Sunday, January 13, 2008

Why can't men behave (Part 2)

Oh well !

I was mistaken ... my last post must have given the impression that men misbehave only in water ... well , now I realise they do so even on dry land !

The above statement is in reference to the assaults that occurred on New Year's eve at Nariman point , Mumbai. A few women were assaulted after their male friends were beaten up. Till now the general attitude of the society was that women who stayed out of home ALONE were asking for it ... But now , any woman who steps out of home , even with male company (whether it be with a brother , boyfriend , husband or father) seems to be asking for it !!

Why talk about the women who were assaulted when away from home ? Maybe women partying with their male friends at midnight look like easy prey ... but , what about the woman who was assaulted in the afternoon at her own house, after the husband was beaten up ?

Isn't there something frightening in these incidents ? It is not the downtrodden or improvished women alone who are attacked. Educated , working women are also targets. Any woman who might have gotten up from the wrong side of the bed or whose fate was written by an ill humoured God seems to be the victim !


Sujit said...

Its really bad what has happened not only in bombay but the following incidents in other places. Its even shocking for us to know about such horrible incidents and can't think how people can get so low..

Solitaire said...

It is a Man's World after all!

neermathalam said...

All human beings are basically need to give them incentives to be good...either carrot or stick...sometimes even both...this is my latest philosophy.

And once they are made good...they might stay good due to the fact that they are in thier comfort zone...

Known Stranger said...

after a long time it seems you came back with a bang