd stick up for as long as I can , and have forgiven for as long as I can. But the line is drawn when other people start misusing it too. But it hurts like hell to do what I just did .... blast a friend, and say that the relationship no longer exists .... it hurts so so so much !


Anonymous said...

lines must be drawn , but also be communicated to the concern person (friend)!!!!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Anony:

Yup .. u r right ... dats what I've done too ... but i still feel bad !

starry said...

it is never easy, but sometimes lines have to be drawn.hope u are feeling better.

sheela said...


I read through ur lines. I understand how hard it is when some one hurts. I am in the same level of life. I fight almost all time with my friend. But things end up in a way that he tries proving himself all time. He is nice no doubt about it above all he is very caring. Thing is he goes out of control if i speak anything against his plans.

I felt many a times i am wrong and said sorry...! I think ego clashes are the worse things in relationship..

Pray that u feel better...

Alexis said...

Being hurt (or more correctly back stabbed or ambushed) by friends is terrible. I know that feeling and when the friend is taking advantage of your weakness, that hurts even more. It makes one to withdraw into a shell. I have done that many times. And each time it was difficult to come out.

Now I do two things. Choose my friends very carefully and then draw the line (or communicate what is acceptable and unacceptable). It might reduce the number of friends, but the ones you have will be true ones. In the case of friends quality is important than quantity.

Sorry for the long comment. But I have been in similar situations many times. Wish you happiness and good friends.