Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hatred on my blog.

Silverine tagged me ........ But this one is about the things I hate.
Must mention though that Silverine has covered all the things I hate ...... But this time , let me package it my way.

  1. I hate people who cut down trees
  2. I hate people who cut down trees and plants and dont have a problem with it
  3. I hate people who cannot treasure plants and animals
  4. I hate people who treat their parents and siblings like dirt
  5. I hate the digging / cutting of roads under the guise of development
  6. I hate false apologies and crocodile tears
  7. I hate people gossiping with a mailicious intent ( sounds like a virus !!!! )
  8. I hate people who cheat on their spouse / lover
  9. I hate guys who marry money
  10. I hate people who dont think for themselves
  11. I hate guys who can't respect women
  12. I hate guys who dont let their women live their life
  13. I hate women who dont let their men to what they want , and always insist on explanations and permissions even to go to the loo
  14. I hate the term " boyfriend " or " girlfriend" ( way too immature )

  1. I hate domineering thoughts
  2. I hate false sympathy
  3. I hate interference in my personal life
  4. I hate being bound to unnecessary things
  5. I hate having to give justifications
  6. I hate snobbery
  7. I hate people who treat South Indians like dirt
  8. I hate people who treat Indians like dirt
  9. I hate people who have a filthy vocabulary
  10. I hate people who change when in a group
  11. I hate die hard altruists - who practise altruism for society's sake
  12. I hate injustice and unfairness

In addition , a lot of things bother me .... But ., i feel there is enough hatred on this blog for now .... shall talk about the other things later


:: The Protector :: said...
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:: The Protector :: said...

me 1st...............

lemme read wat u hate

:: The Protector :: said...

>>I hate people who change when in a group

me 2 really hate these kinda people, the sopke to us differently while they were with us and behave differently in a group..

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vishnu :
Yipeeeeeeee ...... yes , u r first :)
GOod thing .. i too dislike them

Arz000n said...

I hate false sympathy
Me too....and I know ma sympathies with you regarding z000nie being in ur friends list is very true....:)

I hate people who treat Indians like dirt
No'll beat me up if I say something really stupid.

shall talk about the other things later
Same list is also like 10% of ma hartredness...

Btw, do you hate me?
Just curious...coz I thuoght ma name wud be in this hate list :D


Im flying back on ma blog now.....

Arz000n said...

I was second....cant believe it...


Lemme celebrate by having ma lunch before mom comes out and adds me in her HATE list :D

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Z000nie :
No way ... how could i hate u or Ar* Ped* ????
But , i also like people who are honest ... so., please go ahead
where are ur wings ? just curious !!!

Shikha said...

I hate unfairness..well,some other things too,but i cant remember any of them

Arz000n said...

For a moment I thought you mis-spelled ipod to Ar* Ped*


I just had a blush attack :D

PRADEEP K. said...

You hate altruists/philanthropists?
How can you hate someone who makes charitable donations intended to increase human well-being?

Anyways, not that I am one of them. lol

rebel_on_loose said...

Hey Deepa...
I can identify with the hatred for people showing false sympathy and those claiming 2 b altruists(if they're so unselfish y do they have to declare it to the world anyways!)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Shikha :
Join the club - on both aspects

2 Z000nie :
back to normal now ?

2 Pradeep K :
I dont trust such people at all ... .every human has some self interest ... and a person who does stuff like this has some ulteriior purpose

2 rebel_on_loose :
U r bang on target !

Sujit said...

Including your set os hatredness with replacement of she->he and he->she. Addiotionally .. People talking anything rubbish about india..can't wait to bash them.. People who back stab!!.. Talk some thing front something at back..

Dewaker Basnet said...

well there seems to be a lot of hate on valentine month;)

Shriedhar said...

And ..
i hate reading blgs on hatred :))

silverine said...

LIke you rightly pointed out, we are pichle janam ki behne!!! I found this tag a very good exercise in letting off steam. Very therapeutic. Hope it was the same for you :)

Anonymous said...

awww~ the picture is soo Cute!!
i read 3 hatred tags today.
all were unique and amazing!
u hate bf gf term?! thats good one...(^o^;;;
yeah i hate these guys who are cruel to women!! well said, deepa-chan!!

Dewdrop said...

Great genuine list. Im with you on certain points. Hey, Deepa, if you dont mind, Im gonna add your link on my blog. Ite becoming difficult to navigate to your space.:) have a great weekend

tulipspeaks said...

# I hate guys who marry money
# I hate guys who can't respect women
# I hate guys who dont let their women live their life

give me a hi-5 now! :)))))



Sudeep said...

people who treat their parents and siblings like dirt
SUCKERS!!! I almost came down to fists with one of my frnd who did tht...

hate guys who marry money
wht a silly name for a gal.. n she luvs polygamy? marrying so many guys .. okie dont bang ur head in ur cubicle

midway i was feeling like i was reading "I hate guys... i hate guys"

u didnt mention tht i hate blogs who have w.v. on .. ha ha

Sudeep said...

I came bak to say tht I hate ppl who eat cakes on their own n dont offer it.. instead they offer karelas.. GRRR

n i hate it even more when the victims let off the guilty ppl without banging their head or on top of it promise a gift to them.. hhhmmppfff

:P :P

AnonymousBlogger said...

I hate guys who can't respect women

I hate those guys too, and you know what's sad? There's a lot of guys like that. It's also sad that too many girls in those situations feel like they can't leave those relationships. I wish they knew there was better for them.

vaibhav said...

I hate guys who can't respect women and I hate guys who treat Indians like dirt

Totally, completely and err... fully agree with you on these ones!

Vivhyd said...

quite a big hate list.. i must say!whts with the count till 14 and then again frm 1?

Fleiger said...

Treat Southies like ...? Kaun hai woh khambhakht? ;)

And why do you hate computers???

Agree with most of yours Pet Hates, very well thought. Any Pet Loves coming up???

Nabeel said...

who treats indians like dirt? example please ..

are u going to come up with a list of things u love now?

Sudarshan said...

Hey are you? I'll come back and comment on your post soon, however, this is to inform you that you've been tagged, once again lol:-) visit my blog for more info!!

Art said...

so many things... my goodness...
Well lot of things I dont like are also there in ur list...

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sujit :
YEah ....
we call that hypocrisy , na .....
and i feel both men and women should first learn to respect each other's views.

2 Dewaker Basnet :
Hi !
Welcome to you ....
It is always good to have extremes .. aint it ???

2 Shreedhar :
This one too ???

2 Silverine :
But doing this made me all the angrier coz i feel i aint doing anything worthwhile to straighten things

2 Niki :
I modified that picture using MS Paint.
It was actually of a man ... bad modification , i know
And abt the term , i dislike it coz it sounds very childish

Shriedhar said...


i hv a few exceptions :)

praveen said...

**I hate people who treat South Indians like dirt

now who's that black sheep huh??u know deepa, i'm a north, south mix...but i'm very much proud to be south indian anytime..i never really follow the north indian culture...

those you treat south indians like shit...pls just look at the way bangalore,hyderabad and chennai has developed....and just look at northern UP,himachal and all...c the difference????

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Dewdy :
Thanx !
And of course, u can add me :)
i have the same prob too
See u around soon ...

2 Amutha :
Done !

2 Sudeep :
Heh heh heh ... believe me , i am still laughing abt the comment ... the 2nd comment was great .. thanx !
u fought w/ ur friend ... why ? how ? when ?

2 AB :
Yes ... and girls are scared to leave coz they are scared of not having someone
/\ SAD ... i know !

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vaibhav :
Thanks !!!
Iguess almost the entire planet would agree ... wont it ? nut practicing it is different ... isnt it ?

2 Vivhyd :
Welll ... therez more ...
what do u think is behind the numbering system ??

2 Fleiger :
A lot of people do that ... u know !
U want some pet loves and favourites ? Coming up soon ....
Was the font of help ?

2 Nabeel :
One eg : any non-Indian ???
Will come up with it soon

2 Sudarshan :
Okie .... i'll check it out

2 Art :
I know !

2 Sreedhar :
Good ! Is this one ?

2 Praveen :
Whoa ... thanx !
That was so good of you .. u know ... to leave behind such a post !

Sujit said...

you know northies have only one thing in mind, entire south india is madrasi thats it!.. anyhow, at here one guy has changed comptly are being with us. He now says north is really a junk place to be in.!!!

vaibhav said...

^^^ I agree with Sujit. :)

guesswho said...

1. i hate people who can count only upto 14, and then start counting all over again starting from 1...

2. i hate people who go all the way to bangalore but dont have time to meet an old friend, even though they were hardly 5 mins away... :-(

3. i hate writing more than 3 points in any "things-i-hate" list!!! :-)

Krish said...

Good good..Big hate list...

//I dont trust such people at all ... .every human has some self interest ... and a person who does stuff like this has some ulteriior purpose//
That's true - everyone has self interest - not just the so called philanthropists. But then, their service is required to have some sort of balance in society (whatever be their motive).
I see the self interest everywhere. People make friends - just to feel secure - they don't want to be left alone (though everyone might give thousand other explanations). Do we hate them?
It's all give and take...

btw, these are just my views...

have fun!

guesswho said...

i hate people who live in kerala and then use "calicut" to refer to kozhikode.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sujit :
Yeah .....
i know ... but things are fast changing
south india is no longer madras .... alwa ???

2 Vaibhav :
How come ?

2 Guesswho :
Ahem !
WEll , what do u say to people who are too busy to return a call .... w.r.t my last trip ....
I guess i tried abt 5 times atleast ... remember ????
@ Calicut : Well , abbreviations are allowed ... arent they ????

2 Krish :
But people who make friends just to keep there image intact are also not right .. are they ????

Hiren said...

You might as well have also written what you hate about blogs and blogging and comments. Obvious miss isn't it?

Sudeep said...

for wht??

tht was quite long ago... he abused his mom in front of me n didnt even feel guilty 'bout tht... chodo na.. i m trying to forget tht

btw, didn't understand ur comment

Krish said...

//But people who make friends just to keep there image intact are also not right .. are they ????//

Deeps, I didn't get that.

Anyway, my point is that, everyone has a selfish motive; only scale differs... if we try to see that, we'll end up hating everything.

I am not asking you not to have any hate list... I do have my own list... :)

Have a great weekend!

Fleiger said...

I got some great fonts on Mac, like Papyrus and Hercules-something. But they don't translate on Windows :(( And now I am in love with those fonts, so cannot find any other as good as them.

Anyways, thanks for the help. Will try to find something new and better.

And thanks for considering the request for the post :D

vaibhav said...

I hate having to give justifications EVERYBODY does....especially me - why justify???

Jackal said...

hmmm so much hatred......relax deeps there is so much wrong all anrd if u keep thinking then u wud end up hating the world itself : )

Sujit said...

howdu.. ega ela madras adare.. avrigi yestu helidaru kella enu madvudu?.. have a great week the end..

tcr_79 said...


Jigal.. said...


- i hate lazy ppal..

- i hate liers...


take care

Ajay said...

impessed me buddy... gr8 post... i am with u mate..

i think i missed a few posts.. sorry buddy was on a vacation... will check it out...
u can check my new post

Anonymous said...

meeeeeeee 50!!
it was a man's picture?? LOL!!!

MS said...

Voila....Like some of your Hatred :)
I mean yeah itz very bad n hatred-arousing, when people discriminate even in this era of Equality while the worldz becoming a global-village.

Shriedhar said...

yeah ,ofcrs...

Alexis Leon said...

I strongly agree with you on two things that were not found in many other posts--about boy/girl friend (why it can't be just friend?)and the ones about domineering thoughts and false sympathy.

Sudarshan said...

Lol my tag's waiting hehe

the Monk said...

hmmm...we have some things in common...

Anil The Great said...

deepa : there is so much in this world, we hate. Isnt it bad.When hate leaves then love starts.

Hope, people may have a lot and lot to write about what they love.


Keshi said...

Deepz I hope u dun hate me ;-) Me bakk girl...thanks for all the messages...I missed u too!

**I hate people who treat their parents and siblings like dirt

this caught my eye...dun ask me why.


Ashish said...

" hate people who treat South Indians like dirt "

" I hate false sympathy " - AMEN to that , true ...very true indeed :)

Anonymous said...

everyuwhere I'm watchingthis TAG factor...
is it new craze?!?!
somebody also tag me with this same ...HATE!!
But i think in this world nothing is universal which we can hate..its all depend upon the person...
but coming to ur post I saw very impressive stuff...
But I would to see the things which poeple love rather than which hate..
all the best....

Anoop said...

I like the one about people changing in a group.....It's like they have an alter ego or something!!!Great post!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Hiren :
Hi :)
and , a warm welcome to you !
Well , i wrot the 1st thing that came into my mind .. didnt think much abt blogs and all.
A point to be noted , still !

2 Sudeep :
What didnt u understand ?

2 Krish :
What i meant was there are ppl who have friends just to brag about them .. that isnt right .. thatz what i meant ...
and , yes, i agree everybody has their own pet peeves.

2 Fleiger :
Oh Good !! Maybe , u can get similar fonts on the net ?
You are welcome .... see u soon !

ashok said...

I cant agree more...perfectly listed....

guesswho said...

i hate people who try to escape the main point and then start tuning into the History channel!

PRADEEP K. said...

Well well well... you seem to hate the whole world! Wonder how you live with so much hatred in your heart...


PuNeEt said...

ooh dear thats too much of hatred :-)
bt ye true...
infact even I feel the same for most of them :-)

Take care
and some smilezz now :-)


PuNeEt said...

hey cool to see that blog rolling
coming up on ur blog

keep rocking


burf said...

who treated indians like dirt?

Sudeep said...

*boink* wala.. fugget it

Vamsee said...

I hate hypocracy!!!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vaibhav :
Exactly !!!!

2 Jackal :
I know ... but , it is hard to let things go by ... or maybe, it is the age !

2 Sujit :
NAnuge seriaagi arthaaaglilla ...

2 tcr_79 :
Yes ???? ;)))

2 Jigal :
Yeah !
me too :)
but i am lazy as well !

2 Ajay :
Thanx !
Sure ... will check it out !
and i got the blogrolling thing right now ... will tell u if u still want to know

2 Niki :
yeah .. it was a man in the original pic

2 MS :
I think with more civilization, we are getting worse !

2 Shreedhar :
Thanx !

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Alexis Leon :
Hey !
Welcome :)
Yup yup .. i feel quite strongly abt that !

2 Sudarshan :
Okies :)
Shall take it up soon !

2 The monk :
Like ????

2 ATG :
Yeah ... u r right !
I definitely have a lotta things i love !

2 Keshi :
Of course not dear ! why should i hate you ?????
Welcome back .... so glad to see u !
Now i am asking ... why did it catch ur eye ?

2 Ashish :
Hi :)
Welcome to you ~

:: The Protector :: said...

I hate people who take long gap between posts ;)


Ajay said...

hey pls tell be about the blogroll... as soon as possible..
i have just returned from vacation and will not start studying right now...
will start slowly...

Keshi said...

Hey Deepz thanks n huggggz again :)

**Now i am asking ... why did it catch ur eye ?

Cos I have seen it in my life...


Fleiger said...

Thanks for the unbridled expression of joy. May I know the reason? :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Roy :
Tagging has been in existence for years in blog world as well as our real world ... rem as kids , we used to play " Tag tag " !!
anyway , go ahead .. take up the 'hate' tag ... letz see ur pet peeves.
go ahead .... start the ' love ' tag too .. but i think we have all done it sometime back ...

2 Anoop :
Hi !!
Alter ego or rather group mentality ?
Nice to see u here

2 Ashok :
Thanx !!

2 Guesswho :
How abt the discovery channel too ???? Discovery of the lost times ??

2 Pradeep K :
I dont hate the whole world , but i refuse to compromise on what i feel strongly

2 Puneet :
* smiles *
And thanx so much for the help !

vaibhav said...

Time for a new post..isn't it? :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Burf :
Just mentioned it .... americans do

2 Sudeep :

2 vamsee :
so do i

2 Vishnu :
were u refering to me , by ANY chance ?

2 Ajay :
Sure ... when ?

2 Keshi :
Oh ok !!!
a warm hug to u too

2 Fleiger :
Aise hi ... no real reason !

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vaibhav :
I guess so ! u think so ?

burf said...

i guess u r being subjective

not every american treat every indian like dirt and those who do represent only a very small pack of assholes



I hate bein' hated!!
And I hate complainin' abt hatred...
Coz love and hate collide!!

rebel_on_loose said...

Where is 'Sharara' ma'am these days?? :D

guesswho said...

past history is always more interesting to read about than future discoveries...dont u think so?

:: The Protector :: said...

how you interpret ;)


Camouflaged Being said...


Saw your footprints on Anil's post and followed you here...You seem to have too many "if's" for a think you are better than the rest of the crowd...We all are the same and we will never change others by blogging, can we?


Ajay said...

i registered long back but dont know what to do after that...

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 burf :
I guess so !
but what i know abt americans is basically what i read / see ... and whatever has been potrayed , well , is not so good .... this was just an e.g. no offence meant at all

Hi !
Welcome to you !
that was a nice grouping of words .. thanx !

2 rebel_on_loose :
Am here itself :)
Will update soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

2 guesswho :
Seriously ... u think ?
isnt it always better to make a fresh start ????

2 vishnu :
am i right here ?

2 The East Street :
Hi !
Welcome !
Well , i dont generally compare myself with others ... so , things like the rest have no meaning here.
And , no two people are the same .. everyone is vividly different
Of course , it we cant change others coz people will always be themselves at the core ...

2 ajay :
now , u go to add links and start adding

:: The Protector :: said...

dont make me to tell .....


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Vishnu ,

Ok :(

guesswho said...

yes, i seriously beleive so!
history is always much much interesting to read and talk about, then what may happen in future.
It has nothing to do with fresh starts et al...

Anonymous said...

there is too much hate in this world. instead, why don't you make a list of what you love!

be positive :)

nikhil said...

nice :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Guesswho :
Point taken ...

2 Anony :
Been there, done that !
Thanx for commenting

2 Nikhil :
Hi !
Welcome :)

taggy said...

A long list :) and intresting ones but i have a lot of contradictions with that :P :)

neways very nice ! stuff here

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 taggy :
hey welcome !!!!
yes .. we are all human .. and unique .. so not surprised at the contradictions ...
but which ones exactly ?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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