Thursday, August 16, 2007

With stars in my eyes and hope in my heart
I spent my childhood
With full belief in destiny and myself
And now I realise I was a fool

.... This is about a certain lady. She grew up in a very loving and happy environment. Her parents were both professors, and hence the entire focus was on education. She has 2 sisters , both of them much younger to her. She took care of their education.

She joined the defence after her studies. She got married in a year ,and had a kid the next year. 20 years later , neither does she have anyone to call her own , nor anybody to mitigate her loneliness. She still keeps in touch with her parents and siblings , but they have a life of their own , and find it irritating to always be there for her. She lives in a city very far from her parents. Her son stays with her parents , but refuses to move in with her. No mention about her husband.

She used to lay sleepless throughout the night. She goes into frequent fits of depression due to her loneliness. She tried to keep herself engaged and active throughout the day so that she gets deep sleep at night. She used to take sleeping pills, till it reached a stage where even they didnt have any effect. She is better now , but still wakes up in the middle of the night in terror , and is scared of going back to sleep.


Arun said...

some questions...
Why is she staying back in that city far away from her parents, still committed to work?
She can join some social service or self help groups i guess so.
Well, you do have a point.Depicts truth that can happen to any one of us


Arun said...

an addition
Don't u think that the lady is deliberately making her life miserable?? Destiny is what you make.
Its decided by you and only you.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Arun :
Coz she needs her salary :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

she isnt deliberately making her life miserable ... she works , goes out and all that

but she's lone;y deep inside ... and hence her depression and all

utkarsh said...

Interesting .. Seems like a life history of someone I know :)

Arun said...

lol...I should have guessed it.


venus66 said...

Hi, it has been a long time since i left a message for you. How are you?
This post is very touching and very deep. Hope she is fine now. Take care. God Bless.

starry nights said...

Lonliness is a terrible thing and it is sad that she is away from family.Maybe her job keeps her away from them.

wildflower said...

this is it!

Ujwal said...

aah..hard to find a solution for scares me to hell...!! or may be not...

mystic rose said...

definitely see a deep story there!
and it reads like you are writing about someone you know and care about.
life is such, why the terror though? when she has gone through so much, and has been an achiever(i would certianly say she is) its hard to imagine her giving into emotional depression so easily. what could have happened?

Keshi said...

**With full belief in destiny and myself
And now I realise I was a fool

o how i can sooo relate to that!


Keshi said...

and abt the lady...mebbe she has to wake up n realise LIFE is not so sweet to all ppl in this world. All we have is this moment..and she should LIVE IN THE MOMENT without torturing herself that way.


Twisted DNA said...

Is this fiction or real? Either way, you narrated it well. Deep and touching.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Utkarsh :
maybe , it is the same person !

2 Arun :
guessed what ?? the salary part ?

2 Venus :
yeah .. it is indeed a long time .... :)
she's still suffering

2 starry nights :
yes indeed .. the nature of her job is such that she is forced to shift every 3 years

2 wild flower :
what is ??

2 Ujwal :
y should it scare u ????

2 mystic rose :
i guess she gets thru life mainly due to her will power , but her sunconscious mind reacts to the loneliness .. and hence the terror during her sleep and the insomnia

2 Keshi :
i guess she knows it too , but is unable to counter the panic

2 twisted DNA :
it is for real !

Arun said...

Yes, the salary part.
Jokes apart..thts what i meant to say, there are ways to feel better better.
Can't figure out why her parents keeping her out, so is her son...many answered Ques again :-)

Anonymous said...

This is a touching story but somehow our life is simply like this, when many a times when we look around everything just looks so dull and empty and we ourselves only become our solace and this thing happens in most of our lives in some point or the other and so we can also relate to it.

neermathalam said...

I want something bright here...
two back 2 back dark posts !!!!

touching post frnd...!!!

Ujwal said...

why shud it scare me?....because there is always a possibility of anyone of us being in a no-solution situation like this...isnt it?

AnonymousBlogger said...

That is a sad story. I hope it isn't about you, youself...?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Arun :
ok :))
lot of unanswered qns .. it's always like that !

2 Kalyan :

2 neermathalam :
ok boss :D

2 Ujwal :
hmmm ... ok :D

2 A/B :
no way !!! am not even married :D

preetilata said...

its so touchy yet sad..
lonelineess is d biggest fear of all d living bngs

Anuj said...

this is the probably the first & last time i come here ......If you can live with yourself you can live anywhere ......Happy

Known Stranger said...

i relate a lot with this post

Jeseem said...

loneliness is part of everyday life, unless we struggle to fight it.
well this is the issue facing everyone, who is away from his/her roots. and the way to do is take pro-active action. go out of ur ways to meet people. smtimes it could be in temple functions, smtimes it could be in blogs ( well there are some really nice people in blogsphere, like one who writes love :) )